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Explore Sunrise window costs and prices on their Essentials, Standard, Verde, Vanguard, V Class and Restorations window series. Sunrise Windows are some of the best in the business. The company manufactures a number of vinyl window lines, as well as patio doors. Possibly the one exception to the "best-in-the-business" claim is their entry level Essentials window, which uses an inferior window frame and sash from their other models. The standard Sunrise, as well as the upgraded Verde, Vanguard and top-of-the-line Restorations series all use the same basic vinyl frame and sash.

The Michigan based company sells their windows and doors in 37 states now so finding a dealer or local company is a possibility for most Americans. Unfortunately, the company does not sell their windows on the west coast or in many of the western states.

Sunrise's premium Restorations series is one of the best vinyl windows out there in my opinion and certainly one on mylist of top rated windows. The .02 air infiltration rating is tough to beat and ranks up there with the Okna 800 envirostar and the Soft-Lite Elements. All in all, if Sunrise Windows And Doors are available in your zip code, I'd get a bid and see how they compare to the competition. They might cost a bit more, but they will offer some of the nicest looking and energy efficient windows in the business.

Dan K. - Site Editor - This Page Was Updated In December, 2023

Sunrise Pricing By Model: Essentials | Standard | Signature | Verde

Vanguard | VClass | Restorations Series

Email our site editor Dan K. and get all of your window cost questions answered!

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Standard Essentials Windows Costs

Sunrise Essentials vs. Vytex Grandview

Two companies have given me bids on 28 double hung windows. Sunrise Essentials bids is $13,752K, and the Vytex Grandview bid is $17,294K. What do you think?

Liam - August, 2018

Site Editor's Response

Liam, the Sunrise Essential is not a great window, but maybe a mid range option. The price quoted isn't bad though. The Vytex Grandview is better, how much though I'm not sure -- not much. The Grandview bid seems a bit high to me. I might see if the Sunrise rep can get you a bid on the normal Sunrise window, which is a better frame and comes with better components etc.

Sunrise Essentials And Standard Windows

Thank you for the time and effort you guys have put into your site. It has been extremely helpful in educating me on the "replacement window" market.

In my market, one of the best products available that I have found is the Sunrise window company. I have received a quote from a local company that is well regarded, but I'm curious as to you opinion.

I had them quote me Sunrise Standard windows on the front of the house and Essentials on the back side of the home. The glass would be the same and the subtle visual differences in the frame, accessories, etc. we felt would not be perceptible with the distance between.

30 windows and some additional work. $24,125 including installation.

Will you review the quote and see if I'm in the right price point. There is only 1 other company doing Sunrise Windows in my market and I'm getting a quote from them on Saturday.

Thank you.

Chris - October, 2017

Site Editor's Response

Chris, that bid looks pretty solid. The prices on the windows looks good and I like the strategy to do standard in front and essentials in back. I'd be curious to see how the other bid came in.

Sorry I just saw the labor portion on the bill. $320 per window on the labor is way too much in my opinion, unless you have some serious work that needs to be done. A normal window installation should be $100 to $150. I would negotiate the labor portion of this way down. Get some more bids and ask them to break down the labor/install portion to see what the going rate is for your project.

Dan K. - October, 2017

Chris's Response

Thank you for the response. I can update you with the quote we settled on.

The only other Sunrise dealer in NC, came over on the weekend and quoted us Restoration windows for the whole house with the U12 glass. 31 windows installed (vinyl siding) = $20,887. About $935/ window. That beat the other quote for a much better window.

Your site has been a great resource. Thanks for your efforts. It really paid off for us.

Chris - October, 2017

Sunrise Essentials vs. Simonton Impressions

We are replacing some Wenco casements and have studied your website to find good replacement options. Have bids from Sunrise and Marvin but Simonton just came on our radar. How would you rate Simonton and Sunrise in terms of quality and price? We appreciate your advice.

Doug - June, 2017

Site Editor's Response

Sunrise are going to be the better window in general. They should run 25% to 30% more than Simonton as well. The premium series from Simonton are good though, particularly the 5500 Reflections and the Impressions series. The lower end Sunrise Essentials is low to mid range vinyl window, while the Sunrise "Classic" or "Standard" is a very good vinyl window. These are important distinctions to make since you are buying a particular window series most of the time.

In general, I would go Sunrise over Simonton 9 out of 10 times.

Dan K. - June, 2017

Sunrise Essentials vs The Sunrise Window

I have a bid from a contractor, who I trust. He has good reviews on angies list, bbb, etc. and has likes the Sunrise Essentials.

The Essentials Window is the thing that doesn't have good reviews

From sunrise website this dealer offers:

Collections Include
Coastal Performance

I also see some other dealers carry the VERDE & VANGUARD collection for sunrise as well.

I would just ask the dealer for the standard sunrise window and NOT the essentials collection? I didn't see standard as a collection?

These are single pane windows and storm windows have been in the house for probably 50+ years, and if spend $8K for replacements the LAST thing I would want to do is have them need to be replaced in another 10+ years.

Window company has been in business for 35 yrs as well.

Any thoughts?


Jim - April 2017

Site Editor's Response

Jim, the standard Sunrise is simply called the Sunrise. The Essentials is considered a drop window or a window that is used for budget minded consumers. It isn't as good as the Sunrise. All of the other Sunrise windows use this same frame, but add upgrades and options to make the window perform better and obviously add to the price. Sunrise makes a great window, but the Essentials is a drop in quality for sure.

Dan K. - April, 2017

Sunrise Essentials vs Okna 400

Hi, your site is super informative. If you had to go with Sunrise Essentials or Okna 400 which would you prefer? We are going with vinyl replacement for the whole home. Thanks.

Dan - April 2017

Site Editor's Response

Dan, I would say the Okna 400 series over the Sunrise Essentials without question. Better performance and better overall window.

Dan K. - April, 2017

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Standard Sunrise Windows Costs

Sunrise Series

12 Double Hung & 2 Sliders
Size: Standard
Quote: $13.9K
Included All
Location: Missouri
Project Year: 2023

Sunrise Window Series

24 Total Windows & 1 Sliding Patio Door
Sizing: Standard
Price Quote: $19.2K
Included: Windows&Installation
Area: Pittsburgh
Bid Year: 2021

"Classic" Series Price Quote

8 Replacement Double Hungs
Sizes: Various Sizing
Quote: $1100 per
Included Install
Area: Winston Salem, NC
Project Bid from 2023

Standard Sunrise V Series

I have 2 bids from different companies. Bid 1 was for 14 single hung windows but windows are 81 ? tall 4 of them 1arched window rest pretty standard Sunrise V series with Omega 12 glass $11,700.My Restorations with Omega 12 glass $20,700. I have been reading this site seems like my restoration bid is awfully high but not sure.

Rich - April, 2019

[Site Editor's Answer]

R, I think you're right that the standard Sunrise V series at $11.7K is the much better deal that the Restorations at $20.7. Same frame, just better upgrades and glass. You have a very good window in the standard Sunrise V series.

Dan K. - April, 2019

Sunrise Standard Line vs. Okna Series 500 Deluxe

I have an installer that sells the Sun Rise standard line. He said the options you can add equal to the restoration line. My question is which is better... Standard line from Sun Rise or the Okna Series 500 Deluxe?

Bob - November, 2017

Site Editor's Response

Bob, I would say that the Sunrise Classic or Standard (or simply the Sunrise window) is on par with the Okna 500. I would give the nod to the Okna 500 Deluxe over the Sunrise though. However, he is totally correct that you can add any upgrades you want and need to the Sunrise, eventually building yourself the Restorations model, which is the same frame as the standard, but with a number of upgrades. I like both of these windows and honestly either one should serve you very well!

Dan K. - November, 2017

Egress Window Project Pricing

We're in the process of replacing 7 smallish windows in the basement and adding an egress window -- 8 in total. We got a quote for Sunrise windows that was for $10000. It includes everything -- the digging out of the area, the haul away, all the installation etc. I'm curious what you thought of this price?

Betty - June, 2017

Site Editor's Response

Betty, the price you mentioned is certainly not out of the ordinary by any means. It is quite difficult to say whether the price is fair or not because I don't really know about how much time and labor is involved. I think the real way to answer this question is to get a couple more bids from local companies who specialize in egress window projects. This is going to provide you with the necessary information you need. You will probably be very surprised at how much difference there is between bids.

Dan K. - June, 2017

Standard Sunrise Replacement Bid

Hi, I received a quote for sunrise standard windows in metro Detroit. 10 double hung, 4 with grids, 1 garden window and 1 18 inch octagon window. Mostly standard sizes, includes all work for the removal/installation. $9,375. A big part of that is the garden window. I was also quoted the same job but instead of a garden just a regular double hung at $8000. I know and trust the workmanship of this contractor from previous smaller jobs and would like to use him, but is the quote fair? and that big jump of 1375 for a garden? Thanks :)

Rick - April, 2017

Site Editor's Response

Rick, that's in the ballpark for a fair price, but perhaps on the high side. I'm assuming the octagonal window is pricey for the install and the garden window, obviously. Let's say that leaves us at $7K for 10 sunrise windows or $700 per window. That still seems a bit on the high side to me, although I have no idea what type of installation is required.

The only real way to know if the bid is fair is to get a couple more bids. I know you have allegiance to this contractor, but you might want to collect two more bids and see how they come in. Check out our Top Rated Windows section to see comparable window brands and see if any are available in your area. If nothing else, the bids will give you a piece of mind. They also might make you feel more comfortable asking him to lower his price to be more competitive with the other bids.

Dan K. - April, 2017

Sunrise Windows vs Slocomb

I have 11 double hungs to replace, I live on the east coast. My two bids are as follows:

Slocomb Harmony 143: $4850 (includes exterior aluminum capping of all the window frames)

Sunrise Standard Frame: $6700 (also includes exterior aluminum capping of all the window frames)

Jade - February, 2017

Site Editor's Response

Jade, the Slocomb 143 is one of their less expensive windows -- and a less impressive window. If you are going to go with Slocomb, I would suggest going with their high end 677 vinyl series. I don't feel like the Harmony 143 is going to provide the sort of long term value you need in a window.

The Sunrise, on the other hand, is an excellent window and one that I would have in my home without question. $610 per window with aluminum capping is a good price. Not a great price, but it sounds quite fair to me. This doesn't mean that you can't go to the Sunrise dealer and dangle the Slocomb bid in front of them and ask if there is anyway he could get the bid closer to the price quote from them. Try it, see what he says! Bottom line, if it were me, I would figure out a way to make the Sunrise window bid work!

Dan K. - February, 2017

Standard Sunrise Pricing

My contractor seems to have gotten an awesome price on the Andersen 400 double hung window. He's getting it for $580. The other option I have is the Sunrise window and I can get this for $570. The reason I'm leaning towards the Andersen is that I have stained oak trim inside my house and I could stain the Andersen wood windows and I feel like they would look great. I'm assuming that the energy efficiency of the Anderson is worse, and the warranty, but now I'm confused.

Daniel - April, 2016

Site Editor's Response

Daniel, you have quite a dilemma, although it seems to me to be a good one. The price you have on the Sunrise is good, very fair from the sound of it. The price you have on the Andersen 400 series is fantastic. If it's important to you to have the interior trim of the window match the trim inside your house, I say go with the 400 series. It's a great window.

Dan K. - April, 2016

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Sunrise Signature Windows Costs

Sunrise Signature vs Window World

We've received a quote for our 7 windows we'd like to have replaced. Energy Pro Siding & Windows quoted us $3898 to install Sunrise Signature Series windows.

We also have a Window World price quote for $2971 for their 6000 series.

What should I tell my husband to convince him the extra $927 we would spend on the Sunrise windows is worth it? Thank you.

Jesse - April, 2016

Site Editor's Response

Jessie, the extra money is definitely worth it in my opinion. My mother-in-law went from a WW quote and ended up getting Sunrise (on my advise) and 5 years later she is so happy with the decision and the last person you want to make mad is your mother in law :)

In the long run, you will probably save money. Tell this to your husband, we always are looking to save money :)

Dan K. - April, 2016

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Standard Verde Windows Costs

Verde Double Paned Windows Pricing

Buying windows isn't easy...! I've gotten a couple of quotes that seem high relative the offers I see online. The better of my quotes is for 10 windows (sized 33x56 or smaller). The quote is for roughly $774 per window for Verde double paned windows, which equates to about $7700. Two of the windows (Slightly smaller) have tempered glass that brings them up the the same price. This quote is $2500 cheaper than the quote I got for Anderson windows, which is what makes it seem good; however, seeing other comments on this site has me questioning this as well.

I was told one of the reasons for a higher price on on other quotes is that windows (such as Pella) require a total tear out to the studs. What does this mean they are doing if they aren't doing this? Am I going to end up with smaller windows - or at least glass area? I feel like I'm not asking the contractors some critical questions....

$7700 for 10 vinyl windows - is this out of line? (Indiana area)


Brad - August, 2017

Site Editor's Response

Brad, $774 per window for the Sunrise Verde is on the high side, but not that high, especially if they are doing full replacements. The other option is a retrofit where they cut out the window without taking any of the surrounding material out. This is the cheaper way to do it, but not always the best. The other downside as you correctly point out is that a retrofit means losing some glass area. It's not always a lot, but it can make a difference.

The full replacement can be quite expensive to do depending on what materials your home has. For instance, my house has stucco on the outside, so doing a full replacement means taking 8 inches of the existing stucco out where the original nailing fin is located. This means once they put the replacement windows in, they have to patch and paint all the stucco (which is very difficult to blend the stucco well, oftentimes you have to combine this with painting the stucco on the whole house). This is one reason why you want to do your replacement windows once and do it well.

Get a couple more bids from local companies who sell brands like Okna, Soft-Lite, Polaris, Milgard, Amerimax, or even a Vytex. Then go back to the Sunrise dealer and use one of the bids and say that if he can come close to this lower bid, you're all set to sign the work order. The additional bids will also give you a better sense of what the different companies think is your best approach to the install method.

Dan K. - June, 2017

Sunrise Verde Windows Cost

Hello, I recently got 2 quotes and wanted to get your take on them. One is on the Marvin Integrity, 15 windows, $13,000, but without any real options, upgrades, or exterior work on my sills and trims.

The other quote is on Sunrise Verde, same number of windows $17,000, but this one includes all the exterior work and has a wood-laminate interior on over half of the windows where it makes sense.

Kate - April, 2016

Site Editor's Response

Kate, I'd love to see what the Integrity quote would be in with all of the exterior work thrown in so I could give you a more apples-to-apples comparison. I'm going to assume that its $4K, making the bids equal. Given that scenario, I think I'd go with the Sunrise Verde actually. I really like this window. The Integrity is good, but I think the wood interior look is going to add to the aesthetic and the Verde's energy efficiency is going to be better. Having said that, the Marvin Integrity is a very good fiberglass window and you would be well served with this option as well. It's nice to have two great options!

Dan K. - April, 2016

Verde Window Pricing

Wanted to get your opinion on the Sunrise Verde vs. the Vinylmax Newton window series. There is a big price difference and I can't figure out whether the Sunrise is worth $250 per window more.

Vinylmax Newton - $395 fully installed

Sunrise Verde - $650 fully installed

Danny - September, 2016

Site Editor's Response

Danny, the Sunrise Verde is one of the best vinyl windows you can buy. The Vinylmax Newton is their premium window also, but not quite in the same league as the Verde. However, you make a good point that $250 per window is a lot more to pay. I think at that price breakdown, I might be very tempted to go with the Newton. The window is a good performer and uses some nice features. One other option is to see if the Sunrise dealer has wiggle room on his price point. If he can get down to that $600 a window fully installed, it would be a tough call for me.

Dan K. - September, 2016

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Sunrise Vanguard Windows Costs

MI Sunrise V4000 Series

11 Double Hungs
Sizes: Standard Sizing
Bid Pricing: $11K
Included Everything
Area: Michigan
Project Quote from 2023

Sunrise Vanguard

18 Windows, 1 Patio Door
Sizing: Variable
Bid Pricing: $19.3K
Included Everything
State: Texas
Project Quote from 2019

Sunrise Vanguard Sliding Door Quote

Hi Dan, looking over this quote for a 3 panel Sunrise Vanguard sliding door, do you think it is a fair price ($6500) with all that is included in the quote?

Brad - August, 2019

Site Editor's Response

Honestly, it's hard to say whether that's a fair price quote--three panel doors can be very expensive, but door pricing in general is all over the board. It really depends on whether your opening fits the custom size of what a particular company carries.

I'd get a few more bids to see what else is out there and to provide some comparison pricing. I think you'll be surprised by the variability of the price quotes you get. The Sunrise Vanguard is a very nice product though.

Dan K. - August, 2019

Sunrise Vanguard Window Bid

We have 40 year old windows to be replaced. 17 windows in total. Here are the bids.

Window World 6000: $9054
Okna 500: $11700
Okna 800: $13400
Sunrise Verde: $14,225
Sunrise Restorations: $15100
Sunrise Vanguard: $14240
ProVia Endure: $14200
Soft-Lite Pro: $13000
Pella 350: $17900

Rick - July, 2019

Site Editor's Response

Love the Okna 500 bid. Sunrise windows are great, all three of these are very solid.

Dan K. - July, 2019

Sunrise Vanguard Cost Option

My husband and I are replacing all 18 of our home windows, as well as a single slider patio door. We have four bids, all from reputable companies the areas. If we assume that the installers are all equal, what would be your advise for the following five price quotes? Thanks in advance.

Option 1: Anlin Catalina: $19,100

Option 2: PlyGem Premium: $18,900

Option 3: Amerimax Craftsman: $18,000

Option 4: Sunrise Vanguard: $19,300

Option 5: Renewal By Anderson: $41,500

Fran - May, 2019

Site Editor's Response

Fran, I will list my picks from first to last. The Sunrise Vanguard, the Anlin Catalina, the Amerimax Craftsman Portrait, the Ply Gem PlyGem Premium, and the Renewal. The Sunrise Vanguard would be the one I'd go with in a heartbeat.

Dan K. - May, 2019

Sunrise Vanguard Cost Bid

We need to replace 14 of them in half sliders and half double hungs.

Renewal By Andersen: $33,000
Andersen 200: $25,000
Sunrise Vanguard: $18,000
Simonton VantagePointe: $16,000
I'm leaning towards the Sunrise Vanguard because it seemed like a nice window and it gave us the best bang for your buck. I'm curious to get your opinion.

Steve - January, 2018

Site Editor's Response

Steve, I completely agree with you on the Vanguard in this group of bids. The Renewal is just way to high. The Andersen 200 wood window is decent but also very expensive at the current bid. I'm assuming you have lots of installation work to tackle in your project if the bids are all over $1000 per window.

The Sunrise Vanguard is an excellent window; in fact, it's the best of the bunch in your current group. I'd see if I could get the Sunrise dealer to match the Simonton bid and then pull the trigger on the Sunrise.

Dan K. - January, 2018

Sunrise Vanguard Pricing

I'm in New Jersey and have to get several windows fixed that are I believe normal size, 21" by about 45". So far I have 4 price quptes that all inlclude installation, low-e glass, argon fill, and tempered glass (I live in a loud area and want the added soundproofing and security). I'm leaning towards the Okna 400, but I've heard good things about the Sunrise windows as well. I was hoping to get your opinions on these options.Thanks!

Okna 400 with the Deluxe package - $600

Okna 500 with the Deluxe package - $650 (same company as above)

Sunrise Standard with the Ultra-U Plus glassing - $620

Sunrise Vanguard with the Ultra-U Plus glassing - $665

Silverline 1200 - $385

Silverline 8600 - $445

Silverline 9500 - $485

Cindy - April, 2016

Site Editor's Response

Cindy, I like all of the Okna and Sunrise bids. I think the 500 series is worth the $50 per window more and I think the Vanguard is worth the $45 more. However, the Okna 400 window price is decent and the Sunrise window cost is fair as well. Both Okna and Sunrise are top tier vinyl window manufacturers.

I wouldn't consider the Silverline bids even though they are considerably lower. In the long run the Okna and Sunrise will last twice as long as the Silverline and you will end up saving time and money by going with the quality options at the start.

Dan K. - April, 2016

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Sunrise Restorations Windows Costs

Sunrise Restoration V5000 Series

7 Sliding Windows
Sizing: Standard
Price Quote: $12K
Included: Windows&Installation
Area: N/A
Bid Year: 2023

Sunrise Restorations Series

13 Double Hungs, 1 Patio Slide Door
Sizing: Standard
Price Quote: $15.1K
Included: Windows&Installation
Area: Tennessee
Bid Year: 2020

Sunrise Restoration Bid with Omega Glass

I recently received a bid on 12 Sunrise Restoration replacement windows, they said they were the best windows they had. The glass is an Omega 12 and the sizes are, I suppose, pretty normal. Maybe medium sized windows, 6 of them are 32 inches wide and 54 inches tall. The estimate was for $12,200 and includes the tear out of the old windows, installation of the new and includes all taxes etc. Does this seem like a good bid to you?

Bill - March, 2019

Site Editor's Response

Bill, it doesn't sound un-reasonable, but it is definitely at the top of what I think you should be paying for a great vinyl window, which is what the Sunrise Restoration is. I wouldn't just go with the bid, I'd get some others to compare it to. You just never know whether it's a great deal or whether the Sunrise dealer tossed out as number that he thought you'd bite on. Lots of companies do it?throw out what they want for the job, not what they will accept for the job. Check out our best replacement windows page to see other brands we recommend and see if any of them have dealers in your area. Collect two or three more bids and go from there!

Dan K. - March, 2019

Sunrise Restorations Bid Price

I have several offers on 10 double hung vinyl windows, all fo which are roughly 30 inches by 75 inches. Half have grids and one has tempered glass.

Window World 4000: $4000

Revere Berkshire Elite: $4490

Sunrise Restorations: $6875

Champion 365: $7375

Kimberly - May, 2018

Site Editor's Response

Kimberly, there are two bids I like, either the Revere Berkshire Elite or the Sunrise Restorations. The Sunrise is the much better of the two windows, but also obviously much more expensive. The price difference between them -- $450 per window and $687 per window is about what I would expect. The Berkshire Elite is a good mid range vinyl window and the Restorations is one of the best vinyl windows on the market.

So how to choose? One factor homeowners often use is how long they intend to be in the home. If this is your forever home, go with the Sunrise Restorations. If you are leaving in 5 or 6 years, go with the Berkshire Elite.

One other factor to look at is the reputation of the installer. If one of the companies has a much better reputation than the other, this would certainly factor into my equation. Either way you have two good windows to choose from.

Dan K. - May, 2018

Sunrise Restoration Vs. Window World 4000 & Champion 365

Wanting to replace 15 windows. Have 3 quotes, each very different yet claim the best.

Champion 365 Series: $13,600

Local Company, Restoration: $9,990

Window World 4000 Series: $6,130

What to do?

Vicky - April, 2018

Site Editor's Response

Vicky, if the 2nd quote is for Sunrise Restorations, then the unequivocal answer is the Sunrise Restorations. Champion makes a good window, but that is a very high quote. WW makes a mediocre window at best so I wouldn?t go with that one if you want to maximize long term value.

Bottom line: if the second quote is the Sunrise Restorations, then you have yourself one of the best vinyl windows in the business and a great quote to boot.

Dan K. - April, 2018

Sunrise Restorations vs. OKNA 500 Insul-Tec Quote

I have three bids that I'm currently deciding between for our 80s style ranch house. We have 10 double hungs and 6 casements.

Soft-lite Pro: $560 per window

Sunrise Restorations: $670 per window

OKNA 500 Insul-Tec: $725 per window

Doug - March, 2018

Site Editor's Response

Doug, all three of the brands you have bids for are very good. The Okna 500 looks overpriced to me of the three, although I really like this window. The Soft-Lite Pro looks priced out pretty fairly. The best window of the bunch though is the Sunrise Restorations at $670 per window. This seems like a fair price to me.

I would try and use the Soft-Lite bid to drive down the Restorations bid and see how low your can get the Sunrise dealer to go. This is the window I would go with if these were my bids.

Dan K. - March, 2018

Sunrise Restorations Pricing

We need to replace 20 double hungs and 1 awning and are looking at Sunrise Restorations windows with an Omega glass. We are from Michigan and the quote was $16,500. The company has a good reputation throughout the state and it comes with a lifetime labor warranty. Is this a fair price?

John - February, 2018

Site Editor's Response

John, it doesn't necessarily sound unreasonable and the Sunrise Restorations is one of the best windows on the market. Having said all that, I don't think that the first bid is usually the lowest you are going to get. I would go back to them with a lower bid from a competitor and ask them to match it. They might not be able to actually match the quote, but they will likely give you a bid lower than their initial offer.

Dan K. - February, 2018

Sun Rise Restorations vs Okna 500 Series

Hi there. I got a quote for the Okna 500 series and a quote for the Sun Rise Reflections. Which manufacture would you go with and why? I am located in Wisconsin.

Bob - November, 2017

Site Editor's Response

Bob, both the Okna 500 and the Sunrise Restorations are excellent windows. (I am assuming this is the window you're referring to.) That's the great news, you are already halfway there!

The Restorations is probably the better of the two windows. I have to say if it were me I would turn my attention to the installers themselves to make my decision. I would thoroughly check the online reviews of each to try and get a sense of how each handles issues that may arise. Do they offer any sort of warranty on the labor of the project? (The windows both carry excellent warranties so you are good there.)

See if you can't differentiate on quality of company. If it's a dead heat, go with the Restorations over the 500.

Dan K. - November, 2017

Bob's Response

Thanks Dan. Would the Sun Rise be worth a $1100 premium over Okna? The Sun Rise rep gave me a couple of 4200 verses 3100 with Okna. This would be for the Okna 500 Series Deluxe window.

Bob - November, 2017

Site Editor's Response

Bob, I don't think it makes sense to pay $1100 more for the Sunrise. The Okna 500 Series Deluxe window is excellent. Assuming you like the look of it, you aren't going to find that many windows that would top the okna 500.

Dan K. - November, 2017

Sunrise Restorations vs. Soft Light Elements

Thank you for getting back to me and giving me your opinion it is helping me make my decision. Two days ago I found a dealer that installs Sunrise Windows. We are going to look at the Restoration series. How does that stack up with the Soft Light Elements?

Henry - October, 2017

Site Editor's Response

Henry, the Okna 800, Sunrise Restorations, and Soft Light Elements are the three best vinyl windows on the market. They are all three excellent.

Dan K. - October, 2017

Sunrise Restorations vs Okna 500

My two bids include Sunrise Restorations, 4 of the windows with Sunshades, and the Sunrise rep said that $6,696 is the best he could do. Originally, it was $6,905 with no sunshades. The original project details for Sunrise Restorations are as follows:

- Remove 12 windows for insert replacement

- Convert kitchen twin casement into 1 double hung and bathroom triple casement into twin double hung.

- Furnish and install:

* 10 custom thermal vinyl replacement windows. White interior/exterior. Includes half screens, locks, hardware, low-E glass, Argon glass, and contoured grids between the glass.

* Double hung style.

* (2) master bath with tempered glass

* Insulate jamb perimeters with low expansion spray foam.

* Interior caulking white.

* Exterior G8 Performance coil capping and caulking. Antique parchment or another color selection.

10 year labor warranty.

I'm sure with the inclusion of 4 sunshades, it might affect some of the above such as argon glass in the 4 with sunshades.

The Okna 500 proposal is:

1 (2-part slider) 48 by 36 above kitchen sink

9 double hungs (7 with deluxe foam upgrade)

They all would have grids

The installation would include installation, exterior trim capping, full tear out.

Total would be $6,860 (because of the deluxe foam upgrade).

Although I really like Okna because we have a sliding patio door by Okna that was previously installed by the Okna dealer, I think the Sunrise package looks pretty good. Your thoughts? Thanks.

Gary - January, 2017

Site Editor's Response

Gary, both the Sunrise Restorations and the Okna 500 are excellent vinyl windows. You can't go wrong with either -- I rarely get to say that to people that write in! Choose the company that you think will off the best and most thorough installation!

Dan K. - January, 2017

Sunrise Restorations vs Okna 700 Cost

I have 10 windows that need to be replaced -- 8 casements and 2 picture windows. So far, I have two bids.

The Sunrise Restorations bid that includes a dark oak laminate and a custom dark brown exterior. The quote is $10.5K and includes everything, including installation. Several of the windows are pretty large.

The other bids is on the Okna 700 casement and two Okna 400 picture windows.Pretty similar in terms of frame color and interior laminate type. This bid is $9500.

Frannie - November, 2016

Site Editor's Response

The Sunrise Restorations and Okna 700 are quite similar in their overall performance and quality, which is to say very good. Because the Okna bid is $9500, I would say this is the market value of the project. Perhaps you could go back to the Sunrise rep and see if he can match the Okna one. If not, I would pull the trigger on the Okna. At the end of the day, both bids are on top quality vinyl windows.

Dan K. - November, 2016

Standard Restorations Pricing

We have quotes on several brands for our replacement project, which includes 13 large double hung windows. The bid is on the Sunrise Restoration for $12,000 (the contractor with this bid has excellent online and personal reviews). The next one is on the Renewal by Andersen, which is $17,000, although this doesn't include the interior staining, which would add another $1500 so $18500 total. The last bid is on another composite window, the Okna Starmark with a faux wood finish, for $20,500.

I like the look of the Renewals the best. I'm thinking about not even considering the Starmark bid, because it's just too expensive. I'd love to get your thoughts on all of this.

Sheila - October, 2016

Site Editor's Response

Hi Sheila, I really like the Okna Starmark for the perspective of performance and durability, this window is going to be way better than the Renewal By Andersen. I agree that it is much too expensive for 13 large windows.

The Renewal bid sounds high to me as well and although they do make very nice looking window.

My clear vote would be for the Sunrise Restorations, which should be similar in performance to the Okna, and much better than the RBA. It is a narrow window that is quite nice looking and is very well made and durable.

Dan K. - October, 2016

Restorations Project Quote

16 Double Hunts, 6 Casements
Size: Varied
Quote: $14,225
Included Install
Area: Illinois
Project Bid In 2016

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