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Slocomb Windows Costs And Quotes

Explore Slocomb window costs and prices from past homeowners and consumers who have used the Slocomb 115, Harmony 143, 144 and 1143, as well as the ProTech 177, Windblocker 477, and 677 window models. Slocomb Windows are headqurtered in Pennsylvania and offer quite a number of different vinyl window models. Slocomb (their website is www.newtonwindows.com and it's never been clear to me how the newton part comes into play).

Slocomb is part of the Earthwise Group, which are independently owned manufacturers who share marketing channels and manufacturing facilities. There are mixed opinions on the quality of their windows and this grouping in general. I tend to think they make a solid mid range vinyl window.

While I wouldn't recommend Slocomb's lower end vinyl windows, I do feel like their premium Windblocker 477 and 677 models are solid performers. Slocomb windows are often priced out at a competitive price point and given the right model and right price point, I would comsider their premium windows for my home.

Dan K. - September, 2016

Slocomb Pricing By Model: Harmony 143 Series | 144 Series

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Slocomb Harmony 143 Windows Costs

Slocomb Harmony 143 vs Sunrise

I have 11 double hungs to replace, I live on the east coast. My two bids are as follows:

Slocomb Harmony 143: $4850 (includes exterior aluminum capping of all the window frames)

Sunrise Standard Frame: $6700 (also includes exterior aluminum capping of all the window frames)

Jade - February, 2017

Site Editor's Response

Jade, the Slocomb 143 is one of their less expensive windows -- and a less impressive window. If you are going to go with Slocomb, I would suggest going with their high end 677 vinyl series. I don't feel like the Harmony 143 is going to provide the sort of long term value you need in a window.

The Sunrise, on the other hand, is an excellent window and one that I would have in my home without question. $610 per window with aluminum capping is a good price. Not a great price, but it sounds quite fair to me. This doesn't mean that you can't go to the Sunrise window dealer and dangle the Slocomb bid in front of them and ask if there is anyway he could get the bid closer to the price quote from them. Try it, see what he says! Bottom line, if it were me, I would figure out a way to make the Sunrise window bid work!

Dan K. - February, 2017

Slocomb 144 Windows Costs

Slocomb 144 Window vs Champion

I have a number of bids that I need help with -- 28 windows in all, including 20 double hungs and 8 sliders. We also have two 8 foot patio sliders.

Champion -- $22,600 (includes windows and sliders)

Universal Windows Direct Unishield -- $16,700 (does not include cost of patio sliders) (Ufactor .26, SHGC .20, VT .47, CR 57, AI .13)

Slocomb 144 -- $10,800 (does not include cost of patio sliders) (Ufactor .27, SHGC .21, VT .50)

Abbie - September, 2016

Site Editor's Response

Abbie, I'd like to have the price breakdown on the 2 patio sliders to be able to compare the bids better. Let's assume that the patio sliders are $2K each, which might be a bit high, but I don't know that for sure. That brings your Champion bid down to $18,600 or $2K more than the UWD. It's a toss up whether the Champion is worth $2K more, I tend to think it is worth the extra money to go with the Champion over the UWD. The Slomcomb 144 is not a very good window, although their top end windows are pretty good. I would pass on the Slocomb 144 bid if it were me.

Of the three bids you have, I think I'd go with the Champion. $664 per window is not a bad price, perhaps a bit high for Champion but they aren't known for being inexpensive.

Dan K. - September, 2016

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