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Explore Pella Windows cost and prices on their 250 and 350 vinyl series, 450, Architect and Designer wood windows, as well as the Impervia fiberglass window. Pella is one of the most recognizable names in the window industry and is headquartered in Pella, Iowa. The company has been around for a long time and will be available in all 50 states, with multiple showrooms and dealers.

Originally, Pella specialized in wood clad windows and they do make a very beautiful product. Their wood windows are some of the most expensive in the industry, rivaling that of Andersen and other high end wood window makers.

More recently, Pella has gotten into the fiberglass and vinyl window markets. Here, in my opinion, they fall short. The Thermastar is simply not a good window and it often receives the lowest consumer rating of any vinyl window on the Consumer Reports list of replacement windows.

Several years ago, they started manufacturing their 250 and 350 vinyl windows, which are a big improvement over the Thermastar. However, they are not a top tier vinyl window and tend to be overpriced in my opinion. Their Impervia fiberglass window is also not anywhere close to the top of my list in terms of fiberglass.

For me, the bottom line on Pella is to stick with their higher end Architect and Designer wood clad windows, assuming you can afford them. If you want vinyl windows, go to our top rated windows page and scroll down to the vinyl window top performers.

Dan K. - Site Editor

Last Updated: February 23, 2024

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Pella Windows Cost On The 250

Lowes Pella 250 Series

16 Double Hung
Dimensions: Standard
Included Windows&Installation
Year Of Bid: 2023

Pella 250 Vinyl Series

19 Single Hungs
Dimensions: 13 (36x84), 3 (36x72), 3 (36x60)
Price Quote: $20.1K
Included All Costs
State: Dallas TX
Project Bid from 2022

Pella 250 Series Cost

24 Double Hungs, 10 Horizontal Slide Windows
Dimensions: Standard
Cost Quote: $34.1k
Included All Project Aspects
Location: Norfolk and Richmond, Virginia
Bide From: 2022

Pella 250 Cost

We have 30 windows, mostly normal sized, a few oversized. 9 require tempered glass.

Sunrise V-Class: $21.4K
Pella 250 Model: $18.3K
Alside Mezzo: $16.8K

Anne - September, 2018

Site Editor's Response

Anne, the Pella 250 is not as good as the Alside Mezzo, so I would toss that one. In my opinion the Sunrise V-Class window is worth the extra $5K over the Alside Mezzo. I would go with the Sunrise, Alside, Pella -- in that order. Nothing to say you can't go back to the Sunrise dealer and see if he'll come down on his price. Also worth a shot.

Dan K. - September, 2018

Pella 250 Windows Cost

I'm replacing four garage windows. I have a quote from Home Depot on a window called the Simonton VantagePointe. The bid was for $2050 and included exterior trim work.

I also got a quote from Lowes on a Pella 250 window. Their bid was virtually identical at $2080 and included the trim work. Any advise on which is the better window?

Mike - April, 2016

Site Editor's Response

Mike, the VantagePointe is better than the Pella 250 in my opinion. I'm not in love with HD or Lowes installation. Make sure you get some reviews on the people doing the install before they come out to do the work.

Dan K. - April, 2016

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Pella Windows Cost On The 350

Pella 350 vs. Provia Aspect

HI Dan, we are looking to replace 19 windows in our house and have bids from 2 contractors. One is quoting the Provia Aspect and the other the Pella 250 + 350.

The contractor who is quoting the Provia Aspect windows is coming in at $17,600 for the whole job. They are quoting a ProVia entry door craftsman style for $5092 and a Okna slider for $4800.

The contractor quoting the Pella 250 windows is giving an allowance for all of the windows at $5200 the whole job at $20,500. But that includes an allowance for a slider with blinds for $2500 and a new craftsman door with full side lights at $2300 not sure what brand. So $15,700 total for the windows.

Contactor A - $27,507 for windows and both doors installed.

Contractor B - $20,500 for doors and windows installed.

There is a $5000 difference in the doors alone.

What do you think is the better product for the money?

Thank you for your advice.

Kevin - October, 2019

Site Editor's Response

Kevin, I?d prefer the ProVia windows over the Pella myself. The first contractors door costs seems excessive compared to the second. I would use Contractor B?s door bid to go back to A and ask him to get closer to that price. ProVia and Okna doors are some of the best in the business, but they do seem pretty high to me. Basically get the first bid down and that?s the one I would focus on (assuming the Contractor had a good reputation and lots of experience in the area).

Dan K. - October, 2019

Pella 350 Costs vs Vytex Fortis

Been reading site reviews and need an opinion for 20 windows that need to be replaced. The following are complete for windows and all installation. The windows are all double pane, double hung with colonial grids. The Pellas look like a nicer window, but you seem to like the 5500 and Vortis more than the Pella. Do you stick by this assessment?

Pella 350 Series: $11,400, local contractor

Simonton 5500: $11,900, local contractor

Vytex Fortis: $13,100, through Window Nation

Mary - June, 2017

Site Editor's Response

Mary, of the three window bids you have, I think I agree with your assessment that the Pella 350 series may be the nicer looking of the three, but they are not the highest quality. Of the Simonton 5500 and the Vytex Fortis, I think the Vytex Fortis is the superior window. I definitely think that it is worth the extra $1200. The Fortis model offers a .05 air infiltration number and I believe they come standard with a DP 40, both of which are quite impressive. For these reasons alone, I would definitely suggest trying to get the Vytex Fortis over the Simonton 5500 or the Pella 350.

However it's not clear to me whether that price quote on the Vytex is the lowest price you can get it for. My suggestion would be to go back to the dealer and tell them that you have a bid on the Simonton 5500 series for $11,900 and that if he could match or come very close to that price, then you would be willing to sign with him that day. Wait for about three days and see if he comes back and offer you a lower price. My gut tells me that he will.

Dan K. - June, 2017

Pella 350 Prices

I'm hoping to get some feedback on the bids I've gotten so far. We need to replace 30 windows with half picture windows and half single hungs. Four of them are large - 7 foot tall and a handful require tempered glass (bathroom and one basement.) While we aren't interested in buying the most expensive or the bottom of the barrel, we do want a quality window at a decent price.

Bid 1: Simonton Southern Legacy Series: $14.1K
Bid 2: Atrium 3100 Series: $16K
Bid 3: Window Mart 7100 Series: $16.1K
Bid 4: Alside Mezzo Series: $16.8K
Bid 5: Pella 250 Series - $18.3K

Steve And Denise - January, 2017

Site Editor's Response

Steve and Denise, I've never heard of the Simonton series you mentioned so I can't really comment of that. I would however, ask them to tell you which series it actually is -- my guess would be a lower end window such as the Daylight Max. Of the remaining window options, I would recommend the Alside Mezzo. With good installation, the Mezzo is a decent mid range vinyl window. I think the Pella 250 bid is too much for the quality of that window. If it was the Pella 350 series I would perhaps tell you to go with this one. As it stands, I would back the Alside Mezzo.

Dan K. - January, 2017

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Pella Windows Cost On The Impervia

Pella Impervia (fiberglass)

19 Single Hungs
Dimensions: 13 (36x84), 3 (36x72), 3 (36x60)
Price Quote: $23,870
Included All Costs
State: Dallas TX
Project Bid from 2022

Pella Impervia Pricing

I have 13 windows and 1 sliding patio door. Our HOA mandates we use a bronze color frame and we are fine with a plain white inside. The bids include exterior aluminum wrapping and new screens.

7 of them are sized 30.5 inches by 70 inches and the rest are a bit smaller, but require tempered glass. The sliding door requires tempered glass.

Okna 800 - $16.5K

Soft-Lite Pro - $12.6K

Pella Impervia $14K

Michael - June, 2017

Site Editor's Response

Michael, of the three bid you have, the one I like least is the Pella Impervia. I'm not a big fan of this fiberglass window because I just don't feel that it provides the quality for the price. If you are going to go with a fiberglass window, I would suggest looking at either the Marvin Integrity or the Marvin Infinity model.

Moving on to your two other options, the Okna 800 is one of the best windows on the market and if you were fine paying that price, you were getting really excellent window for your money. However, the Soft-Lite Pro is an excellent window. The design is a little older, which in and of itself doesn't make a huge difference, but it does turn some people off. Myself, I think it's a great window that has some good design features and components.

If this were my house, I would go with the Soft-Lite Pro and save yourself some money over the Okna 800 model. I would go back to the soft lite dealer and ask if it's his lowest price and tell him that if he can go down to $12,000, you're willing to sign that day. I'd wait a few days and see if he's able to budge on his price. If you can get it for $12,000 I think it's an absolute lock.

Dan K. - June, 2017

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Pella Windows Cost On The Proline

Pella ProLine Price Bid

I got an estimate for 9 Pella windows, all ProLine models, with 6 of them being double hung and 6 of them awnings. I'm gonna need full frame installs for all of them. I'm outside of Philly and the total cost from Pella factory was $14,000. Does this seem expensive to you?

Sarah - June, 2017

Site Editor's Response

Sarah, that seems very expensive for the ProLine, which is not considered one of their better wood clad windows. I would get a quote from Marvin on their Ultimate wood clad window as a comparison. The Marvin Ultimate is better than the ProLine and I would think might run somewhere in the neighborhood of $1000 per window installed. Of course, your installation requirements may be extensive, which could significantly bump up that per window cost. The other wood clad window that I like is the Andersen 400 series, but that would probably be as pricey as the Pella. As a rule of thumb, if you are paying over $1000 a window, you should be getting a high end window, not a company's entry level wood clad window..

Dan K. - June, 2017

Pella Proline Prices

I'm replacing nearly 50 windows in my house that are of all sizes. I have a number of bids, but the only caveat is that my HOA is pretty limited in what they allow. Here's what I have:

Renwal By Andersen -- $70,000

Kolbe & Kolbe Classic -- $52,000

Jeld-Wen Ex-Siteline -- $47,000

Pella Proline 450 -- $40,000 (through Lowes)

Anna - Homeowner - from 2016

Site Editor's Response

Anna, it sounds like you are confined to wood windows. I think that Renewal quote is very high. The Kolbe Classic is a nice wood window and seems about right to me. The Jeld Wen Siteline with the auralast treatment is a decent option with the lifetime warranty. I'm not the biggest fan of Jeld Wen, but I do like the auralast wood treatment they've added to their wood windows. I wouldn't go with the Pella ProLine, especially with installation through Lowe's.

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