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American Craftsman Windows Costs And Quotes

Explore American Craftsman window costs and prices from past homeowners and consumers who have used their 50 and 70 vinyl window series. American Craftsman, in a similar fashion to Silverline, is owned by Andersen Windows. The company manufactures mainly two budget vinyl window series, the American Craftsman 50 and the American Craftsman 70. The majority of their business is done in the eastern half of the country in large home improvement stores.

Both the AC 50 and the AC 70 comes as either new construction or as a replacement. The 50 series is the less expensive of the two, with the 70 series offering better weather stripping and indicator lock, a brick mould exterior frame, and a locking insect screen.

American Craftsman is, for the most part, a lower quality vinyl window manufacturer. They really aren?t made for long term value, but instead they appeal to the budget conscious shopper. For consumers who are looking for a window that lasts and can offer higher long term value for your money, check out my recommendations here.

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American Craftsman Pricing By Model: 50 Series | 70 Series

Dan K. - September, 2016

American Craftsman Windows Cost

- September, 2016

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Dan K. - September, 2016

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