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Explore Vista window costs and prices from past homeowners and consumers who have used their Panorama series. Vista is an Ohio based manufacturer who has been around since 2001. Unlike other window companies whose models and series can be terribly confusing, Simonton Windows comes to mind, Vista manufactures a single vinyl window line, The Panorama.

The Vista Panorama Series is a very solid mid range vinyl window. It's not a word beater, but I would certainly consider this window in my home at the right price point and with a solid installer doing the work. The company generally gets good marks for their bath production and quality of work. I would sort of equate the Vista Panorama to a west coast window like the Milgard Tuscany, a steady performer and an often good value.

Dan K. - Site Editor - Page Updated In November, 2023

Vista Pricing By Model: Panorama Series

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Vista Panorama Window Prices

Panorama Cost

19 Double Hung Windows
Size: Standard
Quote: $13.5K
Included All
Location: Ohio
Project Year: 2023

Vista Panorama Vinyl Windows Bid

I have two bids from two local companies on 14 replacement windows that I'm trying to make sense of. The first is from Anlin on their Catalina window and comes in at $11K. The guy who gave me the bid said he could also sell me their lower end window called the Monte Verde for $7.5K. I live in Southern California.

The other bid is for Vista Panorama windows for $8K. Whats the better deal?

Lynn - May, 2018

Site Editor's Response

Lynn, the Anlin Catalina is quite a good vinyl window, but I'm not sure it's worth $3K more than the Vista Panorama. I'd put the Vista Panorama in that solid second tier of vinyl windows.

Honestly, I think you could get any with the Anlin Monte Verde since you live in such a mild climate. The savings is pretty impressive and the Monte Verde is actually not a bad window. I think it's pretty interesting that they are charging double for the Catalina over the Monte Verde.

Dan K. - May, 2018

Vista Panorama vs. Simonton 5500

In our area ( middle Ga.) we have Simonton 5500 and Vista Panorama as our two choices for our budget. They are close in cost 12K and 11,400 for 13 double hung windows and 8 eyebrows varied sizes. I wondered, could you give a nod to one over the other? They both seem to have comparable quotes and warranties from the suppliers. The Simonton window is using Prosolar shade glass and they both have low e and argon gas. If you have an option to recommend please do.

Thanks for your help.

Craig - November, 2017

Site Editor's Response

C, I think these are pretty darn equal windows. If I had to choose, I'd go with the Simonton 5500, but that might very well be because I know it better and therefore feel more comfortable recommending it.

So now I think you should pivot to which is the better company/installer. Check online reviews (especially the bad ones) and the BBB for any complaints. Which company seems like they are going to service any issues you might have 18 months after the windows are in? This would probably be the deciding factor for me.

You can also see which one is willing to come farthest off their initial bid. Tell each one that you have a bid for $1500 less (tell them the actual window you have the other bid on). Say that they seem like similar windows, but that you like their company more. If they could match the price of the other one, you would be willing to sign a work order that day. I'll bet one of them bites!

Dan K. - November, 2017

Vista Panorama Windows Cost

We have a 25 year old 3200 sq. foot home in Cary NC. The resale would be about $500,000. The wood windows leak a good bit of air and several of the window sills need some slight repair due to rot. We went to a local home show and liked Bob with Clear Choice more than some others. He came to our home and priced replacement of 27 double hung windows at $13,000.

He uses Vista Panorama windows. From what I have read they are a better than average window. How do I decided if that is good enough or if I need to spend more for a more premium replacement window? If I am going to spend more do I need to consider getting away from vinyl?

Jonah - March, 2016

Site Editor's Response

Bruce, one of the questions that should factor into your decision is how long you plan to spend in your current home. If the answer is forever, then you may want to consider a really high quality vinyl window that will maximize your long-term investment. However, you don?t live in an extreme climate state like Texas or Wisconsin where HAVE TO HAVE a really good vinyl window just to sort of function in those extreme seasons.

I?m often of the opinion that buying a solid mid range performing like the Vista Panorama and getting quality professional installation from a company that you feel comfortable with and who stands by their product is pretty close to maxing out your long term investment. Nice price point and good product ? that?s a good combination.

What you may want to do is get a couple more bids on some of the recommended brands page in the premium vinyl category and just seen what else is out there. Compare the air infiltration, U-factor and design pressure ratings of the windows, as well as the overall look and sturdiness when you actually hold the window. This will at least give you a better basis for comparison in terms of quality and cost.

I wouldn?t get away from vinyl at any price range unless you really like fiberglass, which honestly the industry is split between it and vinyl for best long term quality window material. I wouldn?t go back to wood clad though, you?re seeing what happens to it in year 25, which has probably been happening since year 15.

Dan K. - March, 2016

Vista Panorama vs Midway EnviroSealed

I'm considering replacing my old aluminum windows with new vinyl ones, two of which are larger half-rounds. I have two estimates so far.

Midway EnviroSealed: $650 each

Vista Panorama: $570 each

The installer teams both seem good; good reviews, and each has a long history.

Michael - September, 2016

Site Editor's Response

Michael, that's tough to say -- the Midway is probably the better of the two, but it's probably only 10% to 15% better, which is about the price difference you have. So at this point it's a flip of the coin. If it were me, I'd go with the Midway.

Dan K. - September, 2016

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