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Ply Gem Windows Costs And Quotes

Explore Ply Gem window costs and prices on their Contractor, Pro, Premium, Mira and 1500 window series.Ply Gem is a large building supply company that in the past sold mainly to builders and developers. More recently, the company has moved into the replacement window market and begun to sell many of their products to contractors and remodelers.

Ply Gem owns a number of different window companies, including Great Lakes, Certainteed and MW. While the first two company products were integrated into the Ply Gem name, Great Lakes still markets their windows under their own name. Their products should be available in nearly all 50 states and are typically sold by local companies or through their network of distributors.

Ply Gem offers three main vinyl window lines, including the Contractor, Pro and Premium window series. I'm not a big fan of the contractor model, but the Pro and Premium models are good for their price point. Ply Gem, I think it's fair to say, is a second tier, mid range vinyl window manufacturer. They don't make the best vinyl windows out there, but they do make a decent middle-of-the-road vinyl window that is often times priced out well.

In terms of a warranty, Ply Gem offers limited lifetime protection on the frame, sash and all components. It also covers the insulated glass unit for 20 years and metal hardware for 2 years. There is a 1 year provision on all glass defects.

Dan K. - Site Editor

Ply Gem Pricing By Model: Builder Series | 9000 Series | Pro Series | Premium Series | Mira

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Ply Gem Builder Windows Cost

Ply Gem Builder Windows vs. Milgard Styleline

We are in Texas and are looking to replace around 400 sq ft. of windows. 11 windows in all -- we are looking for mid range low-e, argon filled double pane windows. So far, these are our quotes.

Ply Gem Builder Grade: $4,400

Milgard Style Line: $6700

Milgard Hermosa: $7300

Milgard Tuscany: $8500

Burris TectView EX: $8900

Jerry - March, 2018

Site Editor's Response

Jerry, I'm not sure the Burris is a good enough window to spend over what you would on a Milgard. The Milgard Tuscany is probably the window I would choose out of that list, but I have to say that it's priced too high as it is. The mark up from the Style Line to the Tuscany ought to be around 15%, not over 30% as it is now.

There are some other Texas window brands that you may also want to take a look at. Don Young is one that comes to mind, as well as NT, which I would compare to the quality of Milgard windows. The NT Traditions, Energy Masters, or Presidential -- with my strong favorite being the last of the three.

Good luck and shoot me an email with what you find!

Dan K. - March, 2018

Ply Gem 9000 Windows Cost

Ply Gem 9000 vs Window World

I have two quotes for 17 windows, one is from Window World here in Iowa; double panes, replacing the interior trim and involves something called Jam box replacement (?), wood grain laminate on the interior. The quote is for $8100.00. The second quote is from a local company that sells the PlyGem 9000, and all the details are the same. Their bid is for $8300.

Brandon - April, 2017

Site Editor's Response

Brandon, Window World sells a few different models so it's tough to compare apples to apples here. In general, Window World offers very competitive prices, but the quality of their windows is, frankly, not very good. Ply Gem, on the other hand, makes a pretty decent vinyl window, at least their mid range and premium series. They aren't going to be the best out there, but the Ply Gem window is going to offer much better long term value over Window World (as a general rule of thumb.)

If you do go with Ply Gem, make sure that the installers have good reviews and do a thorough and complete job. This will account for quite a bit of the overall energy efficiency of the windows over time.

Dan K. - April, 2017

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Ply Gem Pro Windows Cost

5100 Cost

5 Double Hungs, 1 Two-Lite Slider and 1 Picture Window
Sizing: Standard
Bid Pricing: $6.5K
Included Everything
State: San Antonio, Texas
Project Quote from 2023

Ply Gem Pro Series Quote

Hi there, I ran across your website while researching window replacements. I am getting new siding installed on our house, and I had asked the siding contractor to provide a separate quote for a few window replacements.

The windows I'm looking to replace consist of four fixed windows and one awning window (for the bathroom), and they quoted $4,250 for labor and materials. For this price, they are using Ply Gem Pro series. If I wanted to upgrade to Simonton, it would cost an additional $150 per window (i.e., $5,000 for labor/ materials), or alternatively I could opt for fiberglass Marvin windows for an additional $500 per window (i.e., $6,750 labor and materials). On the Simonton and Marvin -- I dont know which model/ line they're specifying for the quote (I'm trying to find this out from the contractor).

I was wondering, are these prices reasonable? Do you have recommendations for other installers in the Seattle area?

I should point out that our house currently has a T1-11 plywood sheathing without an exterior siding, and the windows appear to have been nailed onto the T1-11, and then the flange are covered up by a plywood trim -- so presumably removal of the windows should not be too complicated, especially since they'll be removing the plywood trim and install a house wrap as part of the siding install. Given this fact, is the labor cost they're charging also reasonable?

Thank you so much for your help!

Kimberly - March, 2019

Site Editor's Response

Dan, I really can?t say whether that?s expensive or not without seeing how more bids come in. The bid process will tell you the market price and best price for the job. The siding contractor should be able to put in windows relatively cheap since they?re in there anyway. My gut tells me you could get it done for much less than $1000 a window.

The Ply Gem Pro is a decent mid range vinyl window. I don?t think you need to pay the cost to upgrade to Marvin, but some people really like fiberglass so there is always that contingent of consumers.

Seattle is a tricky market; I don?t feel like I know enough quality brands up there as in other parts of the country. You could get a bid on a Milgard window.

I would also find an independent Simonton dealer to also give you a bid. These two bids are going to tell you what a fair going rate would be. I hope.

Dan K. - September, 2019

Ply Gem Pro or Simonton Daylight Max

I forgot to ask about Simonton Daylight Max, which is being sold at $380 installed. Another company is offering either the Simonton or the Ply Gem Pro for $400 installed. He is pushing the Ply Gem Pro, and from the reviews I suppose thats fine. Just wanted a second opinion. Thank you!!

Mike - October, 2017

Site Editor's Response

Mike, the Simonton Daylight Max is an okay vinyl window, but nothing that stands out. I would put it in the low to mid of the mid range vinyl windows on the market. I think the Ply Gem Pro is easily the better of the two in my opinion.

Dan K. - May, 2017

Ply Gem Pro vs. Milgard Tuscany Cost And Andersen 100

Presently, I have three bids and the difference between the bids I have on Milgard Tuscany bronze windows and the Andersen 100 series is nearly $5K -- Milgard being the more expensive product.

Plygem Pro Series is the least expensive of all three brands, at $3k below what Andersen 100 would cost us.

My main concern at this point is that Andersen offers only a 10 year warranty on their windows, 20 years on the glass. Plygem offers 20 years (no labor) while Milgard offers 20 years with labor (limited warranty) -- Do you think I should let the 10 year warranty be the deal breaker on the Andersen windows? My choice would then be to go with the Plygem Pro Series, bronze because Milgard is simply out of my budget. I'm down to Plygem or Andersen. What would you go with?

I thank you in advance for your help. It really means a lot to us.

Betty - May, 2017

Site Editor's Response

Carol, I think I would go with the Ply Gem Pro. This is assuming you like the overall look of the window and feel confident with the installers. The Ply Gem Pro is a decent window. Can you get the Premium Ply Gem? It comes with the R-Core insulation and some nicer color options. I would feel better recommending the Premium model.

Dan K. - May, 2017

Ply Gem Pro and Simonton 5500

We're looking at the Ply Gem Pro and Simonton 5500 window with a white interior and a bronze exterior, along with a simple low-e glass, screens and argon gas. The size is 76" window and 52" high and the price include everything, removal and exterior capping.

Ply Gem Pro Bid
3 Part Slider $4,300
3 Part Casement $6,200
2 Double Hung and Center Picture: $5300

Simonton 5500 Bid
3 Part Slider $4,500
3 Part Casement $6,400
2 Double Hung and Center Picture: $5500

Toni - April, 2016

Site Editor's Response

Toni, it sounds like the prices are probably pretty fair for the project, although I'd like to see you get two more bids just to make sure that's true -- it's not like that's the cheapest price for getting three windows put into a single opening. I would try and get a cheaper bid for no other reason than to go back to the Ply Gem and Simonton dealer and see how much lower they are willing to drop the price for your business.

I think the Simonton 5500 is the better window, not by much, but I'd spend the extra $200 for the Simonton over the Ply Gem Pro for sure.

In terms of the best set up, I think it's too much personal preference to steer you one way or another. I like casements myself, but it's quite a bit more than the slider option. If it's a bedroom, I would go with the slider and be done with it. If it's a real focal point of your home, then I would consider the other two options.

Dan K. - April, 2016

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Ply Gem Premium Windows Cost

PlyGem Premium Costs

We're replacing 18 home windows and a sliding patio door. We followed your advice and got ourselves five separate bids, four of which are very close and one is so darn high that I almost laughed (but didn't).

Series 1: Renewal By Anderson: $41,500

Series 2: Sunrise Vanguard: $19,300

Series 3: Anlin Catalina: $19,100

Series 4: PlyGem Premium: $18,900

Series 5: Amerimax Craftsman: $18,000

Fran - June, 2019

Site Editor's Response

Fran, I'd tell you to toss the Renewal quote, but I think you've already done this. The one I really like is the Sunrise Vanguard. Honestly all of those windows are good and obviously you have found the fair market price for the project.

Dan K. - June, 2019