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Explore Thermal Windows And Doors window costs and prices from past homeowners and consumers who have used their 3000, 5000, 7000, 9000 series. You don't hear much about Thermal Windows And Doors. The company is based in Pennsylvania and manufactures a number of different energy efficient windows. They offer a lifetime warranty on all their products.

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Thermal Windows And Doors Prices

We are remodeling our home and our kitchen needs replacement windows on 2 double hung, one of which has two casements on either side. I'm not sure how many windows this is, I suppose the small casements together count as one? Anyway say three windows and our contractor likes Thermal Windows And Doors. He recommended their 7000 series double hungs and the installed price he quote us is $1425. I was curious what your thoughts were on these windows and whether the price quotes sounds reasonable. Thanks in advance.

Judy - April, 2016

Site Editor's Response

Judy, Thermal Windows And Doors is a decent manufacturer and I like the air infiltration numbers on the window, which I believe is .04. The U-factor looks good at .28 -- I would have liked to see the design pressure numbers, but I wasn't able to find that on their website. Ay ant rate, I thought the price sounded very reasonable as well for two double hungs and two small casments. All in all, it sounds like your contractor choose a good brand and got you a very fair price. Good luck with the remodel!

Dan K. - April, 2016

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Thermal Windows and Doors 9000 Series

I have a mobile home that needs all new windows, 12 in all. The project quotes include the removal of the siding and installing new construction windows.

Window World 4000 Series (with low-e glass, argon gas, grids): $545 each

Thermal Windows and Doors 9000 Series (triple pane glass): $650 each

Carol - December, 2018

Site Editor's Response

Carol, the TWD 9000 option is the better of the two by quite a bit.

Dan K. - December, 2018