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Explore Amcraft window costs and prices from past homeowners and consumers who have used their Grand Estates series.

Dan K. - Site Editor

Amcraft Pricing By Model: Grand Estates Series

Amcraft Grand Estates Windows Costs

Amcraft Grand Estates Pricing

I have 3 price quotes on 7 horizontal window sliders, 1 patio door and 1 large fixed frame picture window. My question is, which one is the best option.

Silverline 8700 Series & Door: $9180

Amcraft Grand Estates Series & Door: $6350

Norandex eXtreme Series & Door: $6900

Shelly - November, 2018

Site Editor's Response

Shelly, unless you are planning to sell your home in 7 years, I wouldn't go with an Amcraft window. I'm just not sure they offer the best long term value for your hard earned money. The Norandex is probably the best value for the window bids you are showing me.

Dan K. - November, 2018

Amcraft Grand Estates vs. RBS Performance Plus

I have 2 window options, but can't decide between them. We would be replacing 10 vinyl windows. The first option is Amcraft Grand Estates with a bid of $3750, completely installed.. The second option is RBS Performance Plus and that is $4200, completely installed.

Rob - October, 2016

Site Editor's Response

Rob, Amcraft is not exactly known as a world beater in terms of quality and performance. I have never heard of the other company so I can't comment on them. I would personally get some more bids because I don't particularly like either one of these.

Dan K. - October, 2016

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