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Zen Windows Costs And Quotes

Explore Zen window costs and prices on their Karma, Nirvana, and Lotus window models. Zen Windows sells relabeled Soft-Lite Windows, which are considered one of the top tier vinyl window manufacturers in the country. The company enjoys a good reputation and has branches in quite a number of cities across the nation.

The Zen Karma is a relabeled Soft-Lite Barrington, which is their basic or drop down window series. Not a bad vinyl window for a "budget" window, but the Nirvana and Lotus are certainly the preferable of the three options. The Zen Nirvana is a relabeled Soft-Lite Classic and is a solid vinyl window. The Zen Lotus is a relabeled Soft-Lite Pro and considered a good vinyl window. The Classic and Pro windows design and features aren't new (Soft-Lite spent lots of R&D on their top end windows, the Imperial LS and Elements), but they are nice designs, use good components and offer some nice features.

Dan K. - Site Editor

Zen Pricing By Model: Karma Series | Nirvana Series | Lotus Series

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Zen Karma Window Costs

Zen Karma Pricing

I have five quotes on 15 windows, a number of which are larger openings and some of the have arched tops, which are I suppose more expensive. Trying to get a sense of general cost, thanks in advance.

Bid 1. Zen Karma - $10,045
Bid 2. Wincore 5400 series - $10,500
Bid 3. Simonton VantagePointe 6500 - $13,975
Bid 4. Simonton Prism Platinum - $16,050
Bid 5. Zen Soft-lite Nirvana - $16,200

Sheila - April, 2016

Site Editor's Response

Sheila, I like the Zen Nirvana window, which is actually a Soft-Lite Classic, but that's the easy pick and also the most expensive at over $1000 per window, which seems high to me (although this isn't necessarily true based on the size of the openings and the arched tops). The Simonton VantagePointe is okay, but I'd say the Wincore 5400 window is on par with it and the bid you received is significantly lower in terms of price.

I'm not a huge fan of the Zen Karma, which is a relabeled Soft-Lite Barrington, although I will say that the Barrington is probably better than either the Wincore 5400 or the Simonton 6500 series. One suggestion I'd make is to go back to the Wincore dealer and see if they would quote you on the 7700 model. If it is in the $12K range, this would be my pick.

Let me know how the project goes and what you end up going with!

Dan K. - August, 2016

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Zen Nirvana Window Costs

Zen Nirvana Price Quote

Hey, I'm collecting window bids -- we plan to be in our home for another 12-15 years, so I am happy to spend whatever money I need to for quality windows. We have 23 windows total.

Alside Mezzo Windows Cost: $15,580
Zen Provia Nirvana Windows Cost: $17,366
Apex Energy Insignia Windows Cost: $21,470
Renewal By Anderson Windows Cost: $45,050

Penny - June, 2023

[Site Editor's Answer]

Penny, my first choice would be the Zen Provia Nirvana series. Great window and that's a very competitive price based on your other bids. I know that the Zen Windows Nashville has a very good reputation for doing good work.

Dan K. - June, 2023

Are Zen Windows Any Good

These are my bids on 22 replacement windows.

Zen Windows (using Provia Endure Windows): $22,540

Zen Windows (using Soft-lite Pro Windows): $21,545

Jeld Wen Pro Series: $18,845

Simonton 600 Series Windows: $19,685

Greg - February 2023

Zen Nirvana or Revere Bershire Elite

Hi Dan, I am trying to replace 17 double hung windows and 1 picture window. Bershire Elite price quote 15,700 and Zen Nirvana (soft lite)$15000. Both companies installations come with great reviews. Which is the better window for the money?

Kim - July, 2019

Site Editor's Response

Kim, the Zen Nirvana or Soft-Lite Classic window is the better of these two windows. The Berkshire Elite, really the Alside Mezzo, uses a frame that is less sturdy than the SL Classic window. Overall, the Classic is the better window and it's cheaper to boot. How often does that happen! :)

Dan K. - July, 2019

Kim's Response

Thank you for that information. I am wondering what makes the Zen a better window? We really liked the owner/installer of the Berkshire elite window. They also did my neighbors windows and had a good referral from them. And does the price for each brand sound correct? Honestly, I was expecting the Berkshire Elite to be much less than $15,700, but the owner of the install company said prices have gone up in our area. What is your opinion?

Kim - July, 2019

Site Editor's Response

Frame, construction, tolerances. The Berkshire is decent enough window, it's just not as good Soft-Lite Classic. Honestly, those prices seem high but I can't say unless I saw more bids around that same price point. I'd get more bids if I were you to check on pricing.

Dan K. - July, 2019

Zen Nirvana or ProVia Aspect

Looking to replace 15 windows. I have 2 bids that I am considering:

Provia Aspect Cost Bid - $8000

Zen Nirvana - $7100

Any thoughts/comments? My gut says go with the Zen quote. Do you agree? All double hung, double pane.


Larry - Homeowner - August, 2018

[Site Editor's Answer]

Yep, the Zen Nirvana for $900 less than the ProVia Aspect is definitely the winner!

Dan K. - August 2018

Zen Nirvana Pricing

I have five to replace 15 windows and I live in Pennsylvania. I'm trying to figure out which is the best value for my money. Any assistance is appreciated.

Zen Nirvana: $555 per window

Ideal Platinum Cost: $459 per window

Alside Mezzo: $418 per window

Francis - May, 2018

Site Editor's Response

Francis, the price quote you have on the Zen Nirvana is good. The Ideal Platinum window however is also quite good and that is a pretty smoking deal. I might have to consider the Ideal Platinum to be the winner here.

Dan K. - May, 2018

Zen Nirvana Windows vs Window Nation Pricing

I took your advise and got three quotes from three different business and this is where I'm at. The bid is for 12 casements that are looking very old.

Window Nation (Soft Lite Imperial LS): $7.7K
Zen Windows (Nirvana Series): $8.8K
Andersen By Renewal (Standard Series): $13.6K

Barry - June, 2017

Site Editor's Response

Barry, of the three bids you have, I have to say the outright winner is the Soft-Lite Imperial LS by Window Nation. It's the best window by far -- in fact, the Zen Nirvana is actually a relabeled Soft-Lite Classic, which is isn't as good as the Imperial LS. Renewal makes a good window, but it's overpriced by a mile and a half. I would take the Soft-Lite Imperial LS over the RBA window even at the same cost.

Now, the question is, are all three window bids more expensive then they ought to be? Very possibly...check out Step 3 under our Start Here tab to see some tips on How To Get The Lowest Price On Windows. Might save you some money!

Dan K. - June, 2017

Zen Nirvana vs. Amerimax Masters Grande

Hey Dane! I got a bid from Zen Windows here in Denver. They have really good install reviews. Anyway, based on what you said and what I?ve read I am going to rule out the Alside. I?ve got the Amerimax Masters Grande vs Zen Nirvana. The Zen quote came in about $1200 cheaper than the Amerimax quote. But I think the Amerimax guy is charging more for the lead based paint abatement. Anyway, do you have a preference of the Masters Grande vs Nirvana here in Denver?

Brad - May, 2017

Site Editor's Response

Bradley, between the Amerimax Masters Grande series and the Zen Nirvana, I would go with the Nirvana, which is actually the Soft-Lite Classic window. This a very solid performer with a proven track record and assuming the installer has a good reputation, which it sounds like he does, I would feel very good about this choice. Plus it's $1200 cheaper (assuming the lead abatement issue doesn't tweak this difference). Zen is on my list of recommended windows/companies -- they are basically a franchise of Soft-Lite Windows.

Dan K. - May, 2017

Zen Nirvana Prices

I'm shopping for replacements windows here in Cincinnati, Ohio and after a number of presentations, I have gotten my search to 2 options for 18 windows, two 4x4 pictures and 16 double hungs.

Vytex Fortis: $8600 (includes removal, windows, and installation)
Zen Nirvana: $9500 (includes removal, windows, and installation)

Both windows include a lifetime and transferable warranty. Zen is a Soft-lite reseller I believe and has a pretty good reputation in the window biz. Vytex seems to also be well regarded, but maybe not so much as soft-Lite. My question is is the Zen worth the extra cost?

Oren - February, 2017

Site Editor's Response

Oren, first of all, I like both of these bids. I don't often say that so consider yourself lucky to have found two solid bids. The Zen Nirvana is the Soft-Lite Classic and is a good window. The Vytex Fortis window is quite a good window as well, I would say at least equal to the Classic. With a standard low-e glass, the Fortis will deliver a .05 air infiltration, U value of .26, and an SHGC of .29. In terms of manufacturing tolerances, rigidity and strength of the extrusion, I would say these two windows are equal to one another.

If it were me, I would save the $900 and go with the Fortis. It's a great window and you'll save yourself almost a thousand bucks. The only qualifier here is the installation teams. Are these equal? Assuming you're getting good installation from both companies, the Vytex Fortis window is the clear winner in your two bids.

Dan K. - February, 2017

Zen Nirvana vs Window World

I have a few quotes on 11 windows; 8 single hung and 3 sliders. The bids are as follows:

Window World 4000 Series: $3,000
Pella 350 (Lowes): $4000
Pella 250 Windows Cost (Lowes): $4,700
Kensington Kingston: $6,000
Zen Nirvana $7,000

Aimee - November, 2016

Site Editor's Response

Aimee, I would not recommend going with the WW4000 series, it's the Alside Excalibur and generally not thought of as a good window (at all). The Pella 350 is decent, I'd say a middle of the road window. The Kensington Kingston price quote is better, but I like their other two series much more -- the Huntington and the Quantum2. The Zen Nirvana is my favorite of the five bids you have, but of course it's also the most expensive. The doesn't strike me as too high though, it seems like a fair price to me. I would probably go with the Zen if it were my house.

Dan K. - November, 2016

Zen Nirvana Pricing

I am going crazy trying to figure out the best windows for my home. I have 5 quotes (7 Choices). Bids are for 9 windows. 3 Sliders and 6 Double Hung (4 with grids). Here are the quotes:

Thermo-Tech Enhancement - $7,483 ($831 per window)

Thermo-Tech EnergyGuard - $5,841 ($649 per window)

VinylMax Edison Series - $5,275 ($586 per window)

VinylMax Trendsetter - $4,863 ($540 per window)

Champion Windows Cost - $7,835 ($870 per window)

Alside Climatech Elite - $7,068 ($785 per window)

Zen Nirvana - $5,462 ($606 per window)

All double pane except Edison which is triple. Some have foam insulation, others have webbing or none. I don't know what my best choice is. I am considering selling the home sooner than later. Please help me decide which is the best deal. Thanks

Suzanne - September, 2016

Site Editor's Response

Suzanne, sorry for the late response, I was doing a final summer family reunion.If you are going to sell the house (actually if you are keeping the house or selling it) then my answer would be the Zen Nirvana, which is actually a Soft-Lite Classic. It is the best of the bunch and quite a nice vinyl window to be honest with you. Zen is a franchise so I would spend some time vetting them to make sure that their installers are competent and thorough. The Nirvana is a very product and the price you are getting quoted sounds very fair to me.

I like Vinylmax as well, although I the Trends series is their budget window and I would pass on that one and go with the Edison series if you do decide to go with that one. The Champion bid sounds high to me and the Alside is way over priced in my opinion.

Dan K. - September, 2016

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Zen Lotus Window Costs

Zen Lotus Windows vs Window World 4000

So far, I've gotten five bids so i feel like i have enough to go on. I'm in Texas and have to replace 18 windows, 2 are arch topped windows that are not cheap. Here i what I have so far:

Window World 4000 - $6,709

Berkshire Elite - $7,936

NT Presidential Windows - $9,316

Zen Lotus - $13,074

Candy - June, 2017

Site Editor's Response

Candy, I think of all the window bids you have, the one I like the most is the Zen Lotus, which is actually the Soft-Lite Pro window. However, it's quite a bit more expensive than your other bids. I think based on that, I'd probably go with the NT Presidential bid. Certainly the>Window World bid is the least expensive and therefore most consumers would give it a second look. If your local Window World chapter has a really good reputation, you could look at them, but I'd be cautious to recommend them based on what I hear from many consumers.

Dan K. - June, 2017

Zen Lotus Windows

Used your cost estimator and came up with $4860 when I selected 'high end' and 'full frame replacement install' ( not sure what full frame replacement means). 8 windows.

So I received quote for Zen Lotus, $6200 , 8 windows. Is this high? The Nirvana, is that considered 'high end'?

Zip code 02446 in Massachusetts.

Kind Regards.

Wayne - April, 2017

Site Editor's Response

Wayne, 8 windows for $5780 or $720 per vinyl window should get you a very good vinyl window. Zen is a franchise of Soft-Lite windows and sells three models: Karma, Nirvana and Lotus. These are the Soft-Lite Bainbridge, Classic, and Pro Series.

Both the Classic and Pro are quite good. The Bainbridge isn't my favorite, but the other two are quite good. I would think you would pay $500 to $650 per window for these last two with installation.

The Zen Lotus is my favorite of their series -- the Soft-Lite Pro.

You have to remember that buying windows and getting them installed involves lots of specific factors unique to your project, so a hard fast quote is nearly impossible for me to give.

The best way to know what the fair market price is is to get several bids that you can compare to one another. Having said that, I think Zen is a great option.

Dan K. - April, 2017

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