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Explore Anlin window costs and prices from past homeowners and consumers who have used their Coronado, Del Mar, Catalina, and Monte Verde window series. Anlin Windows And Doors are a strictly west coast affair with a single factory in Central California. The company is family owned and has been making windows for over 20 years now. Anlin is not a well known name like Simonton or even Milgard, both of which have robust presences in the western half of the U.S.

Despite not being a household name, Anlin Windows and Doors is one of my go to brands when it comes to vinyl window manufacturers in the western states. The company sells 4 main vinyl window series, including the Del Mar, Catalina, Coronado, and Monte Verde. The Monte Verde is a standalone window that is probably on par with their "entry level" Catalina series. Anlin also makes a vinyl window for sale in Hawaii called the Ali'i Extreme window.

In terms of quality and craftsmanship, Anlin is a solid company. Along with Milgard and Amerimax, Anlin is one of the recommended options that I usually suggest for most consumers to go with the premium or mid range window series (and stay away from the more entry level options.) Anlin windows come with a Limited Lifetime warranty that covers the vinyl sash, frame, and components for the original owner's lifetime. The warranty is transferable, although it then is applicable for only 15 years from the date of purchase. Finally, the warranty includes an accidental glass breakage clause, which is a nice feature to have.

Dan K. - Site Editor - This Page Was Updated In December, 2023

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Anlin Monte Verde Window Prices

Anlin Monte Verde Bid or Milgard Tuscany Bid

I'm in San Diego and have two price quotes on 28 windows. Any opinion on which is the better window?

Anlin Monte Verde: $650 per window

Milgard Tuscany: $695 per window

Ken - June, 2018

Site Editor's Response

Ken, I'd say the Tuscany might be a bit better, but I'm not a huge fan of the capture sill. Probably not a big deal in San Diego though, you get so little rain. I'd probably go with the Anlin Monte Verde and save some money. It's still a good window.

Dan K. - June, 2018

Anlin Monte Verde Bayview vs Anlin Catalina Cost

Hello, my house has very old, single pane, aluminum slider windows. In order to improve energy consumption, I installed solar panels (11.2 Kwh) and I've been shopping around for 9 replacement windows and a french slider. One of the companies I'm working with is quoting $8,000 for the Bay View option and $10,000 for the Catalina option.

Is the Catalina option a much better option and is the difference in quality worth a $2,000 difference in price?

Other quotes I have is a Simonton Daylight Max bid of $11,200 and a Milgard Tuscany quote for $12,300.

I appreciate any help you can provide.

Mario - April, 2018

Site Editor's Response

Mario, the Anlin options are the best of the bunch. The Bay View option is pretty similar to the Daylight Max, both of which use a slightly less robust frame to maximize glass area. The downside of these is going to be some loss of energy efficiency and overall strength. Assuming you are in a mild climate, this is probably not a huge deal.

The Tuscany quote sounds high to me.

The $2000 difference is about what I'd expect between the two Anlin series. If it were me and I was staying in my house long term, I'd go with the Catalina option. If I were leaving in 6 to 8 years, I'd go with the Bay View option.

Dan K. - March, 2018

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Anlin Del Mar Window Prices

Anlin Del Mar Windows Cost

Hi Dan, thanks for providing valuable information online. I was hoping you can provide some input on our specific case. We plan to replace 9 windows for our home in San Jose. The previous owner installed a second single-pane window inside for some reason, picture attached, and all of them need to be taken out. One company (company C) said that the Jamb/Sill must be replaced, while other companies say that I just need to paint them myself.

I received three quotes.

Company A:
Simonton Daylight Max with ProSolar Shade, Sound reduction and atutoSense lock: $9000
Anlin Catalina/Panoramic with sound control: $9400
The company has excellent Yelp reviews. Smaller operation. The quote is the lowest, but I couldn't find it on the authorized dealer list of Anlin. Is this a problem?

Company B:
Milgard Trinsic with sound package: $10500
Anlin Panoramic with sound package: $11200
Excellent Yelp reviews. Authorized Anlin dealer. Bigger company.

Company C:
Anlin Del Mar/ Del Mar E: $12900 without Jamb/Sill replacement; $$15400 with Jamb/Sill replacement
Great Yelp Views. Anlin Gold Star Dealer. Bigger company with a showroom. The salesman was nice with typical salesman pitches. Their price seems high. They claim that Simonton is more expensive than Del Mar - can't imagine given the quote they provided.

Are these quotes reasonable? Who would you suggest me go with? Which product? Is it a big issue that company A is not an authorized dealer? What do you think of the Jamb/Sill situation? Should I have them replaced by the window installation company? Or shall I use a general contractor afterwards?

Look forward to your reply. Really appreciate your expertise and time!

Cathy - Homeowner - from 2023

[Site Editor's Answer]

Cathy, I think you go with the Anlin Catalina/Panoramic with sound control for $9400 with the company with excellent yelp reviews -- just double check that their reviews on google or angi are decent as well. Google "company name reviews" -- just to make sure. I would ask them straight up what the deal is on not being listed, but if they are selling the product, they are a dealer. They're definitely not buying from Anlin under the table, so they are most likely just not listed because window companies don't update their websites all that often :)

It's a reasonable quote based on the other bid prices -- it's definitely the best value of the bunch and Anlin is a very good brand. I would probably get the window replaced so everything looks good or the same, but that's my OCD coming out. I just think it's nice to have everything done at the same time when the same workers are there etc. That's what I'd do...

Dan K. - Site Editor - from 2023

Anlin Del Mar Windows

22 Windows (Combo Of SHs, Sliders, Pictures And 2 Octagonal)
Various Sizes
Involved Extra Install Work
Bid: $29.1K
Locale: Mesa, Arizona
Year: 2020

Anlin Del Mar Series Cost

7 Single Hung
Size: Standard
Quote: $25.9K
Included All
Location: Texas
Project Year: 2018

Anlin Del Mar Price Quote

Hello, I got a quote for 27 windows for $25970. Sizes:

(2) 32x30 Picture geometric shape
(2) 24x48 Picture. Geometric shape
(7) 24x72 Single hung
(1) 38x30 S.H.
(12) 36x72 S.H.
(2) 48x72 S.H.
(1) 48x12 Picture

I live in Texas, and the quote is for Anlin Del Mar.

Thank you for your review.

Martha - June, 2018

Site Editor's Response

Martha, I didn't know Anlin sold in Texas, but I rechecked their website and was happy to see they have greatly expanded their dealer locations. They make a very good quality window and one of the best on the West Coat (still not available in Oregon or Washington though). The price quote you've received however is not cheap. Nearly $965 per window is expensive, but I have no idea if the installation portion of your project is work intensive or not.

Definitely time for some more quotes. Texas has quite a few good options. Don Young is a solid manufacturer and local to Texas. Simonton's better series, the Impressions 9800 and Reflections 5500, are good vinyl windows and there should be a dealer in your area. Might as well get a quote from an NT Windows dealer, they make a decent vinyl window as well. Milgard is also available out there.

Collect three bids and see how they compare with one another. If you can, get the bids broken down into installation and materials to get a better sense of how much the install is going to cost. These extra bids are also nice because you can use them as leverage with the Anlin dealer to see if he will drop his price if you decide to go with them.

Good luck and send the bids to me if you want to get an opinion before you do decide to pull the trigger.

Dan K. - June, 2018

Anlin Del Mar Cost vs. Simonton 6200

We got a quote from Home Depot for $3275 for three Milgard Style Line 1 Panel windows, $2750 for Simonton 6200 single slide windows and $2400 from a different window install company for Anlin Del Mar windows. We don't care about heat transmission through the windows, but we care STC/noice. What's we should chose? Thank you in advance

Charlene - April, 2018

Site Editor's Response

Charlene, I would recommend the Anlin Del Mar windows over the other two. I think it's going to be a slightly better quality of window. I don't think there will be a huge difference in STC between these windows. You may be able to see if you can order the windows with a different glass thickness from one pane to the other. This helps to eliminate different sound frequencies. The best way to kill sound is the space between the glass panes. However, most manufacturers have set factory specs so soundproof windows can be expensive. Talk to the Anlin rep and see if they have any specific suggestions.

Dan K. - March, 2018

Anlin Del Mar vs. Simonton 5300 Series

Alin Del Mar Bid. $9500 for the following. For the Anlin windows the company is also willing to take $500 off if I go with them in the next few weeks.

The other company carries the Simonton 5300 and they bid out the project at $8270.

95 x 48 DH
5ft x 6ft 8 sliding door
71 x 40 DH (3)
48 x 18 SH
36 x 24 slider
95 x 40 slider
71 x 60 picture window
24 x 60 (1 on each side of the picture window)

Alvie - September, 2017

Site Editor's Response

Alvie, the Anlin Del Mar series is good, a bit better than the 5300 Simonton. However, the Anlin quote sounds pretty high. The $8270 sounds like a fair price. I would go to the Anlin person and tell them you have a Simonton bid that fits your budget. Ask him if there is anyway he can compete with that price. If so, you'd love to go with then. Wait for a week and see if he budges at all on his price quote. I'll bet he will.

Dan K. - September, 2017

Anlin Del Mar vs Milgard Tuscany

I have found your site to be very helpful. So, I have narrowed down my choice between the Milgard Tuscany with 6 windows and an 8 foot slider and the Anlin Del Mar ( free add on of the Sound Package).

Anlin came in at just under 700 dollars more than the Milgard. Price is not an issue so much although it is always nice to save money. The key is how much value does the sound package bring and would the UV be equivalent.

How concerned should I be about the Gas inside the windows and how much is there and how it was put in.

We are planning on being in this house a long time and this is probably the last time we will ever replace the windows ( we are in our late 50's )

This is a tough decision.

Jon - September, 2016

Site Editor's Response

Jon, I think you have two really good options. I would spend the extra $700 for the sound package and the Anlin (assuming the installation teams reputations are equal). If one company seems like they would do a more thorough install, that's who I'd go with.

In general, gas fills will make a window maybe 10% more efficient (not much in the grand scheme).

At the end of the day, I'd say the Anlin Del Mar over the Tuscany, but the company/installer would be the bigger factor.

Dan K. - September, 2016

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Anlin Catalina Window Prices

Anlin Catalina Series

9 Double Hungs
Size: Standard
Quote: $9.4K
Included All
Location: California
Project Year: 2023

Catalina Cost Quote

18 Windows, 1 Patio Door
Sizing: Variable
Bid Pricing: $19K
Included Everything
State: Texas
Project Quote from 2019

Anlin Windows Price List

Installer Harbor Construction with Anlin Catalina windows (12) infinit-e glass with argon gas and 1 Malibu sliding door for $10415

Hometime installer with their own manufactured windows and sliding patio door low-e 366 glass, accidental glass breakage warranty for $10202

Kay - Homeowner - from 2023

[Site Editor's Answer]

Kay, the Anlin Catalina would be my pick — I’ve never Gerard of Hometime so it’s not much of a choice :) Anlin makes a very good window though. Most “self” manufactured windows are pretty meh in terms of quality…

Dan K. - May, 2023

Anlin Catalina Windows Price Quote

Hi Dan, I live near Denver, CO, and received a quote of $4,200 for the installation of three Anlin Catalina windows to replace our 16-year-old Milgard windows. They are single-hung, 35W x 71H, Infinit-e glass package (standard), with 2x2 top grills in two of the windows. I was initially quoted the ?market price? of $8,007, but after 3 hours, the price dropped 3 times and finally landed at $4,200. These sales techniques just make me question if I got a fair deal or not, what do you think? Thank you for your time and opinion.

Lacey - July, 2022

Site Editor's Response

Lacey, the final price of $4200 is about what I would expect to see for this type of window during this inflationary period. It's crazy it took 3 hours to get there, I think I would have told them to leave and if their quote goes down, to email or text.

At any rate, I would suggest getting more bids to see if there is a better deal out there.

Dan K. - July, 2022

Anlin Catalina Window Replacement

Hello, I am in San Diego and I just received a quote on 10 windows and 2 sliding glass doors using Anlin Catalina's for $17000. My house is old with all single pane glass, but the quote is for window replacement only.

From reading some of the other questions and answers, I feel like this might be way over priced. What do you think?

Zachary - September, 2019

Site Editor's Response

Zachary, it sounds high to me too, but without more bids, you can't know for sure. I'd try for a bid from BM Windows on the Amerimax and from Newman Windows on a Milgard Tuscany. Maybe also try to find a Simonton windows dealer who carries the Reflections series. These windows are all in the ballpark of quality as the Anlin Catalina (although I like Anlin windows more than these other west coast offerings.)

How these bids come in will tell you if the Anlin bid was fair or not. The other thing is you can take one of the bids you get and go back to the Anlin dealer and tell him that you're going to have to go with ______ because their price bid was lower than theirs. Even if you want to go with the Anlin, the comparison price check should drop their price down some.

Dan K. - September, 2019

Anlin Catalina Window Costs

We have 18 windows and a slider door to replace. Collected a bunch of bids, but not sure which is the best one to go with. I was wondering if you have any opinions.

Sunrise Vanguard: $19,300

Anlin Catalina: $19,100

Renewal By Anderson: $41,500

PlyGem Premium: $18,900

Fran - June, 2019

Site Editor's Response

Fran, the Renewal By Andersen looks like the outlying and the one I would throw out from there. The Sunrise Vanguard, would be my first pick, followed by the Anlin Catalina, and finally the Ply Gem Premium. I'd certainly factor in the overall quality, reputation, and warranty offered by the company doing the installation.

Dan K. - June, 2019

Anlin Catalina vs. Anlin Mar Vista

Hi I received a quote for Anlin Catalina for $8,500, it includes 13 windows and 1 slider..and a second quote for Anlin Mar Vista for $8,900.. I live in Southern, Ca..is this reasonable?

Rubio - January, 2019

[Site Editor's Answer]

Rubio, I would do the Anlin Catalina over the Mar Vista. The price quote is pretty decent, depending on the price of the slider. I would still get a few more bids to see if you can't use them to get a better price. You may be able to get some slightly better pricing.

Dan K. - January, 2019

Anlin Catalina Vinyl Windows Bid

I have two bids from two local companies on 14 replacement windows that I'm trying to make sense of. The first is from Anlin on their Catalina window and comes in at $11K. The guy who gave me the bid said he could also sell me their lower end window called the Monte Verde for $7.5K. I live in Southern California.

The other bid is for Vista Panorama windows for $8K. Whats the better deal?

Lynn - May, 2018

Site Editor's Response

Lynn, the Anlin Catalina is quite a good vinyl window, but I'm not sure it's worth $3K more than the Vista Panorama. I'd put the Vista Panorama in that solid second tier of vinyl windows.

Honestly, I think you could get any with the Anlin Monte Verde since you live in a mild climate like Southern California. The savings is pretty impressive and the Monte Verde is actually not a bad window. I think it's pretty interesting that they are charging double for the Catalina over the Monte Verde.

Dan K. - May, 2018

Anlin Catalina Window Quote

Your site is so helpful. We have a quote of $25,712 for 36 Anlin Catalina windows, one french door, one slider door and one 4 door slider with new header. Mentioned gas in windows which I think was included.

Home is nearly 40 years old. Thank you!

Michele - July, 2017

Site Editor's Response

Michelle, the Catalina is a good vinyl window and door, but I would certainly get a couple more bids to see how that price compares. If we assume the doors all run $2500, you are still paying over $1000 per window, which is very pricey. Now, that bid might be completely reasonable given the amount of work required on the installation end, but you won't know until you get several comparable bids to check it against.

The additional bids are good to see what other brands are out there, you might get a better and cheaper bid, and/or you should get a bid that you can bring back to the Anlin rep and ask him to come down off his original bid price. Check out Step #3 on this page for suggestions on how to negotiate a window bid.

Dan K. - July, 2017

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Anlin Windows Prices | Panoramic Series

Check out past bids and quotes from homeowners just like you.

Panoramic Series

26 Windows
Dimensions: All Over the Board
Cost Quote: $29K
Included Full Frame Installation Cost
State: Arizona
Project Bid from 2023

Anlin Panoramic Series

2 Patio Sliding Doors and 16 Windows
Sizing: Standard
Price Quote: $16.8K
Included: Windows&Installation
Area: California
Bid Year: 2023

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