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Castle Windows Costs And Quotes

Explore Castle window costs and prices from past homeowners and consumers who have used their vinyl windows. Castle windows sell a lower end Soft-Lite window, the Barrington, which is a good entry level window, but it's not the greatest vinyl window by any means. This is their more expensive option. Their lower end window is a cheaper window and not one that I would recommend for consumers looking to maximize their long term return on investment.

The company gets knocked by some consumers for having an aggressive marketing and sales style, but I'll leave it to consumers reviews below to let others decide whether this is true or not.

Dan K. - Site Editor

Castle Windows Pricing vs. Window Nation Imperial LS

Thanks for the feedback. I did receive estimate from two other window dealers. Castle windows gave me an estimate on 3 types of windows (2 double pane, 1 triple pane) ranging from $24k-$29k. They brought it down $20k-$25k for the same number of windows. $25k being for triple plane and $20k for the double panes. Another window installer quoted me $28k for Vista triple pane windows.

I ended up taking off 2 windows (hoppers) and removing grids from 15 windows in the back of the house and that brought my price down to $17k. The other 10 windows I kept the grid (front of the house). Keep in mind the windows I'm getting are triple pane Platinum LS windows. Not sure if that's the same as Soft Lite imperial LS.

Aijaz - January, 2018

Site Editor's Response

I would try for the Window Nation Soft-Lite windows and use the bids you get to drive their price down as much as possible. The Vista triple pane is a good window, but not a top tier window like the Soft-Lite Imperial LS.

You definitely want to make sure that the triple pane Platinum LS windows is the Soft-Lite Imperial LS.

Dan K. - January, 2018

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