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Renewal By Andersen Windows Costs And Quotes

Explore Renewal By Andersen window costs and prices on their fiber composite window series. RBA is a franchise of Andersen Windows, meaning that each "branch" is owned separately, although the windows themselves are all made by Andersen out of the fibrex material. This is a similar material to the Andersen 100 window.

RBA makes quite a nice looking window that uses quality glass, parts, and components. The windows can be ordered with lots of customizations that many consumers like. Renewal does lots of advertising and is a pretty big name in the industry, backed up by the Andersen label. This high exposure does add to the cost of the window, so consumers should know that part of what they are paying for is the high profile name.

The issue for me is the cost of the windows, often in the $1000 to $1200 per window range. I feel like this is too much money for the quality of the Renewal window. Renewal By Andersen is a bit like buying a Range Rover, an admittedly nice looking and flashy window that is expensive and delivers good, but not great, performance and value.

Dan K. - Site Editor

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Renewal by Anderson vs. Provia Endure EN600

No worries, I understand. I have eight similar sized windows plus one larger window that I included a screenshot of.

I also included a screenshot of the total cost.

The is the Provia Endure EN600, which from you site says $750 installed. The $12,000 price tag is better than the $22,000 from Renewal by Anderson, but it?s not inline with what you have indicated in prior posts.

Any guidance would be helpful!


Mike - March, 2021

Site Editor's Response

Mike, that is a hefty price tag for sure. However, there are all sorts of factors that drive price that take it away from what is normal. Best thing you can do is collect two to three more bids. If they are all in line with the ProVia bid, then you know the project requires more on the installation side. I would ask the companies if they can break down the bid by product and installation. This is often instructive.

The other factor that is driving cost is Covid demand for home improvement projects. Dealers feel emboldened to charge some pretty crazy high prices...something to be aware of, but not always the case.

Dan K. - March, 2021

Andersen Renewal Pricing

We have a patio slider and 12 windows that need replacing ASAP. We live outside of Denver Colorado and they get tons of sun during the day. I have taken your advise and gotten 3 quotes and I'd love to get your opinion on which is the best.

Champion: $12K

Zen Lotus (Solar Ultra S Glass): $14K

Renewal By Anderson: $28K

Sally - May, 2018

Site Editor's Response

Sally, I think the Renewal quote is just too high for a patio slider and 12 windows. That leaves two more quotes to look at. The Zen Lotus is a good window, but that's still a hefty price tag for what you are getting. I'm assuming that your project is installation intensive.

I think I'd have to put that Champion quote at the forefront. They make a good window and at $2K less than the Zen Pro model, I think there is the most value in that bid. Make sure you vet the installer well, but that's the window bid I would go with.

Dan K. - May, 2018

RBA Windows Cost

We own a farmhouse in Wisconsin and are replacing 9 windows because the exterior frames are all rotten. Renewal By Anderson windows came out and give us a quote that came in at $16,000, fully installed. They off a 0% interest for 5 years with 1 day installation and they replace all of the rotten wood and windows. Is this a good price?

Jeanie - April, 2016

Site Editor's Response

Hi Jeanie, I can't tell you whether or not that price is fair or not, without seeing a couple more bids. RBA tends to pricey, but it does sound like you have quite a bit of repair work that needs to be done. You should get a bid on a Marvin fiberglass window and maybe a top end vinyl window from Okna and Soft-Lite and see how these prices compare.

Dan K. - April, 2016

Window Replacement Under $500

I live in central Texas and have to get replacements for some old aluminum windows. They are shot. Our home is only worth $300k, so we are looking for a window that is decent, but a budget buy. Hopefully something under $500 all said and done. We need to replace approximating 34 windows, several of which require tempered glass. Thus far, this is what we have.

Renewal By Anderson Doube Hungs: $30,000

Window World 4000 Double Hungs: $18,000

Deb - March, 2012

Site Editor's Response

Deb, you have two drastically different bids so far. The Renewals tend to be some of the most expensive windows on the market, while the Window World options tends to be some of the least expensive and honestly some of the least solid windows around. Honestly, I think you need more bids. Since you are in Texas, I'd recommend looking at Don Young, Simonton, Amerimax, Milgard and perhaps Gilkey. I think you are going to be better served by getting some more estimates to see what the industry average price is for your project.

Dan K. - March, 2012

Renewal By Andersen Prices

So far, I have just two quotes on 21 pretty standard sized double hung double pane windows. The bids are so far apart that I wanted to get your take on them.

Renewal By Andersen - $28,000

Wincore 7700 Series - $11,300

Matt - Homeowner - June 5, 2016

Site Editor's Response

Matt, Renewal By Andersen pricing is typically very high, although I have to say that $1335 a window is high even for RBA. Personally, I think they are way overpriced, but people buy them all the time.

The Wincore 7700 on the other hand is a good price point in my opinion. The 7700 may not be quite as good as the RBA, but honestly, it's not that far behind. I tend to find Wincore bids offer lots of value to homeowners.

If it were me, I'd jump on the Wincore bid in a heartbeat. Of course, this is assuming that the install provided by the company selling you the Wincore vinyl window offers proper and thorough installation.

Dan K. - April, 2016

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