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Vinylmax Windows Costs And Quotes

Explore Vinylmax window costs and prices from past homeowners and consumers who have used their Easton, Newton, Edison, Franklin, Radiance, Prestige and Trends window series. Vinylmax is based out of Hamilton Ohio and manufactures a number of wood and vinyl new construction and replacement windows, as well as vinyl patio doors. They are a regional operation, selling mainly in the mid west states through a network of dealers and distributors (as are the majority of vinyl window companies).

Vinylmax makes a good product, a solid second tier company. Their premium and mid range window use good parts and include some nice features. They aren't a flashy vinyl window, but they offer a good product at a competitive price point. I would have the Newton or the Edison window in my house, assuming my installers were good and I got a competitive bid on the project.

Dan K. - Site Editor

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Vinylmax Edison Windows Costs

VinylMax Edison Windows Price

I am replacing 13 and one six foot slider in my home. My timeline to move out is 5 to 7 years. I live in Baltimore. Here are the bids I've managed to get so far.

ProVia Aspect / Alside 6100 Slider: $11875

VinylMax Edison windows / Slider: $12K

Alside Mezzo / Alside 6100 Slider: $11.2K

Alside UltraMaxx / Model 6100 Slider: $9.7K

ProVia Endure EN600 / EcoLite 4312 Slider: $13.7K

Berkshire Elite / Model 6100 Slider: $9.5K

June - September, 2020

Vinylmax Edison Series vs. Jeld Wen

Our home had a fire and our windows are being replaced with comparable quality - and the contractor is suggesting Vinylmax. We are struggling to determine if this is actually a comparable replacement for the windows that we had before the fire.

Our contractor is suggesting Edison Picture Window Low E 4670 double pane as a replacement for the Jed-wen. Due to the fire, we don?t know the exact window we had - but a picture of the neighbors same window is attached.

Can you help? Thanks!

Shari - August, 2019

Site Editor's Response

Shari, the Vinylmax Edison picture window is a much better window than anything that Jeld Wen makes. Jeld Wen makes a lower end vinyl window in my opinion -- they do make an excellent door though. The Vinylmax Edison series is a very good vinyl window and one that I would certainly have in my home. In terms of matching what you currently have, I'll leave that to you. You should be able to look at the hardware of your existing Jeld Wen window and see whether it looks similar enough to satisfy your aesthetics, etc.

Dan K. - August, 2019

Vinylmax Edison Window Cost

Hi, my husband and I have one quote on 10 Vinylmax Edison windows, which we were told is their mid-range window, and includes a Core-Tex reinforcement and sentry locking mechanisms. The bid was roughly $4400. We have one more bid for the ProVia ecoLite (their mid range window), and this quote was roughly $4200. We did get one more bid on the Pella 250 vinyl window, and this was $6300, well above the other two.

We only plan to be in our house for another 5 to 7 years so we don't want to spend a ton of money. I was hoping to get your take on what we have. Thanks.

Nate - April, 2016

Site Editor's Response

Nate, I think you can throw out the Pella window bid due to the cost and because the 250 series is, in my opinion, inferior to your other two selections. The Vinylmax Edison and the ProVia ecoLite should be very close in quality although I really can't tell you the specific differences between the two windows - I've never seen the ecoLite in person. However, the price and what I know about these two companies leads me to believe that their mid range offerings are relatively close to one another.

So...if it were me, I would pivot here and look at the company I'm buying from, with particular attention paid to the install. How has the better reviews, reputation, etc. This is what I would base my decision on.

Dan K. - April, 2016

Vinylmax Edison Windows Prices

I am going crazy trying to figure out the best windows for my home. I have 5 quotes (7 Choices). Bids are for 9 windows. 3 Sliders and 6 Double Hung (4 with grids). Here are the quotes:

Thermo-Tech Enhancement - $7,483 ($831 per window)

Thermo-Tech EnergyGuard - $5,841 ($649 per window)

VinylMax Edison - $5,275 ($586 per window)

VinylMax Trendsetter - $4,863 ($540 per window)

Champion - $7,835 ($870 per window)

Alside Climatech Elite - $7,068 ($785 per window)

Zen Nirvana - $5,462 ($606 per window)

All double pane except Edison which is triple. Some have foam insulation, others have webbing or none. I don't know what my best choice is. I am considering selling the home sooner than later. Please help me decide which is the best deal. Thanks

Suzanne - September, 2016

Site Editor's Response

Suzanne, sorry for the late response, I was doing a final summer family reunion.If you are going to sell the house (actually if you are keeping the house or selling it) then my answer would be the Zen Nirvana, which is actually a Soft-Lite Classic. It is the best of the bunch and quite a nice vinyl window to be honest with you. Zen is a franchise so I would spend some time vetting them to make sure that their installers are competent and thorough. The Nirvana is a very product and the price you are getting quoted sounds very fair to me.

I like Vinylmax as well, although I the Trends series is their budget window and I would pass on that one and go with the Edison series if you do decide to go with that one. The Champion bid sounds high to me and the Alside is way over priced in my opinion.

Dan K. - September, 2016

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Vinylmax Newton Windows Costs

VinylMax Newton Pricing

Dan, I have been reading some of your posts on your website and since I've been shopping for some replacement windows thought I'd see what you thought. I'm in the Kansas City area and plan to replace only 5 of the windows in my house. All bedroom windows, 4 double hung and one arch.

There are 3 brands/series I've been researching; Andersen 100 series, Simonton 6500 series, and VinylMax Newton series. Below is cost info from the bids I've received.

Andersen 100: $3,774.00 [Only the 4 double hung are included, as there is no 100 series arch in the size we need. I would have to buy a 400 series window for the arch.] (this includes a promotional discount)

Simonton 6500: $3,880.25 (this includes a promotional discount)

VinylMax Newton: $3,530.56

Do you have any experience or feedback concerning Home Depot's Home Services installing Simonton windows? If I could get them down to the same price as the VinylMax Newton windows, would you still prefer the VinylMax?

What do you think about VinylMax's warranty and warranty service? I've seen lots of negative reviews concerning their service.

Bill - January, 2019

Site Editor's Response

I'm not a huge fan of Home Depot's installation services. Some installers are good and some are poor because of the low per window rate they pay their subcontractors. If you are going to use them, I'd insist on getting some more information on who is doing the work, looking at some online reviews, etc.

I haven't heard of Vinylmax's warranty being better or worse than other manufacturers. I would talk with the person doing the installation in terms of how they've handled warranty claims in the past. Dealers/installers often have different experiences here -- they may know someone who is always willing to handle their issues promptly or they may have had the opposite experience.

The bottom line on warranty is that its so costly to rip out windows and reinstall them that the warranty only covers a fraction of your cost. That's why my rule of thumb is to find a well made window and quality installer who is going to do the job right the first time. Small warranty issues aren't a big deal, but bigger one can be a real pain. Another reason to use an installer who has a long track record and is going to be around in 7 years should something go wrong.

Dan K. - January, 2019

Newton 4800 Series vs. Okna 800 series

Should I get the Newton 4800 series or the Okna 800 series?

Hollie - June, 2017

Site Editor's Response

Hollie, the Vinylmax Newton 4800 double hung window is quite a good vinyl window and certainly one that I would have in my own home. However, the Okna 800 series is, in my opinion, the best vinyl window on the market. If I could have one window in my home, the 800 Envirostar would be my pick. So assuming that the price bids are roughly the same, my pick would be the 800. I will say, you have two good options here to pick from and that's a nice problem to have!

Dan K. - June, 2017

Vinylmax Newton Window Pricing

I have the following bids and would love to get your take.

Window World - Recommended by a friend, seemed to be decent windows but the price was much higher than their $189 advertised price, something like $560 for casements or $485 for double hung. My house currently has casement windows (wood original ones from Hurd)

Richco - Rich came out and showed me his vinylmax double hung window and it was pretty nice, specs are pretty good, but I want to see his casement window. He was less expensive than Window World, but not by a lot. If I had to choose between vinylmax and window world I would probably go vinylmax. Rich told me he used to sell PlyGem until he switched to Vinylmax because he thought it was a better window.

Farm and Home in Riverside - They came out and gave me an estimate on their Preservation windows and while they seemed liked a decent window they were more expensive than Window World or Vinylmax and their ratings don?t seem to be any better. They do have lots of positive reviews and I received more than one referral to them. The Preservation windows were more expensive than either the Window World or VinylMax estimates I received. For 13 windows, I have a bid for casements $6007 or for double hung $5867.

Zen Windows - John came out a couple of days ago and this is where I'm really confused. First I got an email from someone at ZEN corporate stating that they carried Soft-Lite windows, but when John showed up he brought out Heartland windows and he says he only sells Heartland which is extremely odd since he is selling you Polaris windows! I don't know how Heartland compares to Polaris because I couldn't find anything on the website about Heartland. I can tell you he brought out both a double hung and casement sample and the casement sample was downright ugly and the double hung was nothing special. He was about $800 less than other quotes (I'm looking at 11 windows), but I just didn't get a good feeling about Heartland windows and would not want his casement windows. I asked him about Soft-Lite and he said corporate carried those but they were way more expensive, whatever that means.

Blue Springs Windows and Siding - They are supposed to come out tomorrow and show me Soft-Lite but like you I read several reviews about them that were not very good but I thought I would at least have them come out and give me a price. When I went on the Soft-Lite website the next closest dealer to me was listed as in Topeka, KS so I called them Friday and they are going to have someone come to KC and show me their windows (Soft-Lite of course) and give me a quote as well, at least that way I'll have 2 choices for soft-lite, or possibly a 3rd if I go directly to ZEN corporate that said they also carry them although I don't know who I would get to install them.

Danny - September, 2016

Site Editor's Response

Bruce, the $500 average per window for window world is pretty steep and probably the bid I would toss out first. Vinylmax makes a good window, especially their two top tier window models, the Edison and Newton.

The bid for Preservation windows is actually pretty fair at around $500 per window installed.

Normally, I recommend Zen windows, but not if they are selling Heartland windows, which I've never heard of. That's surprising to me that they aren't selling their standard windows; the Karma, Nirvana and Lotus, which are Soft-Lite relabeled windows.

So Soft-Lite is the best of the bunch as far as what windows you are looking at, but if the reviews aren't great that's troubling. I would go with the Soft-Lite rep from Topeka, assuming they gave you a decent price.

I think either the Soft-Lite, Vinylmax or Preservations would be my picks at this point.

Dan K. - September, 2016

Vinylmax Newton Pricing vs Sunrise Verde

Wanted to get your opinion on the Sunrise Verde vs. the Vinylmax Newton window series. There is a big price difference and I can't figure out whether the Sunrise is worth $250 per window more.

Vinylmax Newton - $395 fully installed

Sunrise Verde - $650 fully installed

Danny - September, 2016

Site Editor's Response

Danny, the Sunrise Verde is one of the best vinyl windows you can buy. The Vinylmax Newton is their premium window also, but not quite in the same league as the Verde. However, you make a good point that $250 per window is a lot more to pay. I think at that price breakdown, I might be very tempted to go with the Newton. The window is a good performer and uses some nice features. One other option is to see if the Sunrise dealer has wiggle room on his price point. If he can get down to that $600 a window fully installed, it would be a tough call for me.

Dan K. - September, 2016

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Vinylmax Easton Windows Costs

Replacing Vinylmax Easton

PLEASE Help me replace my replacement windows please. Couple of current issues, condensation when the temps hit 30's, one seal has failed, and I think the windows are noisy. Anyway finally found a label and was able to email the distributor and the info came back.

We have Vinylmax Easton series windows, not very good numbers definitely a entry/budget level model/decisions. My question is can a good mid level window solve my issues to the condensation/noise.

About to get bids. 9 double hungs one small bedroom slider and the main window with a slider on each end for a total of 11. The3 top rated local companies with 30+ business carry Polaris /Provia, Softlite/Sunrise, and Provia/VinylMax. Can't find Okna.

Also any idea of a price range? Is tempered glass needed? I'll get back to you with bids but which models would you put in a house?

Thanks. Btw were in the Dayton, Ohio area.

Barrett - November, 2017

Site Editor's Response

Barrett, most windows should have a CR number, which stands for condensation resistance. A good window will often have a CR at 55 or above, which will certainly help with any condensation issues. The higher the better...

All three of those brands looks quite good. In terms of cost, VERY difficult to say. Let's say $450 to $700 per window on average for the 11 windows. So I'll say $4950 to $7700 as an estimate.

Tempered glass may be needed for the bathroom window, but you shouldn't need it for any of the "normal" windows.

Shoot me the bids and I'll give you my opinion.

Dan K. - November, 2017


Dan, Thanks for the reply, (great site btw). We actually have 2 large picture windows with sliders on each end. So:

8 double hung
1 small slider
2 picture windows

So is it 11 or 15???? Lol

Our best (we think) quote yet for price/quality is for the Provia Endure in sandstone color With Comfort Tech triple pane glass/ argon. Dealer said the krypton gas was an option but at a higher cost. Definitely a nice window. $6700.00 installed, a little more than we wanted to spend but this also includes replacing decorative siding below the main window and 4 of the double hungs at the front of the house to match the new window color (Currently white) which is beyond installing/trimming the new windows out.

What do you thing? Thanks!

Barrett - November, 2017

Site Editor's Response

You make a good point about the large XOX windows -- in truth bids are typically done by the lineal foot of the window so your bid is lower than at first glance. The Provia Endure is quite a good window and the $6700 is a very good deal if we split the difference and put the number at 13 windows. That averages out to $515 per window. That's very solid.

Dan K. - November, 2017

Vinylmax Easton or Simonton 5500

I live in Kansas City and I need to replace 21 windows, one is a a rather large picture window. This is our forever home so we want to buy something that's good quality and will help with the overall energy efficiency of the home. I have bids so far from Window World on their higher end 6000 series for $9225. Another on the Vinylmax Easton window for $11,250. One on the Soft-Lite Imperial LS window for $12,825. And finally the Simonton 5500 window for $12,500.

Window World 6000 -- $9225

Vinylmax Easton -- $11,250

Simonton 5500 -- $12,500

Soft-Lite Imperial LS -- $12,825

Which option would you recommend I choose. Or which would you choose?

Brendan - August, 2009

Site Editor's Response

The Soft-Lite Imperial LS is an excellent window and actually that price sounds pretty fair to me. I would throw out the Window World bid, the 6000 is an Xact window that is not a good quality product. The Simonton 5500 Reflections is a good window, but the Imperial LS is the better deal. I also like the Vinylmax Easton window, but if it were me, I would spend the extra $1600 and get one of the top performers on the market.

Dan K. - April, 2016

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