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Explore Window Nation window costs and prices on their Grandview, Envision, and Imperial LS window series.. Window Nation is a mid west company that now services most of the mid west and east coast with seven showrooms. The company sells relabeled windows such as the Vytex Grandview and Soft-Lite Envision. While these are not the best windows from either company, they are decent and the WN services seem relatively solid.

Dan K. - Site Editor

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Vytex Georgetown Windows Costs

Window Nation Georgetown Bid

Looking to replace 14 double hung windows in our home. We have two bids that are nearly identical. I have spoken with other neighbors who have had some issues with Window Nation so I'm wary about going with them. However, you don't seem to love MI windows so I'm confused on what to do.

Window Nation Georgetown Series: $7500

MI 1650 Series: $7400

Dylan - July, 2019

Site Editor's Response

Dylan, Window Nation usually gets knocked for their pricing, but not their customer service. I would go still go with WN over MI for window quality. Talk to the branch of Window Nations and let them put your worries to rest. If they don't, keep looking for bids. I would not go with the MI 1650 in my own home. I don't think its a great window by any means.

Dan K. - July, 2019

Vytex Georgetown Series Pricing

I have a quote to replace 21 double hungs, 9 of which require tempered glass. The quote from Window Nations is $14,196 for the Vytex Georgetown window. Is this a fair price.

Jennifer - March 2018

Site Editor's Response

Jennifer, my own opinion is that the bid looks a little high for the Vytex Georgetown window. It's not my favorite -- the Vtex Fortis is a much better window. For $676 per window, you deserve something better than their entry level window. I would get some more bids and see if you can get some better options.

Dan K. - March, 2018

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Window Nation Grandview Windows Costs

GrandView From Window Nation vs. Okna 500 Pricing

I'm going to replace 24 windows. I've collected a number of bids and have winnowed it down to two. The prices are nearly identical -- $15K.

GrandView Series (Window Nation): $15K

Okna 500 Series (Local Dealer): $15K

Jasper - January, 2019

Site Editor's Response

Jasper, no need to hem and haw over this one. The Okna 500 is the much better window than the Vytex Grandview.

Dan K. - January, 2019

Windows Nation Grandview Costs

I have a bid on Grandview double hungs for 12 windows. The price came out to $775 per window. I'm wondering if this is a decent price.

Gregory - May, 2018

Site Editor's Response

Gregory, that's a fairly high per window price on the Grandview window in my opinion. Not a bad window at all, but $775 per window ought to get you a Soft-Lite Imperial LS or Okna 800. Now I can't say this quote is too high because your project may involve some complex installation. This is where the multiple bids come in: free and they will tell you if that $775 per window is too high or is on the button.

Dan K. - May, 2018

Windows Nation Grandview Pricing

I need 17 windows and so far have 1 bid from Windows Nation on their Grandview window. $11,700 and that includes windows, installation. Most are more or less medium sized, with low-e glass and argon fills. Six windows require tempered glass. Trying to figure out if this bid is fair.

Barb - February, 2018

Site Editor's Response

Barb, at first glance, this seems like a "fair enough" bid with the tempered glass. I would never advise any consumer to go with the first bid they get; there is no way of knowing whether other companies will come in with a comparable window and a lower price.

Really the only way you will know whether you have a good bid is to get a few quotes and compare them. In general though, Window Nation is a good outfit and the Grandview window is a decent enough window.

Dan K. - February, 2018

Window Nation Grandview Pricing

I have a bid from Window Nation on 14 vinyl double hung windows; 12 of which are size 36 inches by 53 inches and the other two are similar but with tempered glass. The bid is for the Grandview model and includes low-e glass, argon gas, colonial grids, full screens. The initial bid was $20K, but after a big song and dance, the price came down to $10.7k.

The Grandview windows have a .26 u factor, .49 visible transmittance, and .27 solar heat something or other. Frankly the numbers don't mean much to me.

Dave - February, 2018

Site Editor's Response

Dan, the Grandview is a good window. $20K is a ridiculously high price, but $10.7K is much better obviously. It still strikes me a high though, although I don't know what the specifics are with the install.

The bottom line is this is a bid to consider, but only after finding two to three more to compare it to. I think you can find a similar window at a better price.

Dan K. - February, 2018

Window Nation Bid

We got a quote to replace 23 double hung windows in the house for $18,000 from Window Nation. It is their Vytex GrandView series with a .27 U-factor, .27 SHGC and and .08 air infiltration rating. Do you think it's a fair estimate?

Tammy - September, 2017

Site Editor's Response

At first glance, this price quote seems high to me. I don't know your project specifics so I can't say for sure whether or not this is the case, but I would do a couple of things. I would try and get two more bids to compare it to. Some recommended brands include Okna, Sunrise, Soft-Lite, Zen, Polaris, Marvin, Milgard, and Wincore. Hopefully at least one of these brands is carried by a company near you. Just google "okna windows in [your home town]" and see if a company carries them and then ask them to come out and give you a quote.

The Vytex GrandView is a good vinyl window and you may end up going with this one. The additional bids show you what's out there, let's you know the fair market price for your project, but also gives you some leverage in asking the Window Nation rep to come down off their price. For more specifics on this process, see our Start Here page and read step 3.

Dan K. - September, 2017

Window Nation Prices

Hello, I'm hoping to get more info about the Vytex GrandView series. I'm replacing 1 picture window and 16 double hungs and the bid I have is for $10,750. The Grandview has a .27 U-factor, .27 SHGC and and .08 air infiltration rating, all of which seem to be good numbers from the research I've done on your website. I'm trying to decide whether this is a good window or not. I have another bid on the Simonton 5500 series for $6000. Which is the better deal?

Amy - September, 2016

Site Editor's Response

Amy, I believe that the Vytex Grandview model is one that the company makes for Window Nation. Based on the numbers you are throwing out, I'd say that it's a labeled Georgetown model. I'm not the biggest fan of the Georgetown, which is their entry level window. I'd be much more supportive it you were buying the Fortis or Potomac-hp. However, a .08 AI and a .27 U-factor are not bad numbers and you could certainly do worse. I'd say the $632 per window isn't a bad price.

However, the $355 per window for the Simonton 5500 model is a FANTASTIC price and almost seems too low to me. If it were me, I would jump on the 5500 offer before they pull it.

Dan K. - September, 2016

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Window Nation Envision Windows Costs

Window Nation Envision Costs

I'm in the process of replacing a slider door and 20 double hungs. I plan to be in the house for at least 15 years, so I want to get something that is good (but not the most expensive option on the market.) We've received three bids up to this point. All of the bids include installation, and come with a lifetime warranty.

Soft Lite Envision from Window Nation: $12,900

Polaris Plymouth from Window Systems: $13,000

Sunrise Restorations from Window Systems: $15,500

Ryan - January, 2017

Site Editor's Response

Ryan, you have three good bids there. The Soft-Lite Envision is the Bainbridge series that Window Nation relabels. It's not Soft-Lite's best vinyl window by any means, but in general, it's a pretty good window. I haven't heard of the Polaris Plymouth though so I'm assuming that that's a relabel by Window Systems. I'm going to assume its their mid range ThermalWeld, which is a good window. You will need to ask the sales rep to tell you which model it is relabeled. If its the entry level, ValuWeld then the bainbridge is the clear winner. If its the ThermalWeld, then the Polaris is the better value by a smudge.

If it were me though, I would go with the Sunrise Restorations for the $2.5K more. However, I would negotiate on this price with the Sunrise rep and see if I couldn't get him down to $14,500 (maybe lower, you never know.)

Dan K. - January, 2017

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Window Nation Imperial LS Windows Costs

Window Nations Imperial LS vs. Vytex Potomac Hp

I'm replacing 53 windows in total, a combination of casements and picture windows. Nearly all of them have a custom interior color that is adding to the cost.

Zen Lotus Window: $64.3K

Okna 500 Window: $55K

Window Nation Imperial LS: $45.9K

Vytex Potomac hp Window: $50K

Jack - June, 2018

Site Editor's Response

Jack, you have some bids on some very good windows there. The Zen Lotus or Soft-Lite Pro is a good window, but it's ironically not as good as the Window Nations Imperial LS. The Soft-Lite Imperial LS is the best window on the list and the least expensive. How often does that happen?????

The Okna 500 is excellent, as is the Vytex Potomac hp. However, the Nations Imperial LS is the clear winner in my book.

Dan K. - June, 2018

Imperial LS vs. Castle Window

Thanks for the feedback. I did receive estimate from two other window dealers. Castle windows gave me an estimate on 3 types of windows (2 double pane, 1 triple pane) ranging from $24k-$29k. They brought it down $20k-$25k for the same number of windows. $25k being for triple plane and $20k for the double panes. Another window installer quoted me $28k for Vista triple pane windows.

I ended up taking off 2 windows (hoppers) and removing grids from 15 windows in the back of the house and that brought my price down to $17k. The other 10 windows I kept the grid (front of the house). Keep in mind the windows I'm getting are triple pane Platinum LS windows. Not sure if that's the same as Soft Lite imperial LS.

Aijaz - January, 2018

Site Editor's Response

I would try for the Soft-Lite windows and use the bids you get to drive their price down as much as possible. The Vista triple pane is a good window, but not a top tier window like the Soft-Lite Imperial LS.

You definitely want to make sure that the triple pane Platinum LS windows is the Soft-Lite Imperial LS.

Dan K. - January, 2018

Window Nation Platinum LS

What's your take on the Platinun LS triple pane windows from Window nation. Got a quote for $21,069 for 27 windows, most of them double hung with grids, a few transoms and hopper windows included.

Aijaz - December, 2017

Site Editor's Response

Aijaz, the Soft-Lite Imperial LS with the triple pane option is a great window. One of the very best out there. However, $780 is the upper end of what I would think you'd pay. I would suggest getting a couple more bids to see if you can get a lower price quote?then I'd take the lower bid to the Window Nation dealer and ask him if he can match it. Probably won't happen, but I'll bet he'll come off his price.

Check out Step 3 on this page that details how to negotiate a window bid.

Start Here page

Dan K. - December, 2017

Window Nation's Vytex Fortis vs Grandview

Are you able to outline the differences for me between the Vytex 'Fortis' and the Window Nation (Vytex) 'Grand View'? I cannot find enough information to do a decision making influencing 1 for 1 comparison.

Chris - December, 2017

Site Editor's Response

Chris, the Vytex Fortis is one of their best vinyl window; it's a nice unit, good design, and solid mainframe. It has a true welded slope, mortised sill wall, and injected foam sash. DP R-50 rating, .05 air infiltration, U-factor 0.26, visible transmittance 0.53, and SHGC 0.29 SHGC.

The Grandview uses a similar frame, but is more of a basic window, without the bells and whistles. .26 U-factor, .27 SHGC, .09 air infiltration. A solid mid range offering?where the Fortis is a top tier vinyl window in my opinion

Dan K. - December, 2017

Window Nation Imperial LS vs Zen Nirvana

I took your advise and got three quotes from three different business and this is where I'm at. The bid is for 12 casements that are looking very old.

Window Nation (Soft Lite Imperial LS): $7.7K
Zen Windows (Nirvana Series): $8.8K
Andersen By Renewal (Standard Series): $13.6K

Barry - June, 2017

Site Editor's Response

Barry, of the three bids you have, I have to say the outright winner is the Soft-Lite Imperial LS by Window Nation. It's the best window by far -- in fact, the Zen Nirvana is actually a relabeled Soft-Lite Classic, which is isn't as good as the Imperial LS. Renewal makes a good window, but it's overpriced by a mile and a half. I would take the Soft-Lite Imperial LS over the RBA window even at the same cost.

Now, the question is, are all three window bids more expensive then they ought to be? Very possibly...check out Step 3 under our Start Here tab to see some tips on How To Get The Lowest Price On Windows. Might save you some money!

Dan K. - June, 2017

Window Nation Imperial LS Prices

I received quote for 10 double hung windows

Renewal By Andersens: $10,800
Zen Windows: Nirvana Series: $7,100
Window Nation: Soft Lite Imperial LS: $6,400
Specialty Windows: Preservation Windows: $5,950

The Preservations window bid seems like a really good deal and the contractor who bid it out said he deals with less warranty issues on the Preservation than the Soft-Lite. I'd love to get your thought.

Erin - April, 2017

Site Editor's Response

Normally I'm not much of a fan of the Preservation window, mostly because it's usually being sold for too much money for what its worth. In this case, I think it's definitely in the mix. I personally like the Imperial LS quite a bit more and it's what I would opt for, but the fact that the contractor has had a good track record with it gives me pause. The Imperial LS is better than anything Zen sells -- ironically they sell Soft-Lite's.

I think you have a toss up between the Preservations window and the Soft-Lite. I might let the installer/company be the deciding factor in this selection.

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