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Dan K. - Site Editor

Larson Windows Costs

Larson Storm Windows Costs

I'm considering Larson storm windows that look like they will cost $125 a piece. The insides of my windows look decent, but they are definitely no longer energy efficient, which is why I'm considering the Larsen storm window option. I also got a few bids for full replacements, including the sunrise window, which runs $625 per window fully installed and a Simonton Prism Platinum that runs $525 per window. Any advice?

Joshua - March, 2017

Site Editor's Response

I think it really depends on how bad the existing windows are. Larson makes a very good storm window and assuming you like the look of them on the outside, they aren't a bad option, especially given how much less expensive they would be to outfit your house. If the existing windows are just inefficient, then I'd strongly consider the storm windows. If the windows are cracked or are letting in moisture and water, then I would have to advise you to do the full replacement.

Over time, that water can cause rot to the window sills and frames and that can be an expensive fix down the road. Did the contractors or companies say whether there was damage to the existing sills and frames? This would be my deciding factor if it were my house. Perhaps you should get a couple more bids -- not for the bids themselves -- but to get some professional opinions on the state of your sills and frames.

Both the Sunrise window and the Simonton Prism Platinum window are both good, the Sunrise is much better, probably worth the additional $125 per window. Some negotiating should bring both those prices down a little -- hopefully :)

Dan K. - March, 2017

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