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Alside - Alside is a building supply company that is owned by AMI or Associated Materials, which itself is an even larger building supply company. Alside sells many of their products to contractors and builders directly and concentrates on more builder grade windows than premium replacement windows.

American Craftsman - American Craftsman, in a similar fashion to Silverline, is owned by Andersen Windows. The company manufactures mainly two budget vinyl window series, the American Craftsman 50 and the American Craftsman 70.

Amerimax - Amerimax is based in Colorado, although they have two factories now in California. The company sells vinyl windows and patio doors throughout most of the middle to western part of the country.

Amsco - Amsco Windows is headquartered in Salt Lake City and manufactures vinyl and composite windows and patio doors. The windows and doors are generally considered a lower to mid range product and price point.

Andersen - Andersen window costs will usually be at the higher end of the cost spectrum for a number of reasons. The first is that they have one of the most recognizable names in the industry and therefore they can charge a premium for the distinction. The company generally focuses on wood interior windows, which are simply more expensive by nature.

Atrium - Atrium used to be more of a builder and contractor focused company, but they now sell directly to consumers, mainly using the big box stores like HD and Lowes. They also manufacture lots of windows and then sell them to other manufacturers who then relabel and sell them using their own name. Some of these brands include Norandex, Reliabilt, American Window Systems, and Ellison.

Beechworth makes a fiberglass window model that is made by James Hardie, who are known for their fiber cement siding.

Brothers Home Improvement - Brothers Home Improvement is a Sacramento, California based company that sells their own line of vinyl windows.

Burris - Burris is headquartered in Texas and is considered a mid range manufacturer. They offer 3 models: TectView Ex, CA, and AC. These vinyl window use a veka extrusion, Tru Seal Spacer, and Cardinal glass?all nice materials. In general, I think Burris makes a decent mid range vinyl window.

Champion - Champion manufactures replacement windows, doors, roofing, siding and sunrooms through a number of branches and distributors across the mid west and beyond. They are based in Cincinnati Ohio and have a number of showrooms and locations across the mid west, east and southern states.

CWS - Custom Window Systems is a Florida based vinyl and aluminum window manufacturer that specializes in both impact and non-impact windows. They are particularly known for their "hurricane" windows or impact windows for coastal homes. The company enjoys a good reputation and makes a solid window at relatively affordable prices.

Don Young - Don Young has five window manufacturing plants in Houston, San Antonio,Dallas, Lubbock, and Oklahoma City. They make an excellent single hung thermally broken aluminum window. They are well suited for the very hot climates in Texas and Oklahoma, especially for larger openings that may require a stronger window to support the added weight across the span.

Eastern Architectural Systems - Explore prices from past homeowners and consumers who have used EAS and their Bertha window series.

Energy Wall - Explore prices from past homeowners and consumers who have used their Energy Weld, Energy Tech, and series 1000 windows.

Gilkey - You don't hear much about Gilkey, they tend to be concentrated in three states, but I tend to like the quality of their products and service.

Ideal - Ideal Window is a New Jersey vinyl window and patio door manufacturer that has quite a long history to them. They aren't a household name by any means and in general they produce what most contractors and industry insiders would probably term mid range vinyl windows and doors.

Inline - Inline sells one basic model, with each number designation, 300, 400, etc, referring to the style of window?instead of different levels or grades of windows. Consumers can add upgrades as they see fit with the obvious price increases for each add on.

Jeld Wen - Jeld Wen is one of the larger window and door manufacturer in the United States, along with top producers such as Simonton and Pella. Jeld Wen hasn't been in the replacement market (which sells more to contractors and remodelers), as long as they've been in new construction market (which sells more to developers and builders).

Kensington - Kensington HPP are headquartered in western Pennsylvania and has been making windows and doors since the 1970s. The company went through a bankruptcy in 2009 and became Serious Energy. In 2013, several former Kensington managers took over the reigns again.

Kolbe - Kolbe is known mainly as a wood window manufacturer, perhaps also for their aluminum clad window options. The company makes six series, including their Latitude, Classic, Heritage, Ultra and VistaLuxe series.

Marvin - Marvin Windows And Doors are one of the better known window companies in the business and the company has a very good reputation for quality craftsmanship and products. Unlike companies like Simonton and Jeld Wen that make loads of window series, Marvin manufactures only three, and they make each one very well.

MI - MI is a large window manufacturer who sells lots of windows to builders and large contractors. MI isn't typically thought of as a high end vinyl window manufacturer, but instead as a builder grade manufacturer.

Midway - Midway Windows are a Chicago, Illinois based vinyl window manufacturer that sells throughout the mid west through a network of distributors and dealers. Midway was one of the first members of American Window Alliance, a group of window fabricators.

Milgard - Milgard Windows And Doors operate 9 different factories, including one in Salt Lake City Utah, Tacoma Washington, Denver Colorado, Dallas Texas, Phoenix Arizona, Portland Oregon, as well as five California plants in Simi Valley, Temecula, Hollister, and Sacramento. They make a number of different window lines using vinyl, aluminum, wood and even fiberglass.

NT - NT Window is a Texas based company that has been making vinyl windows since 1990. While not considered a top tier manufacturer, they make a solid mid range vinyl window that will typically offer nice value for most homeowners.

Okna - Okna windows include the 400, 500, 700, 800 and Starmark window series. Okna Windows is based out of Bristol, Pennsylvania and has a rather large distribution and dealer network that stretches over much of the east and mid west

Pella - Pella is one of the most recognizable names in the window industry and is headquartered in Pella, Iowa. The company has been around for a long time and will be available in all 50 states, with multiple showrooms and dealers.

Ply Gem - Ply Gem is a large building supply company that in the past sold mainly to builders and developers. More recently, the company has moved into the replacement window market and begun to sell many of their products to contractors and remodelers.

Polaris - Polaris is headquartered in Toledo, Ohio and actually owned by a company called Modern Builders Supply. Polaris isn't the biggest manufacturer by any means, especially when compared with companies Simonton and Jeld Wen.

Preservation - Preservation windows are made and marketed by Alside Windows, although it appears to many consumers as an independently owned window (the Alside name doesn't show up on the website).

ProVia - ProVia is an Ohio based company was at one time called Precision Door. ProVia is known for making very good aluminum and vinyl storm doors, as well as vinyl and wood clad windows.

Reliabilt - Reliabilt Windows are typically sold at the big box improvement stores and are often very affordable vinyl windows. While they aren't the best vinyl windows by any means, they are one of the better options at these sort of generic retail stores.

Renewal By Andersen - RBA is a franchise of Andersen Windows, meaning that each "branch" is owned separately, although the windows themselves are all made by Andersen out of the fibrex material.

Revere - Revere Building Products manufactures both vinyl siding and vinyl windows. The company is owned by AMI or Associated Materials, Inc, a larger building supply company. In general, Revere makes pretty mediocre windows, from a not-so-good entry level model to a mid range vinyl window.

Semco - Semco is a Merrill, Wisconsin based wood window manufacturer. The company makes wood windows that use an aluminum exterior and are available in quite a number of exterior color options.

Silverline - Silverline is owned by Andersen Windows and manufactures lower to mid range vinyl windows that they sell for the most part in big box stores like Lowes and Home Depot. The do make a number of vinyl window series such as the 2900, 8500, 8700 and the 9500.

Simonton - Simonton is the largest window manufacturer in the United States. There are some other big players in the industry; Andersen, Pella, Jeld Wen, but none of them can match the size and scope of Simonton. First of all, Simonton sells more window models than any of the competition.

Soft-Lite - Soft-Lite Windows are considered some of the best vinyl windows on the market. They carry a number of different models that run from the lower mid range to the top tier vinyl windows available.

Stanek - Stanek Windows are headquartered in Cleveland, Ohio and specialize in vinyl and hurricane impact windows. Stanek sells their windows through distributors throughout the mid west part of the country, but isn't available in the western half of the United States.

Sunrise - Sunrise Windows are some of the best in the business. The company manufactures a number of vinyl window lines, as well as patio doors. Possibly the one exception to the "best-in-the-business" claim is their entry level Essentials window, which uses an inferior window frame and sash from their other models.

Thermal Windows And Doors - You don't hear much about Thermal Windows And Doors. The company is based in Pennsylvania and manufactures a number of different energy efficient windows.

Vinylmax - Vinylmax is based out of Hamilton Ohio and manufactures a number of wood and vinyl new construction and replacement windows, as well as vinyl patio doors. They are a regional operation, selling mainly in the mid west states through a network of dealers and distributors.

Vista - Vista is an Ohio based manufacturer who has been around since 2001. Unlike other window companies whose models and series can be terribly confusing, Vista manufactures a single vinyl window line, The Panorama.

Viwinco - Viwinco is a Pennsylvania based company that has been making windows since the early 80s. The company offers 3 models and their energy efficiency numbers are pretty solid for their overall price point.

ViWinTech - ViWinTech is a Kentucky based vinyl window manufacturer that doesn't get a lot of press, but does manufacture some good vinyl windows.

Vytex - Vytex windows are not well known by most consumers, but this Maryland based company does offer the Potomac-hp and Fortis vinyl windows, both of which I like. Their entry level Georgetown model isn't one that I would recommend, but that's unsurprising for a "builder grade" option.

Wincore - Wincore was founded relatively recently, 2007, by several Simonton Window execs and engineers who thought they could offer a better product and experience to the end user.

Window Nation - Window Nation is a mid west company that now services most of the mid west and east coast with seven showrooms. The company sells relabeled windows such as the Vytex Grandview and Soft-Lite Envision. While these are not the best windows from either company, they are decent and the WN services seem relatively solid.

Window World - Window World has a presence in almost every major city in the United States. I get loads of questions as to the quality of the products and service, so this is one company that I always spend some time explaining to consumers so they have the full picture before making their decision.

Xact - Xact is now owned by MI and is primarily sold to contractors and builders. Traditionally, the company has had a reputation as selling a builder grade window, meaning a window made for the budget or price conscious consumer.

Zen - Zen Windows sells relabeled Soft-Lite Windows, which are considered one of the top tier vinyl window manufacturers in the country. The company enjoys a good reputation and has branches in quite a number of cities across the nation.

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