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Gilkey Windows Costs And Quotes

Explore Gilkey window costs and prices from past homeowners and consumers on their vinyl and fiberglass window models. Gilkey Windows manufacturer both vinyl and fiberglass windows in their six different locations; with two factories in Ohio, Illinois, and Kentucky. The company offers their own installation, which sometimes can mean slightly higher prices, but it should be worth it because the installers only put in Gilkey windows and understand the intricacies behind their own windows.

You don't hear much about Gilkey, they tend to be concentrated in these three states, but I tend to like the quality of their products and service. They aren't going to be considered a top tier company like Sunrise or Okna windows, but they make a good mid range vinyl window, which is really more or less fine for the majority of homeowners out there. Gilkey windows aren't available out west but if they were I would definitely get a bid from them.

Dan K. - Site Editor

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Gilkey G Windows Costs

Gilkey G Windows Prices

The Gilkey G fiberglass window is a nice enough unit, with a sloped sill, and fusion weld sashes. It comes standard with a 3/4 inch glass and is available as a triple pane. Consumers can expect U-values as low as 0.19 (in the triple pane) and an air infiltration of a .11, which is a decent number.

Dan K. - Site Editor

Gilkey Windows Cost Quote

9 replacement windows and 1 patio sliding door wanted for home built 1995. 7 windows are all same size, one bathroom and one kitchen window. Home is in southeast Indiana Have a quote from Gilkey Window Company for “G” series for double hung windows and all uPVC patio door $15057.

Dawn - Homeowner - from 2022

[Site Editor's Answer]

Dawn, that is an expensive bid to be sure. Gilkey makes a good window, but I think you need a couple more bids to see if you can't get that price down, while still maintaining that quality/level of window.

Dan K. - Site Editor - from 2022

Gilkey G Window vs. Inline 900 Series

We need to replace 20 windows, all in the medium size range and all in a nice low-e glass option.

Inline 900 Window: $9,150

Revere Berkshire Elite Window: $9,890

Gilkey G Window: $15,675

Walden - Homeowner - 2014

Gilkey G Series vs. Inline 900 Series

Need 19 windows replaced -- (7) 30 x 60 DH, (2) 24 x 60 DH, (1) 42 x 60 PW, (3) 24 x 42 DH, (6) 36 x 60 DH

Gilkey G Series: $14,900
Revere Berkshire Elite: $9,399
Inline Fiberglass 900 Series: $8,694

Below are the InLine Notes: https://www.windowreplacementcost.com/manufacturers

i) Type W4 will have frosted glass as per your request.

ii) Clear glass will cost the same as Low-E glass, I therefore included your garage windows in with the Type W5 units.

iii) You have 3 choices of Low-E coatings, all for the same price. You can mix and match depending on which elevation the units are located at. I?d be happy to help you decide which coatings are best suited for each elevation utilizing the Passive Solar premise.

Alice - Homeowner - February, 2018

Site Editor's Response

Alice, so I took a look at all of your bids. I like Gilkey windows, but the bid is quite a bit more expensive than the other two so I don't think you need to go with this one.

The Revere Berkshire Elite for $9,399 is a solid bid, but I think you have a much better bid.
The Inline Fiberglass 900 Series for $8,694 (I totaled up the cost for nail fins, anchors and shipping) is a great bid. I'm assuming that your contractor is doing the install and as long as he feels comfortable installing the Inline Fiberglass windows, that's the one I would go with. I don't get a ton of questions about them, but they are a solid operation from everything I've heard.

Let me know how it goes!

Dan K. - February, 2018

Gilkey Window Experience

We recently used Gilkey windows for our house and I couldn't be happier with the whole process. The sales person knew what he was talking about and gave us a pretty long presentation (it could have been shorter, but whatever) that compared their products and services to others in the area. They didn't spend the time bashing the other companies, but instead talked about the quality of their windows, which I appreciated.

One of the issues we had were lots of different sized windows that seem like they were gonna be more expensive through some of the other different companies in the area. Since Gilkey makes all of their own windows and installs all them too, instead of using subcontractors, it seem like they were a good fit. It took about two months for the windows to be ordered and delivered, which was no big deal since we wanted to go slow on the process and make sure that everything went according to plan. When the windows came in, there were two that were slightly off and they actually re-ordered them and installed them after they did the rest of the 18 or so "correct" windows.

The installation itself went very well -- they showed up on time they were clean and neat and they did a very good job installing all of the windows, especially the larger ones on the upper floors. Overall I was very impressed. I thought the pricing was fair. I can't remember what we paid per window, it was something like $400 to $500 for your more normal size window and $700 to $800 for the larger picture windows in our living room.

Genevieve - June, 2017

Gilkey Windows Cost

We are replacing 11 windows in all and are choosing between the following:

Gilkey Double Hung 366 (U-value 0.26) $800 per window

Soft-Lite Elements: (triple pane, U-value .19) $680 per window

To me, the Gilkey seems a bit more sturdy. Also the window would be installed by a team that works at the factory so I'm assuming they know the windows very well. What would your call be?

Cindy - April, 2016

Site Editor's Response

Hi Cindy. Gilkey does make a good window, but I'm not sure there are many people out there who would consider anything they make better than the Soft Lite Elements. The Elements is widely considered one of the top five vinyl windows around. Assuming the Soft-Lite installers seem like they know their stuff and have good online reviews, that's the choice I would make. However, either window is going to serve you well for decades to come.

Dan K. - April, 2016

How Much Do Gilkey Windows Cost

What would you think of a price for Gilkey double hunts $15,335 for 11 double hung various sizes, and 1 halve circle with double pane low E/ Argon? It seems high to me. But I know prices are very high now. Another 1041 if I wanted to add the I 89.

Thanks for any insight you can provide.

Karen - Homeowner - from 2022

[Site Editor's Answer]

Karen, yes, sounds high to me, but everything sounds high to me over this past year. My advise is to collect a couple more bids and see how it compares to other local companies who sell quality products. Here is my list of good and great windows in case you want to continue your search:

Dan K. - Site Editor - from 2022

Gilky Window Prices vs. Alside Mezzo

Dan, I have read your reviews and have learned so much. My wife and I are going to get our windows done soon. It's 28 windows, but we are converting 5 windows into 2 (a double and triple slider). All of the other 23 windows will be double hung.

We have gotten numerous quotes and wanted your opinion. Gilky 28k, Alside Mezzos 18k, 3 different bids for Provia Endure in the 19 range, Polaris Ultraweld at 20k, and Soft Light Elements at 22,900.

We plan to live here for 25+ years so we want a great window. What are your thoughts? Thanks for your assistance and knowledge

Kelly - Homeowner - from 2022

[Site Editor's Answer]

Hi Kelly, if this were my project with your timeline, I would choose, in order, Soft Light Elements at 22,900, Polaris Ultraweld at 20k, and the Provia Endure for $19K. Of course, the company doing the install would highly factor into my decision. I would look at their ratings/reviews in order to make my decision.

Tim - Site Editor - from 2022

Gilkey Double Pane 366 Costs

Dan, we are pricing windows living in Cincinnati, OH. I am worried that supply issues have driven cost of windows up, one salesman told me yes, another 2 said no. We have 35 windows in total- of those 7 are large picture windows, 26 are double hung, and 2 eyebrow half moon custom windows. Lots of windows! They also need scaffolding for installation.

Gilkey double pane 366 $41,200

Windows Plus soft-lite elements triple pane $35,500

Pella 250 vinyl series $40,240

Any thoughts? We don’t absolutely have to replace windows now and could wait, however i worry cost may not go down.


Shannon - Homeowner - from 2021

[Site Editor's Answer]

Shannon, the best vinyl window on the market is the Soft-Lite Elements...so basically your cheapest bid is for a window that is MUCH better than the Pella 250 and quite a bit better than the Gilkey double pane 366. Gosh, I have no idea if costs will go down, I wish I did, I'd go to Vegas and figure out how to make some money -- not sure how exactly :)

One thing you could do is go to Windows Plus and tell them that their price is out of your price range and if they could do say $32K for the project you'd be willing to sign the work order that day. They will probably say no, but you can leave it with, "well if you do change your mind, that's the top of our budget." You might get a call in the next couple of months if they have a couple of days on their schedule that they need to fill...

Dan K. - Site Editor - from 2021

Gilkey Windows Cost

Thank you so much. I have received several bids already for installation and replacement of 15 double hung windows with grids (2 cottage style), as well as 6 basement windows. I am in Louisville, KY.

Alside Mezzo (15 double hung, 6 basement) $12,990

Pella 250 series (15 double hung, 6 awning) $26,279 full frame or $23,233 pocket fit

Window World 4000 series (MI 1650 Series) (15 double hung) $9,275 + (6 basement sliders) $3,924

Gilkey (15 double hung) $16,881 + (4 glass block, 2 hoppers) $2,772

Simonton 5050 (15 double hung) $11,575 + (6 basement hoppers, Reflections 5500) $4,500

I asked about the Simonton 5500, as I've read better things about that window, and was given a comment about not needing it in this climate and the 5050 is a good window. I plan to find out for sure if it's an option, since the hoppers were listed as 5500s.

I also found a company who offers ProVia (4 lines) and the Marvin Infinity (likely out of my $ range). I have also contacted Zen Windows about their Nirvana and Lotus, which they say is based off the Soft-lite Classic and Pro.

What are your thoughts on the bids I have so far? Would you hold out for the Provia and Zen estimates?

I do not know how long I plan to be in my home. I want a solid product, but I don't need anything terribly fancy. Just white on white. I am replacing original wood windows, house was built in 1954. Details such as streamlined frames, maximum glass area, and recessed locks are features that are important to me though.

Thank you!

Karen - Homeowner - from 2021

[Site Editor's Answer]

Karen, from the current bids you have and your basic timeline of "not too much longer in the home," I would choose the Alside Mezzo option. A solid mid range window that will serve you well for your purposes.

I like the ProVia option quite a bit more than the Alside, especially the ProVia Endure vinyl window series, although it will surely be more expensive than the Mezzo and with good reason.

I agree that Marvin is going to run more than the Pella 250 price quote by probably quite a bit and simply not worth the extra cost.

The Zen Nirvana and Lotus are definitely worth a look. If the cost on these is close to the Alside Mezzo, I would opt for either of these series over the Alside. But do check on the Zen window branch reviews to make sure they are a quality outfit.

The Simonton 5500 is the much preferred series over the entry level Simonton 5050 series.

Hold out for the ProVia and Zen estimates and if they are close to the Mezzo bid, then they would be preferable to the Alside Mezzo.

Dan K. - Site Editor - from 2021

Gilkey Windows vs Soft-Lite Elements

Hi Dan, we are looking to replace 11 windows and have two bids so far. The Gilkey seems more sturdy and the installers work for the company so I feel like I know where to go if there are problems. But the Soft-Lite has better numbers.

Soft Lite Elements Window: $679 -- triple paned with a U value of .19

Gilkey 366 Window: $800 with a U value of .26

Ann - Homeowner - from 2016

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Gilkey Series 6 Windows Prices

Gilkey Series 6 vs. 10

I live in Illinois and have 15 slider and casement windows that need to be replace. We've been considering both the Gilkey Series 6 and 10.

Gilkey Series 6: $11,060 (.16 U value and .36 SHGC)

Gilkey Series 10: $12,000 (.10 U-value and .33 SHGC)

Larry - Homeowner - 2010

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Gilkey Fiberglass Windows

Gilkey Fiberglass Window Costs

Dan good morning. I have used your site for a lot of information. I have had two quotes so far and both seem to be not in line with what I see on line. I have researched Gilkey, Okna, and Polaris windows. We are replacing 12 double hung wood, and one set of French doors with a slider. I have looked at fiberglass, but each manufacturer leads you away from that for some reason.

First quote from Gilkey, fiberglass, black exterior and wood grain interior
Original retail quote 28k
Came down to rock bottom price of $20,600
Seems quite high from what I have read on line

Second quote was for what I thought was Polaris Ultrawelds, $16,800 with military discount of 10%
Was a little over 15k, not terrible but still high.

I then found out it was the therma welds and not ultra.

My question I guess, is what is the going price for a Polaris ultra or okna 800 installed?

Thank you for any help! Very confusing and lots of misinformation and sales tactics to wade through

Tony - Homeowner - from 2021

[Site Editor's Answer]

Tony, prices have been going crazy during the past 6 months with Covid and the increased demand for home improvement projects. Having said that, the Polaris quote is not so out of line if your project requires full frame installation. If it's retrofit/insert installation, then yes it is quite high.

The Polaris UltraWeld and Okna 800 usually run $600 to $800 per window for insert installation and $800 to $100 per window for full frame installation.

Dan K. - Site Editor - from 2021

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