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Explore Alpen window costs and prices from past homeowners and consumers who have used their 525, 725, 925 window models. Alpen Windows are not inexpensive, but they do make very efficient fiberglass windows. They make three models, the 525, 725, and 925. The 925 is one of the most efficient fiberglass windows on the market.

Dan K. - Site Editor

Generic Pricing By Model: 525 Series

Alpen Windows Costs

Alpen 525 vs Zen Lotus

I have 16 single frame aluminum windows that need to go, they're on their last legs. I've been collecting bids for a couple of weeks now and so far I have three bids.

Zen Lotus: $7100

Alpen 525 series: $9,200

Marvin Infinity: $11000

Billy - January, 2017

Site Editor's Response

Billy, I like fiberglass windows, but I don't think they're THAT much better than vinyl. I would toss the Infinity bid and look at the Alpen and Zen bids. I think those two are probably comparable to one another for the quality you are getting. I think you need to decide how important getting the fiberglass option is to you and then do a thorough comparison of the installation quality that you'll get from each of the local companies. This would be my deciding factor - who will do the better job putting in the windows. Both of these bids might come down a bit if you ask for a price reduction.

Dan K. - January, 2017

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