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Window World Costs And Quotes

Explore Window world costs and prices on the Comfort World 4000 and the Comfort World 6000 series from consumers and homeowners on their past pricing and experience. Window World has a presence in almost every major city in the United States. I get loads of questions as to the quality of the products and service, so this is one company that I always spend some time explaining to consumers so they have the full picture before making their decision. WW is a franchise, which most people get, but I'll explain a bit about the basic set up.

Every individual city or region of Window World is owned by a different person (some owners may own multiple franchises). What every WW shares in common is the products they sell, which is a Comfort World 4000 or Comfort World 6000. Both the 4000 and 6000 model are relabeled AMI windows, which means that WW doesn't actually make their own windows, instead they buy the windows from AMI and put their own label on it. This is a relatively common approach in the industry and shouldn't be looked at as a positive or a negative.

The WW 4000 is actually the MI1650 series, which in my opinion, is not a good quality option. The 6000 is an Xact model, which is better, but still not something I'd put in my own house. These windows are more or less builder grade and will have a greater possibility of breaking down over time and causing problems like broken seals that result in condensation between the panes of glass. This is just an example of what can happen to windows over the course of their "life."

In terms of installation quality, this will completely depend on the franchise itself. I have heard of some WW franchises that provide excellent installation and others that provide what I would consider poor installation quality. You will have to look at online reviews for the franchise in your area to make the best judgement.

In terms of cost, WW is known for their $289 special, and their pricing is pretty clever. Everything that you want in addition to this very bare bones version has an add on cost: screen, warranty, low-e glass, grids, gas fill, etc. It's hard to say what the average actual cost of their windows are, but it's certainly north of $400.

In the end, I find WW a smart and clever operation. My real issue is the quality of the series they sell.

Dan K. - Site Editor

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Window World 4000 Costs

Window World 4000 Series

18 Double Hungs
Sizes: Standard Sized
Bid Pricing: $12.7K
Included Everything
Area: Dallas, Texas
Project Quote from 2023

Window World Series 4000

5 Double Hungs, 1 Two-Lite Slider and 1 Picture Window
Sizing: Normal Dimensions
Bid Pricing: $5.4K
Included Everything
State: San Antonio, Texas
Project Quote from 2023

Window World Costs

We have 17 windows that need to be replaced. We have quite a few good bids and was wondering which we should consider.

WW 6000 Series: $9,050
Okna 500 Series: $11,700
Soft-Lite Pro Series: $13,000
Okna 800 Series: $13,400
ProVia Endure Series: $14,200
Sunrise Verde Series: $14,225
Sunrise Restorations: $15,100
Pella 350: $17,900

Rick - July, 2019

Site Editor's Response

Rick, the WW is not my first choice by any means. The Okna 500 is the best value of the bunch by far. The Sunrise Restorations for $15K is also very very good.

Dan K. - July, 2019

Window World 4000 Series Cost

I'm redoing my pack sunroom and have received two quotes that I'm trying to compare. All of the windows are pretty tall. I'd love to get your take on both of them.

Wincore 5400 Series: $13,795

WW 4000 Series: $8500

Richard - June, 2019

Site Editor's Response

Richard, that is a huge price difference. The WW 4000 bid is too low to be quality, I'm judging based on the other quote. The Wincore 5400 is the company's entry level series. It's decent but that's a huge price difference. My advise would be to get two more bids from Ply Gem, Simonton, and maybe a local Zen dealer to round out your bids.

Dan K. - June, 2019

Window World Costs

I need to get 14 double hung replacements, plus a sliding door.

One from Window Nation with the Vytex Grandview for $15,450.

WW bid out the 4000 Comfort World for $9000.

The Window Source 9000 was quoted out at $11,575.

Ronald - October, 2018

Site Editor's Response

Ronald, I'm going to work backwards on this one. I'm not really familiar with WindowSource, so I would pass on this one -- unless you can find some good reviews on them. The WW 4000 is basically a very low end vinyl series. You could consider their 6000 series, but even that series is not all that great. The Grandview is definitely the best of the bunch, but that's a huge jump in price.

If these were my bids, I'd scrap them and start over with some new bids. I'll give you a laundry list of brands I like: Sunrise, Okna, Soft-Lite, HiMark, Kensington, Polaris, Vytex, Anlin, Marvin and Enerlux. Second tier brands include Simonton, Vinylmax, Wincore, Milgard, Amerimax and Andersen.

Dan K. - October, 2018

Window World Pricing

Dan, my husband and I are replacing 3 windows and have two bids to choose from.

WW 4000 Series: $3805

Allstate (not sure which series): $5,200

Susie - September, 2018

Site Editor's Response

Susie, the WW 4000 series is not a good series imo -- Allstate is not really on my radar much. I'd suggest more bids to see what else is out there.

Dan K. - September, 2018

Window World vs Champion

I have 4 bids on 10 double hungs. They measure roughly 75 inches by 30 inches by 75 inches and all come with tempered glass.

Sunrise Restorations: $6.8K

Revere Berkshire Elite: $4.5K

WW 4000: $4K

Champion 365: $7.3K

Kim - May, 2018

Site Editor's Response

Kimberly, the Champion 365 bid is too much given the fact that it exceeds the Sunrise Restorations bid. The Sunrise Restorations bid is one of the very best vinyl windows on the market and definitely one to consider, especially if you plan to stay in your home for a long time. The other I would consider is the Revere Berkshire Elite, a relabeled Alside Mezzo. Not the strongest frame, but a pretty good bid, especially if you are going to be in the home 5 to 15 years and need something to last for that long. If you plan on leaving in five years or less, I'd say the WW 4000. Not a very good window, but obviously the least expensive of the options you have.

Dan K. - May, 2018

WW vs Sunrise

I would like to replace 15 of my windows. So far, I have three quotes, each different from the others

Champion 365: $13.6K

Sunrise Restorations: $10K

WW 4000: $6.1K

What do you think I should do?

Vick - April, 2018

Site Editor's Response

Vick, the quote on the Sunrise Restorations is the best value for the money. The Restorations is an excellent window, a very top tier vinyl/fiberglass window. Champion is a strong company, but their vinyl windows aren't as good as the Restorations and the bids is considerably higher. I'm not a fan of the WW 4000, which I feel is not a quality window.

Dan K. - April, 2018

Window World 4000 vs Zen Lotus

So far, I've gotten five bids so i feel like i have enough to go on. I'm in Texas and have to replace 18 windows, 2 are arch topped windows that are not cheap. Here i what I have so far:

Window World 4000 - $6,709

Berkshire Elites - $7,936

NT Windows Presidential - $9,316

Zen Lotus - $13,074

Candy - June, 2017

Site Editor's Response

Candy, I think of all the window bids you have, the one I like the most is the Zen Lotus, which is actually the Soft-Lite Pro window. However, it's quite a bit more expensive than your other bids. I think based on that, I'd probably go with the NT Presidential bid. Certainly the Window World bid is the least expensive and therefore most consumers would give it a second look. If your local Window World chapter has a really good reputation, you could look at them, but I'd be cautious to recommend them based on what I hear from many consumers.

Dan K. - June, 2017

Window World 4000 vs Alside Mezzo

Recently got pricing on 11 double hung replacement windows and would love to get your take.

Alside Mezzo Window: $4675

Window World 4000 Window: $4620

Okna 500 Window: $5500

Jen - March, 2017

Site Editor's Response

Jen, I would list those bids from best to worst like this: Okna 500, Alside Mezzo, Window World 4000.

Definitely the Okna is the best of the bunch. By a lot. The Window World 400 is a relabeled Alside Excalibur, really not a very good window.

Dan K. - March, 2017

Window World 4000 Cost Quote

We have need of 15 replacement windows. A local company gave us a price bid on both the Wincore 5400 and 7700. He told us that the two models are very similar and then gave us two very different quotes. We also got a quote from a local Window World dealer on the 4000 model with the SolarZone Elite glass.

Window World 4000: $5000

Wincore 5400: $7850

Wincore 7700: $9850

Brandt - February, 2017

Site Editor's Response

Brant, the 5400 and 7700 have some definite differences. The Wincore 7700 has a better lock and several component upgrades. It comes with better options on the frame finish and look. The two windows share the same mainframe, but I believe that the 7700 has composite fill, but double check this with the dealer. I like the 7700 quite a bit more than the 5400. I would same it's worth $100 more. The Window World bid is quite a bit lower, but the window is not very good. I'd stay away from it, unless you are planning to move out of your house in less than 10 years. If that's the case, you may want to consider going with the Window World. They will probably need to be replaced in 10 years though.

Dan K. - February, 2017

Window World Cost vs Simonton And Amerimax

We'd like to replace our old windows, 22 of them, and want to do it right since we're planning to retire in this home. I took your advice and got 4 price quotes. They differ a lot and I'm having a hard time understanding how to interpret what I have. Thanks in advance

Marvin Infinity: $32K

Window World 4000: $9K

Amerimax Craftsman: $13.6K

Simonton DaylightMax 7300: $16.2K

Ben - November, 2016

Site Editor's Response

Ben, you truly do have a wide range of bids. The Marvin Infinity bid is too expensive to consider and probably not worth the bid they threw out. The opposite is true of the Window World bid. That leaves the Amerimax and Simonton. I'd rate these windows pretty close, so the Craftsman Portrait is the better of the two in terms of value. Now the question is how is the dealer/installer who will be doing the work? If they are good, I think you have your answer. I might consider doing a nice upgrade on the glass to lower that SHGC.

Dan K. - November, 2016

Window World 4000 Price Quote

My husband and I are wanting to replace 7 windows in our home. We received an estimate from Window World quoting us $2971 for their 4000 series. Does this seem like a fair estimate to you? Is there anyone else you would suggest we reach out to before moving forward?

Thank you for any advice you can offer!

Jessie - Homeowner - from 2016

Site Editor's Response

Jessie, without knowing more about the project I can't say whether it's a fair price or not. You should DEFINITELY get more bids, frankly WW sells a cheap builder grade window and for a bit more (and perhaps some negotiating) you should be able to get a MUCH better window that will offer you better long term value and save you money over the long run.

Where do you live? I can give you some brands recommendations that local companies should carry.

Dane - September, 2016

Jessie's Response

Thank you so much for your response! We live in Olathe, KS.

Our house was built in 1983 and has the original windows. There are 7 that we would like to replace. We are on a budget, so I know top-of-the-line windows are not in the cards for us, but my gut tells me we can do better than WW.

Again, any suggestions you can make would be greatly appreciated!

Site Editor's Response

Hm, I'm not certain which companies have dealers that service your area but it shouldn't take long to check using a google search like -- Sunrise windows in Kansas -- see if any local companies come up that carry these brands or sometimes the window companies themselves let you search for local dealers on their national website (I'm always confused why all of them don't...)

top tier
Okna, Sunrise, Soft-Lite, Polaris

second tier
Stanek, Simonton, Wincore, Vytex

All of these brands make a mid range window that's going to be better than WW. The top tier company's entry level window is probably better than WW "best" window.

Dane - Site Editor - from 2016

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Window World 6000 Costs

The Window World 6000 series is a relabeled AMI window (Associated Materials, Inc. ), often times a relabeled Alside Ultramaxx or MI 1650. Different Window World branches do sell different windows so it's difficult to say it's always one of these. Both windows are considered middle of the road vinyl windows. Both windows uses a capture sill, which many industry experts think is a poor design. Essentially, the sill runs rain water through the frame and out the weep holes, which can over time, get clogged up and lead to mold or simply trap water inside.

Consumer can order the Window World 6000 series as a casement, double hung, awning, slider, bay, or bow. Certainly not a bad window, but for the price, you should certainly see what else is out there before going only with this option.

Dan K. - Site Editor

Window World 6000 Series Cost

I have 17 windows total, 2 are sized 38x28 double hung and 15 are sized 62x 36 double hung. This is in Fayetteville, NC.

Window and Door Specialist: $11,825

Simonton 5050 Series: $11,205

Window World 6000 Series: $10,835

Gina - Homeowner - from 2023

Window World Cost Colorado Springs

Thanks for that. We're in Colorado Springs and so far none of the windows you mentioned seem available.

We're in a 40 year old townhouse in an HOA community. We bought it 18 months ago and don't expect to be here more than 5-6 years.

We have 11 windows that are leaking and warped. They are vinyl replacements. The windows are a mix of sliders, picture and casement. I want to replace the smaller picture windows and the casements with double hung so I can clean them as they are not ground level.

We're finding the bids to be high. 

Window World (that I gather you don't care for) is $12,200. Pella is $16,400 and Nex Gen (fiberglass) is $19,300. Renewal by Anderson was $24,500!!! All include installation. I'm trying to get a quote for Simonton DaylightMax but it's taking a while. We'd have to hire a contractor for this one.

We really like the Nex Gen but think it's way too much. 

We are looking for reliable, energy efficient and easy to care for windows.

What can you tell us that can guide us to the right decision. 

Becky - Homeowner - from 2022

[Site Editor's Answer]

Becky, if you don't expect to be there for more than 5 years, it makes little sense to spend a lot on windows -- you won't make up much in terms of the cost. If there reviews are solid, I would probably go with that -- most windows do fine for the first 8 years and then problems arise. Not ideal for the people who buy your home, but that's really not your responsibility -- it sounds like you have plenty on your plate! Happy Holidays.

Dan K. - September, 2022

Window World 6000 Series Cost

I have the following bids and would love to get your take.

Window World - Recommended by a friend, seemed to be a decent option but the price was much higher than their $189 advertised price, something like $560 for casements or $485 for double hung. My house currently has casements (wood original ones from Hurd)

Richco - Rich came out and showed me his vinylmax double hung window and it was pretty nice, specs are pretty good, but I want to see his casement window. He was less expensive than Window World, but not by a lot. If I had to choose between vinylmax and window world I would probably go vinylmax. Rich told me he used to sell PlyGem until he switched to Vinylmax because he thought it was a better window.

Farm and Home in Riverside - They came out and gave me an estimate on their Preservation series and while they seemed liked a decent option they were more expensive than WW or Vinylmax and their ratings don?t seem to be any better. They do have lots of positive reviews and I received more than one referral to them. The Preservation windows were more expensive than either the WW or VinylMax estimates I received. For 13 windows, I have a bid for casements $6007 or for double hung $5867.

Zen Windows - John came out a couple of days ago and this is where I'm really confused. First I got an email from someone at ZEN corporate stating that they carried Soft-Lite windows, but when John showed up he brought out Heartland windows and he says he only sells Heartland which is extremely odd since he is selling you Polaris windows! I don't know how Heartland compares to Polaris because I couldn't find anything on the website about Heartland. I can tell you he brought out both a double hung and casement sample and the casement sample was downright ugly and the double hung was nothing special. He was about $800 less than other quotes (I'm looking at 11 windows), but I just didn't get a good feeling about Heartland windows and would not want his casements. I asked him about Soft-Lite and he said corporate carried those but they were way more expensive, whatever that means.

Blue Springs Windows and Siding - They are supposed to come out tomorrow and show me Soft-Lite but like you I read several reviews about them that were not very good but I thought I would at least have them come out and give me a price. When I went on the Soft-Lite website the next closest dealer to me was listed as in Topeka, KS so I called them Friday and they are going to have someone come to KC and show me their options (Soft-Lite of course) and give me a quote as well, at least that way I'll have 2 choices for soft-lite, or possibly a 3rd if I go directly to ZEN corporate that said they also carry them although I don't know who I would get to install them.

Danny - September, 2016

Site Editor's Response

Bruce, the $500 average per window for window world is pretty steep and probably the bid I would toss out first. Vinylmax makes a good window, especially their two top tier window models, the Edison and Newton.

The bid for Preservation windows is actually pretty fair at around $500 per window installed.

Normally, I recommend Zen windows, but not if they are selling Heartland, which I've never heard of. That's surprising to me that they aren't selling their standard windows; the Karma, Nirvana and Lotus, which are Soft-Lite relabeled.

So Soft-Lite is the best of the bunch as far as what windows you are looking at, but if the reviews aren't great that's troubling. I would go with the Soft-Lite rep from Topeka, assuming they gave you a decent price.

I think either the Soft-Lite, Vinylmax or Preservations would be my picks at this point.

Dan K. - September, 2016

Window World Reviews

We've received a quote for our 7 windows we'd like to have replaced. Energy Pro Siding & Windows quoted us $3898 to install Sunrise Signature Series.

We also have a WW price quote for $2971 for their 6000 series.

What should I tell my husband to convince him the extra $927 we would spend on the Sunrise is worth it? Thank you.

Jesse - April, 2019

Site Editor's Response

Jessie, the extra money is definitely worth it in my opinion. My mother-in-law went from a WW quote and ended up getting Sunrise (on my advise) and 5 years later she is so happy with the decision and the last person you want to make mad is your mother in law :)

In the long run, you will probably save money. Tell this to your husband, we always are looking to save money :)

Dan K. - April, 2019

Window World 6000 Series Cost

I have two quotes for 17 windows, one is from WWW on their 6000 series; double panes, replacing the interior trim and involves something called Jam box replacement, wood grain laminate on the interior. The quote is for $8100.00. The second quote is from a local company that sells the PlyGem 9000, and all the details are the same. Their bid is for $8300.

Brandon - April, 2016

Site Editor's Response

Brandon, Window World sells a few different models so it's tough to compare apples to apples here. In general, Window World offers very competitive prices, but the quality of their windows is, frankly, not very good. Ply Gem, on the other hand, makes a pretty decent vinyl window, at least their mid range and premium series. They aren't going to be the best out there, but the Ply Gem window is going to offer much betterlong term value over Window World (as a general rule of thumb.)

If you do go with Ply Gem make sure that the installers have good reviews and do a thorough and complete job. This will account for quite a bit of the overall energy efficiency of the windows over time.

Dan K. - April, 2016

Window World vs Renewal By Andersen

I live in central Texas and have to get replacements for some old aluminum windows. They are shot. Our home is only worth $300k, so we are looking for something that is decent, but a budget buy. Hopefully something under $500 all said and done. We need to replace approximating 34 windows, several of which require tempered glass. Thus far, this is what we have.

Renewal By Anderson Doube Hungs: $30,000

WW 4000 Double Hungs: $18,000

Deb - March, 2012

Site Editor's Response

Deb, you have two drastically different bids so far. The Renewals tend to be some of the most expensive windows on the market, while the Window World options tends to be some of the least expensive and honestly some of the least solid windows around. Honestly, I think you need more bids. Since you are in Texas, I'd recommend looking at Don Young, Simonton, Amerimax, Milgard and perhaps Gilkey. I think you are going to be better served by getting some more estimates to see what the industry average price is for your project.

Dan K. - March, 2012

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