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Amerimax Windows Costs And Quotes

Explore Amerimax window costs and prices from past homeowners and consumers who have used their Masters Grande, Craftsman Portrait, and Coronado series. Amerimax Windows are based in Colorado, although they have two factories now in California.

The company sells vinyl windows and patio doors throughout most of the middle to western part of the country. In terms of windows, Amerimax sells their entry level Masters Grande, their mid range Craftsman Portrait and their awning and casement series called the Aristocrat.

In terms of quality, Amerimax makes a solid mid range window and offers lots of exterior color options. I usually recommend Amerimax as one of the options for homeowners looking to buy a good vinyl window at a competitive price point. Amerimax offers a limited lifetime warranty with a 20 year provision on labor and materials.

Dan K. - Site Editor

Amerimax Pricing By Model: Masters Grande | Craftsman Portrait Series

Amerimax Crafstman Protrait Windows Costs

Amerimax Craftsman Portrait vs. Milgard Styleline

I am in the process of trying to replace a whole bunch of windows (new construction). It includes about 44 windows and a couple of doors.

The dealer and I are trying to make a deal at the moment:

1) he told us as part of a bigger order that he could get us a deal on amerimax craftsman series for about $37,800 but that we must decide soon

2) he offered us milgard (I believe styleline series) for about $37,500 with some room to negotiate

Through some other research, I noticed that it seems milgard is generally more expensive than amerimax. Is he being dishonest with me? What should I do?

What's your opinion on milgard and opinion on amerimax?

Nate - June, 2017

Site Editor's Response

Nate, I would say that the Amerimax Craftsman Portrait single hung is perhaps a slightly better window than the Milgard Styleline. The Amerimax Craftsman Portrait single hung will deliver a u-value of 0.29, shgc of 0.20, design pressure of R40, visible transmittance of 0.45, and a condensation rating of 60. Pretty good numbers by and by. Milgard sells a lot of different models so it's difficult to compare Amerimax to Milgard on a general basis.

So I would prefer the Amerimax Craftsman Portrait in this scenario. However, I would like to see you get one or two more bids from other dealers to see how they compare. I'm not saying the pricing is too high (new construction can be quite pricey depending on the situation), but it doesn't come off as a "smoking deal" by any means at first glance.

And why do you have to decide soon? These window models have both been on the market for a decade plus, why would his pricing suddenly go up? I'd like to see you slow down and get a couple more bids to see if you can't get say the Milgard Tuscany at say $35,000. The good thing about getting two or three bids is not only do you see a range of prices and products, but you can also use the lowest bid to try and find the lowest price the dealer is willing to go on the Amerimax, if that's the one you want. Dealers are usually more apt to lower their price when they know a consumer is looking at several models and they make clear that price is important to them.

Check out our top rated windows page and see if there are any manufacturers who have distributors in your area who might be able to provide you with a bid.

Dan K. - June, 2017

Amerimax Window Cost

We live in Northern California and our old single pane, single strength, aluminum windows are on their way out. The job entails two patio sliding doors and 14 large windows. Here are my bids, I'm wondering how the prices and bids compare to one another?

Amerimax Crafstman Series: $11,000

Simonton DayLight Max Series: $12,000

Simonton Madiera Series: $13,000

Milgard Tuscany Series: $14,500

Anlin Del Mar Series: $16,000

Anne - October, 2016

Site Editor's Response

Anne, of the bids you have I think the Amerimax Craftsman series is the best value of the bunch -- and it's the lowest bid you have so that's nice, right! The Craftsman Portrait from Amerimax is, in my opinion, as good a window as both the Anlin Del Mar and the Milgard Tuscany. I would say it's a tad better than both the Simonton Madeira and the Daylight Max.

Dan K. - April, 2016

Craftsman Portrait Window Costs

Hi, I have a bid on 8 windows for 6 openings from a company that sells Amerimax, the model is the Craftsman Portrait and includes low e366 glass with the neat glass option. All the windows are single hung. Two of them are rather large, 70" x 59", while the rest I think are pretty standard size. The total bid cost is $5,000. The average per window price is $625 - how fair is this would you say?

Ginny - Homeowner - from 2016

[Site Editor's Answer]

Ginny, it's pretty tough to say whether the bid is fair or not because there are lots of issues such as installation, window upgrades, etc. that may come into play and drive the cost up or push the cost down. On the face of it, this looks pretty reasonable for what you have. I would suggest getting a couple more bids and seeing how they compare. Comparable windows include the Milgard Tuscany and the Anlin Del Mar.

Dane - Site Editor - from 2016

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Amerimax Masters Grande Windows Costs

Masters Grande vs. Zen Nirvana

Hey Dane! I got a bid from Zen Windows here in Denver. They have really good install reviews. Anyway, based on what you said and what I?ve read I am going to rule out the Alside. I?ve got the Amerimax Masters Grande vs Zen Nirvana. The Zen quote came in about $1200 cheaper than the Amerimax quote. But I think the Amerimax guy is charging more for the lead based paint abatement. Anyway, do you have a preference of the Masters Grande vs Nirvana here in Denver?

Brad - May, 2017

Site Editor's Response

Bradley, between the Amerimax Masters Grande and the Zen Nirvana, I would go with the Nirvana, which is actually the Soft-Lite Classic window. This a very solid performer with a proven track record and assuming the installer has a good reputation, which it sounds like he does, I would feel very good about this choice. Plus it's $1200 cheaper (assuming the lead abatement issue doesn't tweak this difference). Zen is on my list of recommended windows/companies -- they are basically a franchise of Soft-Lite Windows.

Dan K. - May, 2017

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