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Kensington Windows Costs And Quotes

Explore Kensington window costs and prices from past homeowners and consumers who have used their Williamsport, Kingston, Huntington and Quantum 2 window models. Kensington HPP are headquartered in western Pennsylvania and has been making windows and doors since the 1970s. The company went through a bankruptcy in 2009 and became Serious Energy.

Serious filed bankruptcy in 2013 and the name and assets was sold to several Kensington managers. The company makes a good product, especially the Quantum 2 model. Since 2013, the company has seemed quite stable and strong, manufacturing some pretty impressive energy efficient windows. The Quantum 2 vinyl window is one of the top windows on the market in my opinion.

Dan K. - Site Editor

Kensington Pricing By Model: Kingston Series | Huntington Series

Kensington Kingston Windows Prices

Kensington Kingston or Provia Endure

Hello, I need help, we have what we believe are to really good offers to replace 18 rotten wood windows in our new to us house. Both Contractors have come down to $10k to replace all 18 windows for complete install Kensington is also adding flex screens no charge. I am struggling with determining if 1 window is better? Should i worry about Kensington warranty (think 2008).

Brian - May, 2018

Site Editor's Response

Brian, the cost on the 18 windows looks good, especially if you have rotten wood on the frames that needs work. It actually sounds low; no idea how much work has to be done.

In terms of windows, this is a no brainer. The ProVia Endure is their premium vinyl window, with a DP50 and a .05 AI. Both excellent numbers. The Kensington Kingston series is their entry level vinyl window. Kensington makes energy efficient windows, but their lower end window isn't as good as the Endure.

Plus you make a good point about Kensington's history. I actually think they are quite solid now, but why take the chance?

Dan K. - May, 2018

Kensington Kingston Costs

We need to replace 16 windows in our Memphis home. The summers here are hot so that's got to be a factor. We've had a bunch of bids so I'm all ready for you to give me the low down on what you think I should do. Here's what I have so far.

Window World 4000 Series: $430 per window

Kensington Kingston: $500 per window

Pella Encompass Series: $798 per window

Sears Wincore 7700 Series: $812 per window

Champion 365 Series: $1,290 per window

Mandy - March , 2018

Site Editor's Response

Mandy, you have quite a few bids and that's a great start. Unfortunately, I'm having a hard time finding anything that stands out. The Windows World 4000 window isn't a good one.

Kensington makes quite a good window, but the Kingston isn't the model I would recommend. I would say this is the most promising, but I would go back to the dealer and ask to upgrade to the Huntington model. If you could get this for say $600 a window I think you would be in business.

I'm not a huge fan of the Encompass, I don't think it's a well made unit. I like the Wincore 7700 window, but not at that price. Same goes for the Champion vinyl window, just too expensive on this particular bid.

Dan K. - March, 2018

Kensington Kingston Prices

I have a few quotes on 11 windows; 8 single hung and 3 sliders. The bids are as follows:

Window World 4000: $3,000
Pella 350 (Lowes): $4000
Pella 250 (Lowes): $4,700
Kensington Kingston: $6,000
Zen Nirvana: $7,000

Aimee - November, 2016

Site Editor's Response

Aimee, I would not recommend going with the WW4000 series, it's the Alside Excalibur and generally not thought of as a good window (at all). The Pella 350 is decent, I'd say a middle of the road window. The Kensington Kingston is better, but I like their other two series much more -- the Huntington and the Quantum2. The Zen Nirvana is my favorite of the five bids you have, but of course it's also the most expensive. It doesn't strike me as too high though, it seems like a fair price to me. I would probably go with the Zen if it were my house.

Dan K. - November, 2016

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Kensington Huntington Windows Prices

Kensington Windows Pricing

I'm in the process of collecting bids for 12 replacement windows -- the bids that I have I posted below. They include removal, debris, installation, the whole nine yards. Wondering what you think.

Kensington Huntington: $5520

Ideal Platinum 300: $5520

Okna 500 Series: $5640

Vytex Fortis Series: $5880

Okna 800 Series: $6420

Chase - October, 2016

Site Editor's Response

Chase, I like all of these bids. The Kensington Huntington is a good window, as is the Ideal Platinum. However, the Okna 500 might be my pick. I'd say the 500 is on par with the Vytex Fortis. If you can afford it, the Okna 800 series is the best of the bunch, but of course it is also the most expensive. I would also look at the installation quality from the local company bidding out the job as one of the key factors in making your decision.

Dan K. - October, 2016

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