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Explore MI window costs and prices from past homeowners and consumers who have purchased their 1500 Series, 1600 Series, 3500 Series, Storm Armor Series, Professional, and Energy Core windows. MI, who now owns Milgard, sells high numbers of their windows to builders and large contractors. MI isn't typically thought of as a high end vinyl window manufacturer, but instead as a builder grade manufacturer.

Their higher end windows, the Energy Core Series, offer more energy efficiency to consumers, and this is probably what I would recommend for consumers who want to maximize their long term value from their home windows. I wouldn't necessarily recommend their lower end or mid range vinyl windows for most projects. I just don't feel like they provide the quality components and craftsmanship that will hold up over time. If you are looking to flip homes or purchase a rental home, then an MI1650, their most popular window, is probably just fine.

Dan K. - Site Editor

MI Pricing By Model: 1600 Series | Energy Core Series

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MI 1600 Windows Cost

MI 1650 Series Price Quote

My wife and I are doing a remodel and are replacing 20 windows in our North carolina home. They are all double hungs and all with grids.

MI 1650 Series: $10,085

Revere Berkline Elite Series: $11,120

Zen Nirvana Series: $12,170

SoftLite Imperial Elite Series $14,370

Okna 500 DX Series: $23,980

Was curious which window you thought would be the best?

Jules - July, 2020

Site Editor's Response

Jules, these are some very good bids. My picks from best to "worst" in terms of overall value would be: SoftLite Imperial Elite Series $14,370, Zen Nirvana Series: $12,170, Revere Berkline Elite Series: $11,120. The Okna bid is too high and the Window World is a poor quality product.

Dan K. - July, 2020

MI 1650 Window Bid

I recently replaced 14 double hung from Window Nation for $7500. We've have issues with them though and I haven't loved Window Nations customer service. So for my next phase I went with Window Universe who replaced 14 windows with MI 1650 -- that was the same price $7400.

Their customer service was good, but the windows seem like they aren't very high quality. They are boxy and don't match the style of the others. Any advise?

Dylan - July, 2019

Site Editor's Response

Dylan, Window Nation can be a good outfit, but their different branches can offer differing degrees of customer service. I'd probably prefer what they sell to most of what MI sells. MI makes a decent window in their Energy Core series, but the rest of it I could do without. Matching different styles is tricky though. Maybe go back to Window Universe and tell them you want a step up window and see if the hardware matches at all. If they sell an upgraded MI window, the hardware should match. This would be my first step.

Dan K. - July, 2019

MI 1650 Series Pricing

I'm in the process of doing a whole house redo -- roofing, windows, gutters and doors.My contractor suggested going with MI 1650 windows, but it doesn't seem like you think these are the best windows out there. I asked him to find a couple of other options and he suggested the Provia Aspect series and the Simonton 5500 series. The MI 1650 series came in at $20000 for 41 windows, some of which are half rounds and some are transoms. A few bigger ones, but most of them are average sized. The ProVia came in at $23,500 and the Simontons came in at $22,250. Was curious what you thought of the options.

Christopher - January, 2019

Site Editor's Response

Christopher, the MI 1650 window is not nearly as good a window as the Provia Aspect series or the Simonton 5500 series. If it were me, I would go with either one of these for the extra couple of thousand dollars. They are definitely going to pay off in the long run in my opinion.

Dan K. - January, 2019

MI 1615 Series vs PT 5410 Sliding Doors

We are set to replace 2 sliding glass doors and 14 windows and our Florida home. We have two quotes so far and I'm trying to get a sense of what my best option is. I'd love to know which you think is the better option.

1st Bid: CWS Aria sliders and MI 1615 sliding doors: $10,375

2nd Bid: PGT 5410 sliders and PGT sliding doors: $11,650

Jennifer - March, 2018

Site Editor's Response

Jennifer, I like CWS as a brand of windows, but I'm really not a huge fan of MI windows. They are a good sized company, but they concentrate on builder quality windows, which is not a good recipe for long term value. The PGT window and slider bid is the better of the two as PGT makes good windows and patio doors. It is absolutely worth the extra cost in my opinion.

Dan K. - March, 2018

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MI Energy Core Window Cost Quote

I have a quote on the MI Energy Core windows. We have 18 windows to replace and the bid totals out to about $600 per window installed. I live in Arizona and was wondering if this is a good deal or if there is another option I should look for? Thanks in advance for all of your information.

Francis - August, 2020

Site Editor's Response

Francis, the MI Energy Core window is the company's highest end window and I would say overall a pretty good mid range vinyl window. The double hung in the low-e glass achieves a .15 air infiltration. This is a mediocre number in general. I don't know if I would pay $600 per window for the Energy Core.

In Arizona, you do have some other options. Anlin is probably the best of the west coast windows and should be available in Arizona. Milgard makes a decent window in the Tuscany, better than the MI and not as good as the Anlin. The other option would be a top end Simonton window, specifically the 5500 model or the 9800 Impressions model. These would be the two Simonton options that I would suggest taking a look at. Let me know what you find!

Dan K. - August, 2020

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