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Don Young Windows Costs And Quotes

Explore Don Young window costs and prices from real consumer quotes on the aluminum and vinyl window models. Don Young has five window manufacturing plants in Houston, San Antonio,Dallas, Lubbock, and Oklahoma City. They make an excellent single hung thermally broken aluminum window. They are well suited for the very hot climates in Texas and Oklahoma, especially for larger openings that may require a stronger window to support the added weight across the span.

Dan K. - Site Editor

Don Young Pricing By Model: 5200 Series

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Don Young 5200 Windows Costs

Don Young 5200 vs. Milgard Tuscany

Still waiting on another company to get back to me with a quote, but so far the Milgard Tuscany 3/32 SunCoatMAX Low E over 3/32 clear glass came in at $14,808 (18 windows) and the Don Young 5200 series $13,015. The back side of house gets direct sunlight. What, if anything, do we need to change to save on our a/c bill? I'm assuming The Milgard Tuscany is a better window. Thank you again for all your assistance.

Karen - March, 2018

Site Editor's Response

I think the Milgard Tuscany may be a bit better than the 5200, but not by much. The double pane windows with the low-e glass will do more than anything to help with your a/c bills. You may be able to tweak the SHGC on the windows that get direct sunlight and this is a question you should ask about.

Dan K. - March, 2018

Don Young Windows Cost

I'm looking at a few options here in Houston, including Sunrise, Soft-Lite and Don Young. All of the bids were roughly the same, around that $500 to $600 per window range. So who do I go with?

Penny - January, 2017

Site Editor's Response

Penny, you have three very good options in front of you so you should be good with whatever option you choose. In terms of whether to go with aluminum or vinyl, I think you could go with vinyl for any opening that's say 37" by 73" or smaller and benefit from the better energy efficiency properties. For openings that are quite large, I would recommend the aluminum for the increased strength they provide.

Of course, most homeowners go with one company for obvious reasons. If they are normal sized windows for the most part, I'd go with the vinyl. If you have quite a few larger openings, I'd go with the Don Young single hung thermally broken windows.

Dan K. - January, 2017

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