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Eastern Architectural Systems Windows Costs And Quotes

Explore Eastern Architectural Systems window costs and prices from past homeowners and consumers who have used their vinyl window series.

Dan K. - Site Editor

EAS Pricing By Model: Bertha Series

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Eastern Architectural Systems Bertha Costs

EAS Bertha or Simonton StormBreaker Plus

I'm looking to get some impact vinyl windows. I live in Florida where I think I ought to invest in a decent impact window for my house. I have two quotes for 11 windows. Here's the thing though. I'm not sure I'll be living here more than maybe 8 years.

Simonton StormBreaker Plus: $20,000
Eastern Architectural Bertha: $16,000

Frank - June, 2019

Site Editor's Response

Frank, investing that much money in starter home windows is a stiff price to pay. I would say the StormBreaker Plus is probably worth the additional cost over the EAS Bertha. However, unless the building code specifically says you need impact windows, I would hire a local handyman to measure your openings and have him make you custom plywood cut out protection for any hurricanes that come your way. These are reusable and will protect the home in a hurricane. I would invest in a decent non-impact vinyl window for a starter home, a mid range Simonton or Ply Gem that will serve you until you switch homes. This should save you a lot of money and still protect your home.

Dan K. - June, 2019

Eastern Architectural Systems Windows Cost

I want to upgrade my old casements and have narrowed my search to 2 different window manufacturers. On is Eastern Architectural Systems, which sells a single hung for $325 installed and the PGT Energy Vue model 5400 series for $375 installed (I rounded the price per window, I have about 15 windows to replace). I work for the Navy and am on a budget so I want the best window at the best price (I'm sure everyone wants this, right?)

Jenny - October, 2016

Site Editor's Response

Jenny, Eastern Architectural Systems are not a very big operation and honestly I don't know a ton about them. PGT is an excellent window manufacturer and would be my pick -- especially because I know so little about EAS. $375 per window for the PGT Energy Vue 5400 is a very good price and definitely worth the price point. I always advise consumers to negotiate on the price to see if the dealer will come down off the initial bid, but I would think there would be little wiggle room on that price. But it never hurts to ask!

I like the PGT Energy Vue 5400 window, this is what I would go with. Make sure whoever installs it, has lots of experience with this particular window.

Dan K. - October, 2016

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