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Explore Harvey window costs on their Slimline, Classic, Tribute, Vigilance, Majesty, Acoustic and Storm window models. Harvey is based in Massachusetts and makes mid range vinyl window, wood window and patio door. The company offers their own installation, so consumers might feel like they are paying more for the privilege, but there is a certain comfort in this set up since anything that goes wrong with the product is easily remedied (compared with paying a random company to do the install on a known brand). In general Harvey windows and doors enjoy a good reputation in the industry.

Dan K. - Site Editor - This Page Was Updated In November, 2023

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Soft-Lite Acquired By Harvey In 2016

Have you heard anything about Soft-Lite quality changing because of being bought by Harvey Ind last year?

David - November, 2017

Site Editor's Response

I have not heard of any changes to the quality of their windows. As far as I know, nothing has changed on the ground. If anything, I would assume the company is stronger with Harvey behind them.

Dan K. - November, 2017

David's Response

Thank you for the reply. I had a well-regarded window company in Kansas City come out who was a Soft-Lite dealer (according to their website) and he had to quote me another window (ProVia Endure).

He couldn't tell the details, of course, but, for some reasons, he didn't quote Soft-Lites, even tho I asked about them. Maybe Harvey has imposed some additional requirements that turned them off (maybe exclusivity or something.) Really appreciate the wealth of info at your sites.

David - November, 2017

Site Editor's Response

David, there are all sorts of odd dealer requirements and rules ? but on the plus side both Soft-Lite and ProVia make a good window. Best of luck to you!

Dan K. - November, 2017

Harvey Slimline Windows Costs

Harvey Slimline Series Cost

I need to replace my 8 double hung windows here in Ohio.This is what I have...and there is a huge range of prices here

Rosati: $12,170

Soft-Lite Classic Plus Bid: $10,000

Provia Endure Bid: $7,380

Simonton 5500 Bid: $6,880

Vinylmax Franklin Bid: $6,650

Harvey Slimline Bid: $6,380

Alside Ultramaxx Bid: $5,845

Dan - April, 2023

Harvey Classic Windows Costs

Classic Series

25 Double Hungs
Sizing: Standard
Price Quote: $11.4K
Included: Windows&Installation
Area: Massachusetts
Bid Year: 2023

Are Harvey Windows Good?

We have 19 windows that we need to replace and have two bids. The price includes everything and the cost to do the aluminum outside trim on the windows. My question is are Harvey windows any good?

Okna 500 Series Windows Cost: $18,255

Harvey Classic Series Windows Cost: $24,600

Felicity - January, 2023

Site Editor's Response

Felicity, Harvey windows are good, yes. Okna windows are better though -- so based on the cost bids you have, the Okna 500 is the winner by a lot.

Dan K. - January, 2023

Harvey Classic Price Quotes

Dan, good evening. We are looking at replacing 19 Double Hung windows and i was hoping you could help point me in the right direction. We have received quotes for Harvey Classic and Interstate CompositeWood. I haven been able to find much info on these two, so we are also in the process of receiving quotes for Soft Lite Imperial LS.

Our decision first off is vinyl vs composite. The few sales associates we have spoke to have directed us towards Composite, until we found the gentleman directing us towards the Imperial LS. So far the quotes we have received are below. Are these 3 windows comparable at all in terms of performance? And how do the quotes look? Any info you can provide would be greatly appreciated.

Harvey Classic - $550 each Installed

Interstate Composite - $643 each installed

Soft Lite Imperial LS - TBD

Thank you!!

Mike - October, 2019

Site Editor's Response

Mike the Interstate Composite is a good window, but overpriced in the quote above in my opinion. The Harvey Classic is quite a nice window and fairly priced in your scenario. The Soft Lite Imperial LS is by far the best window of the bunch and if you could get it for $650 to $700 per window I would call that a solid deal.

My take is that it's more about the window itself than about the frame material. Composite frames are made from vinyl and wood typically, so it's not like they are that much different. I like composite frames, but I'd much prefer the Soft Lite Imperial LS over the Interstate Composite window.

Dan K. - October, 2019

Harvey Classic Series vs. Alside Windows

We're looking at Alside Excalibur and Harvey Classic windows for our home that needs 2 bay windows and 12 replacement windows. The quote for the Excalibur is $7500, while the Classic is $8700.

Cindy - August, 2018

Harvey Classic Pricing

I have two quotes that I'm looking at and would love to get your take on. The first bid is from a local dealer on the Soft-Lite Classic and their price is $4500 more than the Harvey Classic bid. It's on 20 windows and 1 patio sliding door. Is the $4500 worth going with the Soft-Lite Classic over the Harvey Classic.

Fran - December, 2016

Site Editor's Response

Fran, I would say you are at the break even point on whether that's worth it or not. Let's say that it's $1000 more for the patio slider, that would means it's roughly $175 for each window. I don't think it is worth it. I think you need to go back to the Soft-Lite dealer and see how close they can get to the Harvey Classic price. I think if it's $2000 or lower, you would want to go with the Soft-Lite option.

Dan K. - November, 2016

Harvey Classic Window Cost

I got a quote from a Harvey dealer on their Classic window and I'm trying to make sense of it. $9200 for 20 windows, plus $9200 for a patio door and 2 bay windows. Is this a fair price? How does the Harvey compare to other vinyl window makers? Thanks in advance!

Rand - October, 2016

Site Editor's Response

Rand, I think the quote you received looks pretty fair, it's what, $460 per window totally installed if my math is right. This is right in the ballpark of what I'd expect for the Harvey Classic. Having said that, I think you should get a couple more quote to compare it with. Comparable windows would be the Polaris ThermalWeld (this actually might be a bit better than the Harvey), the ProVia Aeris and a Champion window. All of these brands ought to be available in your area and I'm sure the reps would love to come out and give you a bid.

Get all of these bids, touch and feel all the windows that the reps come show you for a better tactile understanding of what you're buying and compare the cost bids against one another. This is going to be the best way to really know if the bid is fair.

Dan K. - October, 2016

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Harvey Tribute vs Sunrise Restoration

We're redoing our windows -- mainly double hungs, some basement hopper windows and a handful of horizontal sliding windows. A Sunrise rep gave us a bid on their Restoration series that came out to $250 for the basement hopper windows, $465 for the double hung windows, and $420 for the horizontal sliding windows.

Another rep gave us a bid on Harvey windows for their Tribute series. $390 for hoppers, $450 for sliders, and $490 for the double hungs.

Billy - August, 2018

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