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Beechworth Windows Costs And Quotes

Explore Beechworth window costs and prices from past homeowners and consumers who have used their fiberglass window models.

Dan K. - Site Editor

Beechworth Windows Costs

I just recently got a quote on Beechworth windows that sort of blew me away. The quote was from a local company here in St. Louis called Lakeside so I'm not sure if their pricing is just super high or if it's the window itself. Anyway, $21K for 15 windows or $1400 per window! This was the price after they "marked it down" by 25% It seems like a crazy price, although the windows are very nice looking.

I was expecting to pay in the $700 to $900 range for a quality fiberglass window. I was hoping to get your take on this, thanks.

Allen - July, 2016

Site Editor's Response

Allan, I've heard of Beechworth, but have never actually heard what these windows are being bid out at. I'm pretty surprised those numbers, that sounds extremely high to me and frankly very overpriced. If you want to go with a fiberglass window, I've been impressed with what I've heard of Enerlux, which are out of Nebraska and the performance numbers on them are outstanding.

Admittedly, I've only spoken with a couple of homeowners who have gotten bids from these guys, but they both said that the price was somewhere between 1/3 to 1/2 less than Marvin windows, who sell the Infinity and Integrity fiberglass windows. Take a look at Enerlux, or Marvin Windows for than matter, because both of these companies should run in that $700 to $900 per window for a somewhat standard window size with installation.

Dan K. - July, 2016

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