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Viwinco Windows Costs And Quotes

Explore Viwinco window costs and prices from past homeowners and consumers who have used their Edgemont, Cambridge and OceanView window series. Viwinco is a Pennsylvania based company that has been making windows since the early 80s.

The company offers 3 models and their energy efficiency numbers are pretty solid for their overall price point. I think in general, Viwinco manufactures a decent mid range vinyl windows in their Cambridge and the OceanView is an affordable impact window as well.

Dan K. - October, 2016

Viwinco Pricing By Model: Cambridge Series

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Viwinco Cambridge Windows Costs

Viwinco Cambridge Pricing

I was wondering what you thought of the Viwinco Cambridge and the Ideal Majestic window? I have a couple of quotes -- the Viwinco Cambridge is $265 per window and the Ideal Majestic is $375 per window. I have 13 windows in all. Eight years ago we had 15 windows replaced with Viwinco (can't remember model name) and so far have had no problems with them.

Ronnie - November, 2016

Site Editor's Response

Ronnie, I'd probably say the Ideal Majestic is a touch better than the Cambridge, but not by much. Assuming you like the Viwinco windows and they have served you well over the years, it stands to reason that you'll like them again. Obviously this assumes good installation, which is always key with replacement windows in general.

Dan K. - November, 2016

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