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Wincore Windows Costs And Quotes

Explore Wincore window costs and prices from real consumer quotes and bids on their 5400, 7700 and 500 window models. Wincore was founded relatively recently, 2007, by several Simonton Window execs and engineers who thought they could offer a better product and experience to the end user. The other "rumor" was they felt that Simonton was simply too large and too corporate to deliver this customer service that a smaller company could. Whether or not they've accomplished this seems to be in the eye of the beholder.

Wincore is based out of Parkersburg, West Virginia and makes two replacement vinyl windows, the 5400 and the 7700 models. They also manufacture two new construction models, impact windows, as well as 4 options of patio doors.

Wincore is a quality product in my opinion, maybe not a top tier window or door manufacturer, but a solid mid range manufacturer with a good price point. They tend to be more regional in nature, but that's hardly surprising. I really like the 7700 window features. I would have these windows in my house for sure.

Dan K. - Site Editor - 2023

Wincore Pricing By Model: 5400 Series | 7700 Series | 500 Series

Wincore Windows Price List

Homeowners often ask us to put together, for instance, a Wincore Windows price list. It's really not as easy as it may seem -- it's not like buying a washing machine where the retail price is more or less the same everytime. However, I will provide a target installed price. This doesn't mean that this is what a Wincore Window dealer will bid out a project out -- this is what I think a normal size replacement window with installation should be priced out at.

Target Wincore 5400 Price: $650 fully installed

Target Wincore 7700 Price: $750 fully installed

Target Wincore 500 Price: $800 fully installed

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Wincore 5400 Windows Costs

Wincore 5400 Series

I have been busy trying to get prices that I can compare. My project consist of enclosing my screened back porch. The windows need to be a least 78 inch height with the bottom sash being tempered. Any professional advice is appreciated. The 2 that I'm was trying to compare are as follows:

Southern Industries have Wincore 5400 series for 11,295 for 12 windows.

Window World 4000 series cost of $8500 for 14 windows.

Richard - June, 2019

Site Editor's Response

Richard, I'm not a big fan of Window World unless you plan to be out of your home in the next 7 years or less. That leaves the Wincore 5400 bid. This is the company's entry level window, so it's difficult to give it a strong endorsement. I'd say the 5400 series is one of the better low budget options out there. I'd prefer you upgrade to the Wincore 7700 series.

Price wise, the difference between the two bids is more or less what I'd expect to see. I think you need to get two additional bids to put these bids into proper context. Plus, you might find a better deal or product that you like better. You have a nice start, but I think you need to do a little more work to find the best deal for this project.

Dan K. - June, 2019

Wincore 5400 Prices

I recently purchased a home with Atrium 8300 vinyl windows that frankly just don't seem like very good window. They just seem to leak air from everywhere. I've had 2 quote so far to replace my 19 windows and I'd love your help evaluated them.

The first is on the Wincore 5400 series for $10K and includes aluminum wrapping.

The second is on the Simonton 5500 Reflections series for $14K and also includes the aluminum wrapping.

Maybel - December, 2016

Site Editor's Response

Maybel, sorry to hear that the Atrium windows are not holding up. Of the two quotes you've received so far, I like both companies -- the 5400 series from Wincore is their entry level window and their 7700 window series is the better of the two. I would say that the 7700 is the equivalent to simonton 5050 windows prices. Can you get a quote from the first company on the 7700 and see what that comes to -- then I think you'd be comparing apples-to-apples. My gut tells me that that bid would come in at something like $12K. At that point then the Wincore is the better deal, assuming that the installation is equal in quality.

I would go back to each contractor though and tell them that you have a lower bid and ask them what they can come down to -- I would think you could get the 7700 series for $11K and that that would be your best case.

Dan K. - December, 2016

Wincore 5400 vs Zen Windows Cost

I have five quotes on 15 windows, a number of which are larger openings and some of the have arched tops, which are I suppose more expensive. Trying to get a sense of general cost, thanks in advance.

Bid 1. Zen Karma Windows prices - $10,045
Bid 2. Wincore 5400 - $10,500
Bid 3. Simonton VantagePointe 6500 - $13,975
Bid 4. Simonton Prism Platinum Cost - $16,050
Bid 5. Zen Soft-lite Nirvana - $16,200

Sheila - April, 2016

Site Editor's Response

Sheila, I like the Zen Nirvana window, which is actually a Soft-Lite Classic, but that's the easy pick and also the most expensive at over $1000 per window, which seems high to me (although this isn't necessarily true based on the size of the openings and the arched tops). The Simonton VantagePointe is okay, but I'd say the Wincore 5400 window is on par with it and the bid you received is significantly lower in terms of price.

I'm not a huge fan of the Zen Karma, which is a relabeled Soft-Lite Bainbridge series, although I will say that the Bainbridge is probably better than either the Wincore 5400 or the Simonton 6500 series. One suggestion I'd make is to go back to the Wincore dealer and see if they would quote you on the 7700 model. If it is in the $12K range, this would be my pick.

Let me know how the project goes and what you end up going with!

Dan K. - August, 2016

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Wincore 7700 Windows Costs

Wincore 7700 Cost Quote

Hello Dan, I have 14 windows that I will be replacing in the spring -- six of which need tempered glass. I have 4 quotes, all for simple white windows.

ViWinTech 6000 Series Cost: $10,900

Simonton 5500 Series Cost: $11,650

Wincore 7700 Series Cost: $13,200

Provia Aspect Window Price: $13,900

Thanks in advance!

Naomi - Homeowner - from 2023

Site Editor's Response

Naomi, my first pick based just on the window value (and not on the quality of the installation since we don't have any company names) is the ProVia Aspect, followed by the ViWinTech 6000, then the Simonton 5500, and finally the Wincore 7700. All good windows actually, but this is how they would list for me. Here's a link to our Viwintech window prices page in case you want to explore more.

Dan K. - March, 2023

Sears Wincore 7700 Costs

We need to replace 16 windows in our Memphis home. The summers here are hot so that's got to be a factor. We've had a bunch of bids so I'm all ready for you to give me the low down on what you think I should do. Here's what I have so far.

Window World 4000 Series: $430 per window

Kensington Kingston: $500 per window

Pella Encompass Series: $798 per window

Sears Wincore 7700 Series: $812 per window

Champion 365 Series: $1,290 per window

Mandy - March , 2018

Site Editor's Response

Mandy, you have quite a few bids and that's a great start. Unfortunately, I'm having a hard time finding anything that stands out. The Windows World 4000 window isn't a good one.

Kensington makes quite a good window, but the Kingston isn't the model I would recommend. Read Kensington window reviews here. I would say this is the most promising, but I would go back to the dealer and ask to upgrade to the Huntington model. If you could get this for say $600 a window I think you would be in business. I'm including a link here to our Pella Encompass windows price page.

I'm not a huge fan of the Encompass, I don't think it's a well made unit. I like the Wincore 7700 window, but not at that price. Same goes for the Champion vinyl window, just too expensive on this particular bid. Check out more Champion window prices

Dan K. - March, 2018

Wincore 5400 vs Window World Cost

We've been searching for a good option for the 15 windows that we need to replace. I have a bid on the Wincore 5400 and 7700 from a local company. The company selling it says there is little difference between the 5400 and the 7700, but the initial price he quoted us was very different. I don't see how there could be so little difference if the price are so different.

Wincore 5400 Window: $7850

Wincore 7700 Window: $9850

After research, I feel like there are some differences between the 5400 and the 7700. I managed to talk him down to $8400 for the 7700 and $7200 on the 5400.

I also received a quote from the local Window World dealer on the 4000 series for the 15 windows that included the SolarZone Elite glass.

Window World 4000 Window: $5000

Curious to get your take on this.

Brennan - February, 2017

Site Editor's Response

Brennan, the Wincore 7700 model does include a better lock and some other component upgrades that come standard. There are also more options on the frame fit, finish and look for the 7700. The frame of the windows is the same. I think it is worth the difference in price to have the additional options and standard component upgrades, but that's a point up for discussion. I like the price you were able to negotiate on the 7700, very competitive at $560 per window price completely installed. This is what I would go with if it were my project.

I don't think the Window World 4000 window is a good one and I think you would have problems down the road. Some consumers point out that the Window World windows come with a lifetime warranty and that if something goes wrong, they can simply have the company come out and fix it. This is true in theory and I have been told by some consumers that their local Window World franchise is very good at service calls. Personally, I would be very nervous to take this route in case something changes in year 10, but that's just my take on it.

Dan K. - February, 2017

Wincore Costs vs. Champion

I have a couple of bids and I'm not sure how to compare them, one is on the Wincore 7700 and 5400 and the other is from the local Champion dealer. The Wincore bid is from a local remodeling company that seems to get good reviews on their services. The Champion dealer also has good reviews. We are replacing 27 windows

Wincore 5400 Window: $11,825

Wincore 7700 Widow: $13,825

Champion Window: $15825

Donald - October, 2016

Site Editor's Response

Donald, I like both Champion and Wincore. I think the Champion would be better than the 5400 series, but should be equal to their upgraded 7700 series. So, if the installation is generally equal and the Champion and 7700 windows are equal, then I would have to say the Wincore 7700 at $2K less would be my pick.

Dan K. - October, 2016

Wincore 7700 vs Renewal By Andersen

So far, I have just two quotes on 21 pretty standard sized double hung double pane windows. The bids are so far apart that I wanted to get your take on them.

Renewal By Andersen - $28K

Wincore 7700 Series - $11,300

Matt - Homeowner - June 5, 2016

Site Editor's Response

Matt, Renewal By Andersen prices are typically very high, although I have to say that $1335 a window is high even for RBA. Personally, I think they are way overpriced, but people buy them all the time.

The Wincore 7700 on the other hand is a good price point in my opinion. The 7700 may not be quite as good as the RBA, but honestly, it's not that far behind. I tend to find Wincore bids offer lots of value to homeowners.

If it were me, I'd jump on the Wincore bid in a heartbeat. Of course, this is assuming that the install provided by the company selling you the Wincore vinyl window offers proper and thorough installation.

Dan K. - April, 2016

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Wincore 500 Windows Costs

Wincore 500 Pricing

I am building a home and have 32 windows to put in. I'm looking at the Wincore 500 window that has been bid out by a local company at $9K. I also have a quote on the Polaris Ultra Weld and this bid came in at $13K. I felt like the UltraWeld was a much sturdier window, but is it worth a third more in cost? Thanks in advance.

Hal - October, 2016

Site Editor's Response

Hal, the Wincore 500 is not a bad window, a very solid middle-of-the-road vinyl window. The price you were quoted is REALLY good -- check out normal Polaris Windows prices and I think it will become clear -- $285 per window installed sounds almost suspiciously low. But I could say the same about the Polaris UltraWeld, which is a top tier vinyl window in my opinion. At $13K, thats $410 per window completely installed -- I'm almost wondering if your prices are uninstalled, that's how good they are. If it were me and I were building a house, I'd put in the UltraWeld. It's an excellent window and again you are getting an amazing price quote for such a great window.

Dan K. - April, 2016

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