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Explore Xact window costs and prices on the 1650 double hung, 5500 sing hung, and 5800 single slider windows. The company is now owned by MI Windows and their products are primarily sold to contractors and builders.

Are Xact Windows Any Good? Traditionally, the company has had a reputation as selling builder grade windows intended for, and marketed to, budget or price conscious consumers.

In 2018, Xact was bought by MI Windows And Doors. In 2022, MI became part of MITER Brands, which owns a number of companies including Milgard.

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Xact 1650 Windows Costs

Xact 1650 Window Prices

My contractor wants to put in the 1650 series as the window on our house and I'm trying to get some more information on how good or bad they are. I'm not finding much. He says they're on par with Jeld Wen and Pella. It's only 6 replacements and the cost is $2800. I had a couple of other price bids that were slightly higher so I'm trying to compare apples to apples. Help!!!

Jan - December, 2020

Site Editor's Response

Jan, in general the company doesn't have the best reputation in the industry. Yes they are on par with the Jeld Wen and Pella windows that are sold in the big box stores like Lowes and Home Depot. Unfortunately, these companies sell their very low end vinyl options here and this tends to be what they sells. Effectively it is a builder grade unit, meaning that theymare made to be sold to builders who want a cheap window to put into a spec house to maximize profit.

For $466 per window installed, you should be able to get something much better that will provide you with some nice long term value and won't be breaking down after 7 or 8 years. I would search and see if any local companies sell the following brands; Okna, Sunrise, Soft-Lite, Polaris, Kensington and Simonton. The first five companies all sell an entry level window that is much better than the Xact and should be in that same price range. For the Simonton, I'd say go with their mid range option at the least and you should go in this price range.

Dan K. - December, 2020

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Xact Windows Costs - 5500

5500 Single Hung Cost

17 Double Hungs
Price Bid: $5.8K
Included All
State: Texas
Year 2016

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