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Okna Windows Price List

Explore our Okna windows price list on the 400, 500, 600, 700, 800 and Starmark window series. Okna is based out of Bristol, Pennsylvania and has a rather large distribution and dealer network that stretches over much of the east and mid west -- perhaps not as much in the south east. Okna windows are not currently available in the western half of the U.S.

Okna is one of the best vinyl window manufacturers you can purchase. They offer 5 main series, the 400, 500, 700, 800 and Starmark. The 400, 500 and 800 are the company's main vinyl window lines, while the 700 is their casement and awning line and the Starmark is their composite frame window.

All of their windows are excellent and they are perhaps the only company that I would say that of -- they are one of three top tier companies in the vinyl window markets.

Dan K. - Site Editor - Updated In December, 2023

Okna Windows Price List By Model: 400 Series | 500 Series | 600 Series | 700 Series | 800 Series | Starmark Series

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Okna Windows Price List : 400 Series

Okna 400 Series vs. Marvin Integrity

The installer I'm working with carries Okna and we've discussed their windows. I asked them about Marvin Infinity, and they said they don't carry that, only Integrity. I'm inclined to use the dealer/installer that I've gotten the bid from because I know several people personally who've worked with them, and all of them had positive things to say about the professionalism and the quality of the work. If I were going based on window quality, I would definitely look seriously at high-end vinyl options and/or fiberglass--I've been researching all the brands you guys recommend highly on the site. Window quality and appearance is not the only factor I'm weighing heavily.

I'm considering selling the house in the next couple of years, which leaves me inclined to put in the wood clad Marvin windows. For the row houses in my neighborhood in brownstone Brooklyn, that's pretty much universally regarded as the top window. Real estate listings will say things like "new Marvin windows." People who don't know anything about renovation or windows know about Marvin. The brand carries a lot of weight around here. That may be because I'm across the street from the landmark district where the city and landmarks commission require that you put in unclad wood windows, and Marvin is by far the most common window in the area. It's a lovely look, but I'm glad I'm allowed to put in clad windows at least, so I won't have to have them painted every few years.

I will definitely get another bid and try to negotiate a reasonable price, but based on what I've learned from friends who've put in similar windows, I'd be lucky to be able to get them to knock more than 10 or 15% off the initial estimates. I haven't been able to find anyone locally who's paid less than $1,200/window for Marvin Ultimate, and my next door neighbor paid almost $800/window installed for high end vinyl windows with the same dealer I'm working with (Oknas, I believe).

For an industry where there's so little publicly available information about pricing and relative quality, your website is by far the best resource I've seen out there to educate yourself on this subject. Really appreciate your work!

Corrine - December 2017

Site Editor's Response

You can certainly go with the Marvins if you think you will recoup your money when you go to sell?statistically you won't in the short run, but you know more about your neighborhood than I do (obviously). If it were me, I would go with the low end Okna 400 and see if I couldn't get it for $600 a window. Basically, I hate to see you spend $600 plus on a window and then turn around and sell your home --- unless you think you can recoup the investment cost.

Dan K. - December, 2017

Okna 400 vs Sunrise Essentials

Hi, your site is super informative. If you had to go with Sunrise Essentials or Okna 400 which would you prefer? We are going with vinyl replacement for the whole home. Thanks.

Dan - April 2017

Site Editor's Response

Dan, I would say the 400 series over the Sunrise Essentials without question. Better performance and better overall window.

Dan K. - April, 2017

Okna 400 Window Pricing

I'm in New Jersey and have to get several windows fixed that are I believe normal size, 21" by about 45". So far I have 4 price quotes that all include installation, low-e glass, argon fill, and tempered glass (I live in a loud area and want the added soundproofing and security). I'm leaning towards the Okna 400, but I've heard good things about the Sunrise windows as well. I was hoping to get your opinions on these options.Thanks!

Okna 400 with the Deluxe package - $600

Okna 500 with the Deluxe package - $650 (same company as above)

Sunrise Standard with the Ultra-U Plus glassing - $620

Sunrise Vanguard with the Ultra-U Plus glassing - $665

Silverline 1200 - $385

Silverline 8600 - $445

Silverline 9500 - $485

Cindy - April, 2016

Site Editor's Response

Cindy, I like all of the Okna and Sunrise bids. I think the 500 series is worth the $50 per window more and I think the Vanguard is worth the $45 more. However, the Okna 400 window price is decent and the Sunrise window cost is fair as well. Both Okna and Sunrise are top tier vinyl window manufacturers.

I wouldn't consider the Silverline bids even though they are considerably lower. In the long run the Okna and Sunrise will last twice as long as the Silverline and you will end up saving time and money by going with the quality options at the start.

Dan K. - April, 2016

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Okna Windows Price List : 500 Series

500 Series

14 Double Hungs
Size: 31 x 71
Quote: $9.5K
Included All
Location: PA
Project Year: 2023

Okna 500 Windows Price Point

We are all set to replace our 16 windows and our 1 sliding patio door.

Pella 250 Windows Price: $34K

Okna 500 Windows Price: $27K

John - Homeowner - from 2023

Okna Windows Price List

Hi Dan, the following is correct. We have 42 windows and four 1/2 door and a full door.

500 Prices: $47,133.50

800 Prices: $50,196.88

Soft-Lite Elements Prices $63080.38

Soft-Lite Imperial Prices $58,880

Though the Sunrise only includes 42 windows at a whopping $92k. (the sales did call back and offered us a $2700 discount), still if adding doors it would be around $112k. I do like Okna 800 and with $150 each window they can also do PVC on trims. Is there a big difference among cladding, blind stop vs PVC on trims? And is $150 per window for PVC reasonable? If I choose Okna 800 I would add about $6000 for PVC on top of the $50196, do they seem reasonable to you? I plan to negotiate with them.

Thanks a lot. In meeting these reps we definitely are learning a lot,

Minnie - May, 2023

Okna 500 Cost Bid

Need guidance / help with window replacement pricing:

I ask if the pricing I'm being quoted is high, reasonable or a great value?

I am being quoted a price of $600 per double-hung window for the Okna 500 - was told size does not matter.

I was also quoted a price of $1200 for a half round window with Sunburst design - was told size does not matter.

All windows will be white with white flat grids between the glass.

The above price includes tax, installation, removal of old windows and all trash associated with the job.

I live in north central NJ. I have 23 windows but can't afford to replace them all right now.

Kimberly - July, 2019

Site Editor's Response

Kimberly, $600 for an Okna 500 series is quite a fair price. $1200 for a half round window seems in line as well. Since you are in New Jersey, you should get a bid from an Ideal Window dealer on their Majestic series. It's an excellent window that is similar in quality and craftsmanship to the Okna 500 series. This will tell you whether the price you were quoted out at is a fair cost bid. Assuming the prices are similar, I'd go with the company whose installation reputation is better.

Dan K. - July, 2019

Okna 500 Pricing vs. Window Nation GrandView

I'm replacing 24 double hung windows and have managed to get my bids down to two "finalists." I'd love to get your take.

Okna 500 Model (From A Local Dealer): $15,000

GrandView Model (From Window Nation): $15,000

Jasper - January, 2019

Site Editor's Response

Jasper, the GrandView Model is a decent window, but the 500 series is a great vinyl window.

Dan K. - January, 2019

Okna 500 vs. Ideal Platinum 3000

I have bids on both the Ideal Platinum 3000 and the Okna 500 window. The Ideal Platinum has great energy efficiency, but I'm worried about visible transmittance which is lower than on the Okna. I really need to get a lot of light into the windows because of how the trees gives us so much shade.

Rob - November, 2018

[Site Editor's Answer]

Rob, you should check the different glass packages available for both windows to see if they offer a package with a higher VT. Either of these windows will suit your energy efficiency purposes -- both are top tier windows. So now just find out whether the Ideal Platinum 3000 comes with a higher VT package if you want that one or simply go with the Okna. Clear glass is always an option but it definitely does not help you in the energy efficiency department.

Dan K. - November, 2018

Okna 500 vs. Soft-lite Elements

Good morning Dan. First, I appreciate your site and the knowledge that you share with us. It really is wonderful to find someone with knowledge and common sense in today's world!

I have 18 windows that need to be replaced; they are currently Anderson casement windows that are 45 years old. Some of these windows are difficult to clean as they are on the second floor of our home and I would like to replace them with sliders ( I realize that they are not as tight sealing as others, but I like clean glass!) Thus far I have obtained quotes from Marvin, Okna, and Softlite. I have several questions, starting with warranties. I've only found one company that supposedly does not prorate their warranty and that is Softlite. What is this proration and how will it (possibly) affect me?

My other concern is that some of the windows are quite large: 4 that are 34 x 58, 2 that are 46 x 58, and 3 that are 71 x 58. Is vinyl strong enough to hold that weight?

I'm torn between the Okna 500 and the Softlite Elements. I've been reading through reviews and there seems to be a lot of complains about the Marvin Infinity windows, so they may be getting nixed. Any help that you can provide will be much appreciated since we are not planning on selling our home.

Thank you!!!

Regina - November, 2018

Site Editor's Response

Hi Regina, thank you for the kind words. 45 years years from your Andersen casements is pretty impressive. Sliders are never quite as tight as double hungs, but they are very convenient, especially in bedrooms.

So a prorated warranty typically refers to a specific part of the window -- insulated glass. exterior colors etc. The specifics will be found on the warranties, which are usually not more than a page or two long. Essentially, come year 5 for instance, the company will cover 80% of the replacement cost and the customer 20%, then come year 10 the company will cover 60% of the replacement cost and the customer 40%. This will continue until the company pays 0% and the customer 100%.

Both Okna and Soft-Lite offer very good warranties that should cover most window parts for a lifetime for the orginial owner with a one time transfer. I can't recall the specifics of each, but if you google "okna window warranty" for instance you should find the 1 page copy of the warranty online. Print them out and take 10 minutes to compare them.

You won't have an issue with vinyl with the companies you've mentioned, both make very strong and durabel mainframes. If you were talking about some of the lower price point manufacturers you can get into some long term bowing of the frame with a large opening slider, but you won't have that issue with what you are looking at. I probably wouldn't put a triple pane window on the 71" wide openings though, but any bowing should be covered for life under the warranty.

Assuming the same price per window, I'd have to say the Soft-Lite Elements is the better window over the Okna 500. Both very strong though and better than the Marvin Infiinty.

Dan K. - November, 2018

Okna 500 Deluxe Or Soft Lite Imperial LS

We are in the process of replacing 20 windows in our house and I wanted to know what you thoughts about the quotes we have thus far.

Okna 500 Deluxe Window: $733 each with installation

Soft Lite Imperial LS: $650 each with installation

Robert - May, 2018

Site Editor's Response

Robert, both excellent windows. I would rate them in the top 8 vinyl windows on the market. They are very close in terms of quality and performance. So...definitely the Soft Lite Imperial LS at $650 each with installation and save yourself over $1600.

Dan K. - May, 2018

OKNA 500 Insul-Tec vs. Sunrise Restorations Quote

I have three bids that I'm currently deciding between for our 80s style ranch house. We have 10 double hungs and 6 casements.

Soft-lite Pro: $560 per window

Sunrise Restorations: $670 each

OKNA 500 Insul-Tec: $725 each

Doug - March, 2018

Site Editor's Response

Doug, all three of the brands you have bids for are very good. The Okna 500 looks overpriced to me of the three, although I really like this window. The Soft-Lite Pro looks priced out pretty fairly. The best window of the bunch though is the Sunrise Restorations at $670 per window. This seems like a fair price to me.

I would try and use the Soft-Lite bid to drive down the Restorations bid and see how low your can get the Sunrise dealer to go. This is the window I would go with if these were my bids.

Dan K. - March, 2018

Okna 500 Series vs. Sun Rise Reflections

Hi there. I got a quote for the Okna 500 series and a quote for the Sunrise Restorations. Which manufacture would you go with and why? I am located in Wisconsin.

Bob - November, 2017

Site Editor's Response

Bob, both the Okna 500 and the Sunrise Restorations are excellent windows. (I am assuming this is the window you're referring to.) That's the great news, you are already halfway there!

The Restorations is probably the better of the two windows. I have to say if it were me I would turn my attention to the installers themselves to make my decision. I would thoroughly check the online reviews of each to try and get a sense of how each handles issues that may arise. Do they offer any sort of warranty on the labor of the project? (The windows both carry excellent warranties so you are good there.)

See if you can't differentiate on quality of company. If it's a dead heat, go with the Restorations over the 500.

Dan K. - November, 2017

Bob's Response

Thanks Dan. Would the Sun Rise be worth a $1100 premium over Okna? The Sun Rise rep gave me a couple of 4200 verses 3100 with Okna. This would be for the Okna 500 Series Deluxe window.

Bob - November, 2017

Site Editor's Response

Bob, I don't think it makes sense to pay $1100 more for the Sunrise. The Okna 500 Series Deluxe window is excellent. Assuming you like the look of it, you aren't going to find that many windows that would top the okna 500.

Dan K. - November, 2017

Okna 500 Price vs Champion 8200 Windows

I live in Wisconsin and have some questions on the bids I have. I have 14 windows and a patio door that I need replaced.

Champion 8200 Series: $19,965 (after they included all the discounts and promos etc.) I did some research though on them and it doesn't look like their energy numbers are THAT impressive. The windows are all double hungs with a Comfort 365 glass and come with grids. Here's what I found on numbers -- a U-factor of 0.27, a SHGC of 0.19, a VT of 0.44, a CR of 55, an R-value of 30, and an AI of 0.10.

Okna 500DX: $15,675 This is by HomeSealed Exterior and was after a 20% discount. These windows are also double hungs and come with grids.Here's what I found on numbers -- a U-factor of 0.25, a SHGC of 0.27, a VT of 0.49, a CR of 62, an R-value of 50, and an AI of 0.02. The cost of the patio door by itself is $2575.

We could also go with the triple panel option for both of these and it will add around $1000 to the bottom line.

Bob - June, 2017

Site Editor's Response

Bob, the 500 Deluxe is the better of the two windows. Better made, better tolerance, better numbers. You can see that in the U-factor, VT, R-value and most importantly in the air infiltration or AI. The Champion window AI of .10 is decent, but the Okna window AI of .02 is excellent. Go with the 500 series window, get the better window and save yourself some money.

Dan K. - June, 2017

Okna 500 vs Window World

Got a quote on the Window World 4000 for 11 double hungs for $4620.

Also from another company Alside Mezzo windows for $4675.

And a third company for Okna 500 for $5500.

My question is Okna better than Mezzo for the price difference. Thanks.

Jay - March, 2017

Site Editor's Response

Jay, the quick answer is yes, the Okna 500 series is much better than anything from Window World or Alside. The air infiltration, U-value, design pressure on the Mezzo is just okay, while the Okna numbers are exceptional. The window is just better made and will hold up much better over time. I would, however, use the Mezzo quote to see how low the Okna dealer will go on the price.

Tell him you are ready to go IF he can come close to the Mezzo bid -- whatever he says on the phone, thank him and tell him you need a few days to think about it. See if he calls back and gives you a better deal, which he definitely might. After three days, call him (if he hasn't called) and ask what his lowest price he can go on the 500 model. Then go forward.

The Okna 500 is a great window, you really can't go wrong with it -- assuming good installation of course.

Dan K. - March, 2017

Okna 500 vs Sunrise Restorations

My two bids include Sunrise Restorations, 4 of the windows with Sunshades, and the Sunrise rep said that $6,696 is the best he could do. Originally, it was $6,905 with no sunshades. The original project details for Sunrise Restorations are as follows:

- Remove 12 windows for insert replacement

- Convert kitchen twin casement into 1 double hung and bathroom triple casement into twin double hung.

- Furnish and install:

* 10 custom thermal vinyl replacement windows. White interior/exterior. Includes half screens, locks, hardware, low-E glass, Argon glass, and contoured grids between the glass.

* Double hung style.

* (2) master bath with tempered glass

* Insulate jamb perimeters with low expansion spray foam.

* Interior caulking white.

* Exterior G8 Performance coil capping and caulking. Antique parchment or another color selection.

10 year labor warranty.

I'm sure with the inclusion of 4 sunshades, it might affect some of the above such as argon glass in the 4 with sunshades.

The Okna 500 proposal is:

1 (2-part slider) 48 by 36 above kitchen sink

9 double hungs (7 with deluxe foam upgrade)

They all would have grids

The installation would include installation, exterior trim capping, full tear out.

Total would be $6,860 (because of the deluxe foam upgrade).

Although I really like Okna because we have a sliding patio door by Okna that was previously installed by the Okna dealer, I think the Sunrise package looks pretty good. Your thoughts? Thanks.

Gary - January, 2017

Site Editor's Response

Gary, both the Sunrise Restorations and the Okna 500 are excellent vinyl windows. You can't go wrong with either -- I rarely get to say that to people that write in! Choose the company that you think will off the best and most thorough installation!

Dan K. - January, 2017

Okna 500 Series Cost

My question is this: would you go with the Okna 500 or the Marvin Integrity. I like the look of the Marvin Integrity and Infinity, but they are also more expensive. I live in DC and the winters are brutal. The Okna comes with a lifetime warranty and the Marvin has a 10 I believe so this is a big factor as well. Bids are as follows for 30 windows.

500 Series Cost: $18,000
Marvin Integrity Series Cost: $28000
Marvin Infinity Series Cost: $40,000

Bonnie - December, 2016

Site Editor's Response

Hi Bonnie, Marvin makes a very good fiberglass window, but I have to say that paying $930 per window for the Integrity sounds quite high to me. Paying $1330 for the Infinity does even higher to me. As a rule of thumb, the Infinity should run $75 more per window over the Integrity and you're being quoted $400 more per window. Now I understand that those prices could include lots of extra features etc., so I'm not going to say its completely outrageous.

For me though, the Okna bid is very solid. I really like the 500 series and at $600 per window, you are getting a competitive price. This for me at least is the favorite of the bids you have.

Dan K. - December, 2016

Okna 500 Window Prices

Thank you so much for your feedback, Dan. I agree! I read on your site that Home Depot offers Anderson 100 windows and if I find a builder who is willing to install them - would that be a preferable option to Okna, Soft-Lite and the others? Or should I stay away from Anderson 100's altogether.

I'd appreciate your thoughts - but am definitely taking your advise. A local building company is coming by tomorrow for measurements. They said they would install any window that I choose - whether I buy them - or they supply them. Many thanks!

Linda - April, 2016

Site Editor's Response

I like the Andersen 100 window and they will be MUCH MUCH less expensive than a Renewal ? you can get one for maybe $350 at Home Depot with a nice low-e glass. You should also find a GOOD local installer and yes you will have a good window installed for let's say $500 per window (there may be installation issues so this may affect the price you would pay of course).

The Andersen 100 window is close to as good as the Okna 400 for example. I would think the 400 or 500 series would run in the $500 to $650 range installed, but you know where you purchased from, they usually come with a labor warranty for 1 to 2 years etc.

These company's premium models are definitely better than the Andersen 100 window, but will be an additional 20% to 30% in cost.

Dan K. - April, 2016

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Okna Windows Price List : 600 Series

-- $700 to $950 fully installed --

600 Series

12 Sliders
Sizes: Varied
Quote: $10.1K
Included Install
Area: Minnesota
Project Bid from 2021

Okna 600 Windows Cost

My current windows are builder grade aluminums from the 50s (or somewhere around there). I need 21 replacement windows replaced, most of them double hungs. We're in the northeast corner of Georgia Atlanta. All of the install companies have great reviews.

Sunrise Restoration Cost - $22,500

Okna 600 DX Cost - $17,500

ProVia Aspect Cost - $16,500

Okna 600 Pricing

Hi Dan, I have a customer who is driving me crazy because she reads about doors on the internet and keeps changing her mind.

Started with Big Box Jeld-Wen and Crestline. Then Anderson. Now Sunrise and Okna. She has one west-facing door location and insists on internal blinds. I tried to convince her an energy star door would be better but she insists on "managing" the sunlight.

I am a contractor in Chicago and I was wondering, overall what is your choice based on quality/price/features?

It would be easiest for me to get her an Anderson or Jeld-wen, but I have heard good things about Okna. She hasn't brought up Pella.


Norman - October, 2018

Site Editor's Response

Norman, the highest quality vinyl windows of the bunch are Okna, then Sunrise. Andersen makes a great wood clad window and good vinyl doors. Jeld Wen makes a pretty decent wood clad window and very mediocre vinyl window. Pella makes excellent wood clad windows and very mediocre vinyl windows. If this were my client, I would steer them to an Okna product -- they have a number of lines, several of which are affordable and still good quality.

Their 600 Eco Pro is their drop down model, but still better than any of the other vinyl windows you mentioned with the exception of the Sunrise. The Sunrise Standard or Classic is a very solid vinyl window.

Good luck!

Dan K. - October, 2018

Okna 600 Series Cost

I have a bid on 24 windows. As you can see, the bids are very close. I'm trying to figure out which one is best.

Okna 600 Series: $15.5K

Window Nation Grandview: $15K

Barry - June, 2017

Site Editor's Response

Barry, the Okna 600 is the better of these two windows, although the Grandview is a good window in its own right. The 600 Okna is the newest model from the company and is very close in quality and craftsmanship to their 800 series, with a few minor differences.

The Grandview is actually made by Vytex and then resold by Window Nation. The Grandview has decent numbers, but the 600 has outstanding performance data. I think the 600 is worth the extra $500, but again these are two good vinyl windows.

Dan K. - June, 2017

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Okna Windows Price List : 700 Series

-- $750 to $1,050 fully installed --

800 / 700 Price Quote

16 Double Hungs, 6 Casements
Size: Varied
Quote: $17,040
Included Install
Area: Illinois
Project Bid In 2016

Okna Windows vs Sunrise

I have 10 windows that need to be replaced -- 8 casements and 2 picture windows. So far, I have two bids.

The Sunrise Restorations bid that includes a dark oak laminate and a custom dark brown exterior. The quote is $10.5K and includes everything, including installation. Several of the windows are pretty large.

The other bids is on the Okna 700 casement and two Okna 400 picture windows.Pretty similar in terms of frame color and interior laminate type. This bid is $9500.

Frannie - November, 2016

Site Editor's Response

The Restorations and 700 are quite similar in their overall performance and quality, which is to say very good. Because the 600 series bid is $9500, I would say this is the market value of the project. Perhaps you could go back to the Sunrise rep and see if he can match the Okna one. If not, I would pull the trigger on the Okna. At the end of the day, both bids are on top quality vinyl windows.

Dan K. - November, 2016

Type Of Window
Frame Material
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Type Of Installation
Number Of Windows
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Okna Windows Price List : 800 Series

-- $800 to $1,100 fully installed --

800 EnviroStar Quote

I'm replacing 30 windows and I have two bids collected. They are so difference in terms of price and yet the performance numbers look so similar. What's up with this?

Revere Berkshire Elite Series: $16,190
Performance data. Air Infiltration: 0.04, U-factor: 0.29, VT: 0.54, SHGC: 0.3, and CR: 55.

800 EnviroStar Series: $28,900
Performance data. Air Infiltration: 0.04, U-factor: 0.26, VT: 0.44, SHGC: 0.29 and CR: 62.

Uri - June, 2019

Site Editor's Response

Uri, while the 800 EnviroStar Series is the better window than the Revere Berkshire Elite window, the price quotes are miles apart. A couple of factors at play here. One the Okna is overpriced in your quote. Two the Okna is a better window, despite the performance numbers you've collected. I'm still not sure how the Revere Berkshire Elite gets the .04 AI, but the frame is not nearly as strong and durable as the 800. The Berkshire Elite is priced correctly, the Okna is too high.

Dan K. - June, 2019

Okna 800 Series vs. Newton 4800 Series

Should I get the Newton 4800 series or the Okna 800 series?

Hollie - June, 2017

Site Editor's Response

Hollie, the Vinylmax Newton 4800 double hung window is quite a good vinyl window and certainly one that I would have in my own home. However, the Okna 800 series is, in my opinion, the best vinyl window on the market. If I could have one window in my home, the 800 Envirostar would be my pick. So assuming that the price bids are roughly the same, my pick would be the 800. I will say, you have two good options here to pick from and that's a nice problem to have!

Dan K. - June, 2017

Okna 800 Cost

I have 13 windows and 1 sliding patio door. Our HOA mandates we use a bronze color frame and we are fine with a plain white inside. The bids include exterior aluminum wrapping and new screens.

7 of them are sized 30.5 inches by 70 inches and the rest are a bit smaller, but require tempered glass. The sliding door requires tempered glass.

Okna 800 - $16.5K

Soft-Lite Pro - $12.6K

Pella Impervia $14K

Michael - June, 2017

Site Editor's Response

Michael, of the three bid you have, the one I like least is the Pella Impervia. I'm not a big fan of this fiberglass window because I just don't feel that it provides the quality for the price. If you are going to go with a fiberglass window, I would suggest looking at either the Marvin Integrity or the Marvin Infinity model.

Moving on to your two other options, the 800 is one of the best windows on the market and if you were fine paying that price, you were getting really excellent window for your money. However, the Soft-Lite Pro is an excellent window. The design is a little older, which in and of itself doesn't make a huge difference, but it does turn some people off. Myself, I think it's a great window that has some good design features and components.

If this were my house, I would go with the Soft-Lite Pro and save yourself some money over the Okna 800 model. I would go back to the soft lite dealer and ask if it's his lowest price and tell him that if he can go down to $12,000, you're willing to sign that day. I'd wait a few days and see if he's able to budge on his price. If you can get it for $12,000 I think it's an absolute lock.

Dan K. - June, 2017

Okna Windows vs Polaris

Dane, we have several windows that have been leaking at the frame (through the corner welds) of 15 year old builder grades. On one window, the damage is severe, with rotten wood at the rough opening and rotten exterior sheeting. Each of the windows are 68 X 72 (2 DH windows mulled together). We received a quote of $6850 (including all taxes) to replace 8 DH windows (4 openings, mulled together), which would include removal of siding, repair of any rotten wood, rewrapping exterior in Tyvek, installing windows, and reattaching the siding. The replacement (new construction) windows would be 800 Deluxe. This seems like a fair price to me given the extent of the work, as well as the proven quality of the Okna product. Could you offer advice?

I have another contractor that I met today who would install Polaris Ultrawelds. I do not have a quote from him yet, but I really wasn't impressed. I realize cost is only one factor....dependability of the installer is another aspect all together.

Thanks in advance,

Frank - May, 2017

Site Editor's Response

Frank, on the face of it, that seems like a reasonable bid, given the extent of the damage around the frames. The problem for the contractor is that he won't quite know the extent of the damage until he gets in there and so his bid has to reflect worse case scenario. See if you can get the bid broken down by product and labor -- then see if you can get an agreement from him that if the extent of the damage is less, that he'll drop the bid by $1000.

Although I think the 800 Deluxe is an excellent vinyl window, I wouldn't necessarily stop right there with the bids. I like the Polaris UltraWeld as well and I'm hoping that comes in lower. If it does, you can use the bid to see if the Okna rep might cut his cost to be competitive with the Polaris bid.

Bottom line is I think its a good bid, but I'll bet it's not his lowest bid if he thinks there are more competitive bids out there and he wants the work -- I guess we'll find out :)

Dan K. - May, 2017

Okna 800 Window Cost

We have 20 windows to replace and have a number of bids that vary widely. I'm trying to make sense of what we have. I'm looking are good energy efficiency and want all double hung windows. The prices include both windows and the installation costs.

Okna 800 (EnviroStar 800 Series): $12,000

BFRich (Cabernet Window): $13,000

Global Tech (Gtech 12 window): $16,000

Andersen (400 Woodrite Series): $33,000

Andersen by Renewal: $36,000

Judy - October, 2016

Site Editor's Response

Judy, both the Renewal and Andersen bid seem too high to me. I've never heard of Global Tech so I'm going to throw them out at the outset. BFRich makes a pretty decent window, but it can't hold a torch to the Okna 800 vinyl window.

The 800 is an excellent performer, one of the very best in the business. If you did want the interior laminates that look like wood but don't require any maintenance or upkeep, these will add to the cost, but give you a great way to mimic the look of wood, with the expense and hassle. The $12,000 is an excellent price, I would jump on that quick.

Dan K. - October, 2016

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Okna Windows Price List : Starmark Series

-- $900 to $1,200 fully installed --

Starmark Pricing

We have quotes on several brands for our replacement project, which includes 13 large double hung windows. The bid is on the Sunrise Restoration for $12,000 (the contractor with this bid has excellent online and personal reviews). The next one is on the Renewal by Andersen, which is $17,000, although this doesn't include the interior staining, which would add another $1500 so $18500 total. The last bid is on another composite window, the Starmark with a faux wood finish, for $20,500.

I like the look of the Renewals the best. I'm thinking about not even considering the Starmark bid, because it's just too expensive. I'd love to get your thoughts on all of this.

Sheila - October, 2016

Site Editor's Response

Hi Sheila, I really like the Starmark for the perspective of performance and durability, this window is going to be way better than the Renewal By Andersen. I agree that it is much too expensive for 13 large windows.

The Renewal bid sounds high to me as well and although they do make very nice looking window.

My clear vote would be for the Sunrise Restorations, which should be similar in performance to the Okna, and much better than the RBA. It is a narrow window that is quite nice looking and is very well made and durable.

Dan K. - October, 2016

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