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Jeld Wen Windows Costs And Quotes

Explore Jeld Wen window costs and prices from past homeowners who have used their builder and premium vinyl series, W2500, W4500, Sierra, four aluminum clad models, and several wood clad window options. Jeld Wen is one of the larger window and door manufacturer in the United States, along with top producers such as Simonton and Pella. Jeld Wen hasn't been in the replacement market (which sells more to contractors and remodelers), as long as they've been in new construction market (which sells more to developers and builders). The company sells quite a number of windows, including vinyl, aluminum clad, and wood clad window series.

In general, Jeld Wen is considered a well known, but not a top quality vinyl window manufacturer. Most of the windows they sell in the big box stores are not the quality of window I would recommend for consumers looking to maximize the long term value of their investment.

Jeld Wen makes an excellent door though. As well, I find their wood windows with the auralast treatment very interesting. They offer a lifetime warranty on the wood, which tells me something about what the company thinks of the product (most wood windows carry a 10 to 20 year warranty). I've heard good things about the quality of these windows, although I'd like to find out more about how they hold up over time.

Bottom line: I think there are better vinyl windows out there, but I'd buy doors and possibly the wood clad windows from the company

Dan K. - Site Editor

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Jeld Wen Vinyl Windows Costs

Jeld Wen Vinyl Windows vs. Okna

I work as a contractor in Chicago, but frankly don't do a ton with windows (I always had someone handle it in the past for me). My client is all over the board with what she's looking at and I'd love to get your take. I can get Andersen and Jeld Wen, but she wants Okna and Sunrise. Are they really that much better?

Norm - October, 2018

Site Editor's Response

Hi Norm, great question. Andersen is a wood clad window manufacturer as I'm sure you know, although they do make a nice vinyl patio door. Andersen is expensive and is pretty darn high quality in my opinion. Vinyl offers the better value in my opinion though and Okna and Sunrise or much better than most Jeld Wen windows. I'm not quite sure how tough it would be to buy from the local reps, but certainly worth a call to the national company headquarters to see how they handle it.

Jeld Wen is not bad, but I tend to stick to their doors rather than their windows. Jeld Wen will be less expensive than a comparable Okna, but I'd prefer the Okna in my house for sure.

Dan K. - October, 2018

Jeld Wen Premium Vinyl Windows Costs

Jeld Wen Premium Vinyl Prices

My husband and I just bought a house that is only 12 years old, but the previous owners really neglected the windows, which are wood Windsor windows. They never painted the windows on the outside and the frames and sill are basically rotting. At this point, most of the windows need to be replaced, but we're not sure we want to tackle everything right now. Instead, we're going to replace the ones that HAVE TO be swapped out right now. However, whatever we go with, we'd obviously like to match the rest of the windows to when we finally do replace them. Basically there are 5 of them and they are large, all roughly 40"W by 75"H picture windows. So far, the bids I have are as follows.

Vinyl Window Options
Softlite Barrington Vinyl: $4050
Anderson 100 Series Vinyl $4315
Jeld Wen Premium Vinyl: $4825
Windsor Next Dimensions Vinyl: $4775
Softlite Imperial LS Vinyl: $6350

Wood Window Options
Windsor Pinnacle Wood: $5550
Anderson A Series Wood: $6900

Marilynn - September, 2016

Site Editor's Response

Marilynn, if would say that you should learn from the experience you are going through and ditch the idea of wood windows. One, they're very expensive compared to most of vinyl options you have in your bid sheet. Two, they carry such a limited warranty on the frames -- 10 to 20 years compared with lifetime on most vinyl windows. Three, they require work to keep them looking good and to maximize their "lifespan." Of the bids you have, I like the Andersen 100 series, that's a good price for that window, typically they are going to be higher than Jeld Wen vinyl window. I don't know much about Windsor Vinyl windows so I'm going to pass on that one. The Soft-lite Imperial LS is the best window in the bunch for sure, but it's also one of the more expensive. The one nice option with the Imperial LS is the interior laminate options they offer, which can make for a wood-looking window, without all the problems that real wood carries.

Dan K. - September, 2016

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Jeld Wen Sierra Window Costs

Jeld Wen Sierra vs Cascade WinPro

I live in Northern California and need to replace 1 slider patio door and 15 windows. I received one bid on the Sierra window from Jeld Wen that came to $9,300 out the door. The other bid was on the Cascade WinPro $11,000. Both bids come with low-e glass, but no argon fills. It looks like I could add the fills for around $25 a window if I want to go that route, not sure I need it.

Hannah - January, 2017

Site Editor's Response

I'm not the biggest fan of Cascade Windows, they seem to change quite a bit with a revolving line up of windows (and warranties) and I'm not sure that I can recommend them for this reason (talk to the many many individuals who have no recourse over faulty windows -- not necessarily Cascade per se -- after the recession brought down the window company they purchase from). They don't make a bad window, but they are a bit bare bones for my liking.

While I'm typically not a proponent of Jeld Wen, I actually like the Sierra model, which uses a 16 gauge steel reinforcement for the sash and frame interlock. It also uses a tin-plated steel spacer and a dual coating of low-e glass.

I think between the two, I would go with the Jeld Wen Sierra, although I would find my own installer, preferably someone who does a lot of Jeld Wen windows. Finally, it's probably a toss up whether you need the argon gas fill or not so if you swing the money great, if not I wouldn't worry that much.

Dan K. - January, 2017